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Personel vs. Personal — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 27, 2024
"Personel" is incorrectly spelled, while "personal" is correct, referring to private or individual matters.
Personel vs. Personal — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Personel or Personal

How to spell Personal?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Recollect that "personal" connects to "person" and has an "al" ending.
"Personel" might look like "personnel" (which refers to staff), while "personal" relates to the individual.
Use mnemonic: "My personal SON has ALl my secrets."
Visualize the correct spelling to reinforce memory.
Remember "personal" has the word "son" in it.

How Do You Spell Personal Correctly?

Incorrect: Our training program is designed to improve personel skills.
Correct: Our training program is designed to improve personal skills.
Incorrect: She keeps her personel diary locked in her desk.
Correct: She keeps her personal diary locked in her desk.
Incorrect: The personel belongings must be kept in the locker.
Correct: The personal belongings must be kept in the locker.

Personal Definitions

Personal relates to or concerns an individual.
He kept his personal thoughts to himself.
Personal can refer to someone's property.
This is my personal laptop.
Of or relating to a particular person; private
“Like their personal lives, women's history is fragmented, interrupted” (Elizabeth Janeway).
Done, made, or performed in person
A personal appearance.
Done to or for or directed toward a particular person
A personal favor.
Concerning a particular person and that person's private business, interests, or activities; intimate
I have something personal to tell you.
Aimed pointedly at the most intimate aspects of a person, especially in a critical or hostile manner
An uncalled-for, highly personal remark.
Tending to make remarks, or be unduly questioning, about another's affairs
As the student debate got heated, it got personal.
Of or relating to the body or physical being
Personal cleanliness.
Relating to or having the nature of a person or self-conscious being
Belief in a personal God.
(Law) Of or relating to the person
Personal property as opposed to real property.
Personal jurisdiction as opposed to in rem jurisdiction.
(Grammar) Indicating grammatical person.
A personal item or notice in a newspaper.
Personals A column in a newspaper or magazine featuring personal notices.
Pertaining to persons (human beings as opposed to things or animals).
Of or pertaining to a particular person; relating to, or affecting, an individual, or each of many individuals
Her song was her personal look at the values of friendship.
Personal values
Personal desire
Dealing with subjects about which one wishes (or people usually wish) to maintain privacy or discretion; not for public view; sensitive, intimate.
You can't read my diary—it is personal.
That's a very personal question.
I can't believe you went through my drawers and looked at all my personal things!
Personal reasons
(euphemistic) Intended for sexual use.
Personal lubricant; personal massager
Pertaining to the external or bodily appearance; corporeal; bodily.
Personal charms
Done in person; without an intermediary.
A personal interview
A personal meeting
Personal settings
Relating to an individual, their character, conduct, motives, or private affairs, in an invidious and offensive manner
Personal reflections or remarks
(grammar) Denoting a person or people.
A personal pronoun
Denoting ownership.
One's personal vehicle, as opposed to a company vehicle
An advertisement by which an individual attempts to meet others with similar interests.
One's own property or asset
Pertaining to human beings as distinct from things.
Every man so termed by way of personal difference.
Of or pertaining to a particular person; relating to, or affecting, an individual, or each of many individuals; peculiar or proper to private concerns; not public or general; as, personal comfort; personal desire.
The words are conditional, - If thou doest well, - and so personal to Cain.
Pertaining to the external or bodily appearance; corporeal; as, personal charms.
Done in person; without the intervention of another.
The immediate and personal speaking of God.
Relating to an individual, his character, conduct, motives, or private affairs, in an invidious and offensive manner; as, personal reflections or remarks.
Denoting person; as, a personal pronoun.
A movable; a chattel.
A short newspaper article about a particular person or group
Concerning or affecting a particular person or his or her private life and personality;
A personal favor
For your personal use
Personal papers
I have something personal to tell you
A personal God
He has his personal bank account and she has hers
Particular to a given individual
Of or arising from personality;
Personal magnetism
Intimately concerning a person's body or physical being;
Personal hygiene
Indicating grammatical person;
Personal verb endings
It can indicate a private or intimate nature.
She shared a personal story with the group.
It can be about one's own self rather than another.
This is a personal accomplishment for her.
Personal might imply something done in person.
He gave her a personal invitation to the event.

