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Programms vs. Programs — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 25, 2024
"Programms" is an incorrect spelling, while "Programs" is correct. Programs refers to a set of related tasks or activities undertaken or established.
Programms vs. Programs — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Programms or Programs

How to spell Programs?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of "grams" in "programs" as a unit of measurement.
For a show on TV or computer software, remember the singular form, "program," and simply add an 's' for its plural.
In American English, "program" relates to both computing and general activities; always with one 'm'.
The word "program" has one 'm' so its plural simply adds an 's'.
When in doubt, rely on spell checkers which often recognize "programs" as the correct form.

How Do You Spell Programs Correctly?

Incorrect: He writes computer programms for a living.
Correct: He writes computer programs for a living.
Incorrect: Many television programms today cater to diverse audiences.
Correct: Many television programs today cater to diverse audiences.
Incorrect: The university offers various degree programms.
Correct: The university offers various degree programs.
Incorrect: The government has launched several new programms to aid small businesses.
Correct: The government has launched several new programs to aid small businesses.

Programs Definitions

Sets of instructions given to a computer to perform specific tasks.
She designs software programs for a living.
A series of actions or activities intended to achieve a result.
The government initiated programs to combat unemployment.
A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation.
A set of coded instructions that enables a machine, especially a computer, to perform a desired sequence of operations.
Scheduled broadcasts on television or radio.
There are several new programs on TV tonight.
A systematic plan or routine for physical training or diet.
She follows fitness programs for better health.
Printed or written schedules of events.
Attendees received programs at the start of the concert.
The presentation itself
A program of piano pieces.
A scheduled radio or television show.
An ordered list of events to take place or procedures to be followed; a schedule
A program of physical therapy for a convalescent.
A system of services, opportunities, or projects, usually designed to meet a social need
"Working parents rely on the center's after-school latchkey program" (New York Times).
A course of academic study; a curriculum.
A plan or system of academic and related or ancillary activities
A work-study program.
A plan or system of nonacademic extracurricular activities
The football program.
An instruction sequence in programmed instruction.
All or part of the genetic code of a cell or organism.
A characteristic sequence of developmental or behavioral events in a cell or organism, often considered to result from the expression of genes.
A stimulus or training sequence that causes an organism to exhibit a behavior, as by conditioning.
To include or schedule in a program
Program a new musical composition.
To design a program for; schedule the activities of.
To provide (a machine) with a set of coded working instructions.
To stimulate or train to perform automatically in a specified way
Consumers who have been programmed to buy brand names.
To prepare an instructional sequence for (material to be taught) in programmed instruction.
To provide (a cell or organism, for example) with a genetic program
Cells that are programmed to produce insulin.
To cause (an effect or action) by means of a genetic program; determine genetically
"The basic housekeeping duties that a human and a yeast cell must perform are the same and are programmed by recognizably similar genes inherited from a common, single-celled ancestor" (Nicholas Wade).
Plural of program

Programs Meaning in a Sentence

The software developer created programs to simplify data analysis.
The museum's educational programs attract students of all ages.
Streaming services offer a wide variety of programs for all interests.
Summer reading programs encourage children to read during their vacation.
Schools have introduced anti-bullying programs to protect students.
Universities often host cultural exchange programs to promote diversity.
Many non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to run their programs.
After-school programs provide children with opportunities to learn new skills.
Many companies offer training programs for new employees.
The conference featured programs on the latest technological advancements.
Television networks schedule their most popular programs during prime time.
The festival includes programs featuring films from around the world.
Fitness programs often include both cardio and strength training exercises.
Community centers offer programs that cater to seniors' interests.
Some fitness trackers come with personalized workout programs.
Rehabilitation programs help individuals recover from injuries or surgery.
Environmental programs focus on conservation and sustainable living practices.
Charitable programs often need donations to continue their operations.
Local libraries often host reading programs for children and adults.
Government programs aimed at reducing unemployment have seen some success.
There are several software programs designed to help with budgeting.
Online education platforms provide programs in various fields of study.

Programs Idioms & Phrases

Flagship programs

The most important or prestigious programs offered by an organization.
The network's flagship program attracts millions of viewers each week.

Outreach programs

Programs designed to reach out to and provide services to those who might not otherwise have access to them.
The clinic's outreach program offers free health screenings in underserved communities.

Feeder programs

Programs designed to prepare participants for advancement into more significant or more competitive positions or levels.
The junior team acts as a feeder program for the national sports team.

Turnkey programs

Programs designed to be easily implemented or started with minimal effort.
The franchise offers a turnkey program for new owners.

Pilot programs

Trial runs of new programs to test their effectiveness before wider implementation.
The city's pilot program for electric buses has been a success.

Cutting-edge programs

Programs that use the latest technology or ideas.
The university is known for its cutting-edge engineering programs.

Boot camp programs

Intensive training programs designed to rapidly enhance skills or fitness.
The software coding boot camp program promises to teach programming in three months.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Programs?

The verb form is "program" (in American English) or "programme" (in British English), as in "to program."

Which vowel is used before Programs?

The vowel "a" is used before Programs.

What is the pronunciation of Programs?


What is the plural form of Programs?

The plural form is "programs."

Which conjunction is used with Programs?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence, such as "and" or "or."

What is the singular form of Programs?

The singular form is "program."

Is Programs a noun or adjective?

Programs is a noun.

Why is it called Programs?

Programs is derived from the Greek word "programma," meaning a "written public notice."

What is the root word of Programs?

The root word is "program."

Is Programs an adverb?

No, Programs is not an adverb.

Which article is used with Programs?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("a" or "an") articles can be used depending on the context.

Is the word Programs imperative?

No, Programs is not imperative.

Which preposition is used with Programs?

It depends on the context, but "on," "in," and "for" can be used with Programs, among others.

Is Programs a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; neither negative nor positive.

Is Programs a vowel or consonant?

The word "Programs" is a combination of vowels and consonants.

Is the Programs term a metaphor?

No, "Programs" is not inherently metaphorical.

How do we divide Programs into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Programs?

The first syllable "Pro" is stressed.

Which determiner is used with Programs?

Determiners like "these," "those," "many," "several," etc., can be used, depending on context.

Is the word Programs a gerund?

No, it's not a gerund.

How many syllables are in Programs?

There are two syllables in Programs.

What part of speech is Programs?

Programs is a noun.

What is the second form of Programs?

There's no "second form" for nouns like there is for verbs.

How is Programs used in a sentence?

"The computer runs several programs simultaneously."

Is Programs an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun.

What is another term for Programs?

"Software" or "broadcasts" can be synonymous, depending on the context.

Is Programs a countable noun?

Yes, Programs is a countable noun.

Is Programs a collective noun?

No, it is not a collective noun.

Is the word “Programs” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Programs" can function as a direct object, depending on the sentence.

What is the opposite of Programs?

There isn't a direct opposite, but "manual operations" or "unplanned activities" might be considered in certain contexts.

What is the first form of Programs?


What is the third form of Programs?

There's no "third form" for nouns like there is for verbs.

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