Personal Meaning in a Sentence

Personal growth is essential for achieving success.
He has a personal interest in ancient history.
Keep your personal opinions separate from professional advice.
Your personal belongings should be stored safely during the flight.
Personal space is important in maintaining healthy relationships.
They offer personal training sessions at the gym.
She shared her personal story to inspire others.
Make sure your personal information is protected online.
She prefers not to discuss her personal life at work.
Personal hygiene is key to preventing the spread of illness.
She made a personal commitment to volunteer more often.
Personal finance management is a skill worth learning.
Personal taste in music varies greatly from person to person.
Investing in personal development can lead to a more fulfilling life.
The book offers insights into the author's personal philosophy.
The personal trainer designed a workout specifically for her needs.
Personal goals should be challenging yet achievable.
Personal accountability is crucial in a team setting.
Keep personal conversations away from the workplace.
The artist's personal experiences greatly influence their work.
Personal protective equipment is mandatory in this area.
Personal satisfaction in your job can improve overall happiness.
A personal letter can convey emotions better than an email.
Always check your personal email in a secure location.
His personal achievements were recognized at the ceremony.

Personal Idioms & Phrases

Personal space

The physical space immediately surrounding someone, which they consider their own.
Please respect my personal space and don't stand so close.

On a personal note

Speaking about one's own life or situation.
On a personal note, I want to thank everyone for their support.

Personal growth

The process of improving oneself with regard to self-awareness, talents, and potential.
This year, I'm focusing on personal growth and development.

Personal touch

Adding a unique or individual aspect to something.
The homemade gift had a personal touch that was very special.

Personal matter

An issue or situation that is private and not meant to be shared with others.
I need to leave early today for a personal matter.

Personal diary

A private journal where one records their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
She writes in her personal diary every night before bed.

Personal best

The best performance or achievement one has ever had.
He ran the marathon in his personal best time.

Personal belongings

Items that belong to an individual and are typically carried with them.
Please ensure all personal belongings are secured before the flight.

Personal trainer

A fitness professional who creates and delivers individualized exercise programs.
My personal trainer helped me achieve my fitness goals.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Clothing or gear designed to protect the wearer from hazards.
Nurses wear personal protective equipment to safeguard against infection.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called personal?

"Personal" derives from the Latin "personalis," relating to an individual.

What is the plural form of personal?

"Personal" does not have a plural form as it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with personal?

"Of" can be used, as in "personal of nature."

What is the root word of personal?

The root word of "personal" is "person."

Which vowel is used before personal?

The vowel "a" can be used before "personal" as in "a personal item."

Which conjunction is used with personal?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "personal."

What is the verb form of personal?

"Personal" is an adjective, and does not have a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of personal?

"Personal" is pronounced as /ˈpɜːrsənəl/.

Is personal a vowel or consonant?

The word "personal" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word personal imperative?

No, "personal" is not imperative.

What is the singular form of personal?

"Personal" is an adjective and doesn't have a traditional singular or plural form.

Which article is used with personal?

"A" can be used before "personal" in contexts like "a personal matter."

Is personal a negative or positive word?

"Personal" is neutral, and its connotation is defined by context.

Is the personal term a metaphor?

"Personal" is not inherently metaphorical but can be used in metaphorical contexts.

How many syllables are in personal?

There are three syllables in "personal."

What is another term for personal?

Another term for "personal" could be "private" or "individual."

Is personal a noun or adjective?

"Personal" is an adjective.

Is personal an adverb?

No, "personal" is not an adverb.

Is personal an abstract noun?

No, "personal" is an adjective, but "personality" (related noun) can be abstract.

Is personal a countable noun?

"Personal" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is personal a collective noun?

No, "personal" is not a collective noun.

How do we divide personal into syllables?

"Personal" is divided as per-son-al.

What is the opposite of personal?

The opposite of "personal" is "impersonal."

Which determiner is used with personal?

Determiners like "my" or "your" can be used, as in "my personal choice."

What is the first form of personal?

"Personal" is an adjective and does not have verb forms.

What is the second form of personal?

Again, "personal" is an adjective and does not have verb forms.

How is personal used in a sentence?

"She keeps a personal diary to jot down her thoughts."

What is the stressed syllable in personal?

The stressed syllable is "per."

What part of speech is personal?

"Personal" is an adjective.

What is the third form of personal?

As mentioned, "personal" is an adjective without verb forms.

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