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Desperacy vs. Desperation — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 25, 2024
"Desperacy" is incorrect. The correct spelling is "Desperation," which refers to a state of hopelessness or despair.
Desperacy vs. Desperation — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Desperacy or Desperation

How to spell Desperation?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of the root word "Desperate" when spelling "Desperation."
"Desperation" has the common noun ending "-tion."
Remember, "Desperacy" lacks the commonality and sound of "-ation."
Associate "Desperation" with emotions, like "elation" and "frustration."
Visualize a person in a desperate situation to recall "Desperation."

How Do You Spell Desperation Correctly?

Incorrect: The situation called for measures born out of desperacy.
Correct: The situation called for measures born out of desperation.
Incorrect: The team's desperacy could be felt in the final minutes of the game.
Correct: The team's desperation could be felt in the final minutes of the game.
Incorrect: In a moment of desperacy, he made a decision he would later regret.
Correct: In a moment of desperation, he made a decision he would later regret.
Incorrect: His actions were driven by desperacy.
Correct: His actions were driven by desperation.
Incorrect: Her eyes showed a deep sense of desperacy.
Correct: Her eyes showed a deep sense of desperation.

Desperation Definitions

"Desperation" indicates a feeling of having no hope.
The drought brought farmers to desperation.
It signifies being driven to a last resort.
Desperation made her accept the unfair deal.
It refers to reckless daring due to despair.
In desperation, he tried risky methods.
"Desperation" conveys urgency caused by distress.
The food drive was organized out of desperation.
The condition of being desperate.
Recklessness arising from despair.
The act of despairing or becoming desperate; a giving up of hope.
A state of despair, or utter hopelessness; abandonment of hope
Reckless fury.
A state of despair, or utter hopeless; abandonment of hope; extreme recklessness; reckless fury.
In the desperation of the moment, the officers even tried to cut their way through with their swords.
A state in which everything seems wrong and will turn out badly;
They were rescued from despair at the last minute
Desperate recklessness;
It was a policy of desperation
"Desperation" means a state of hopelessness.
His voice was filled with desperation.

Desperation Meaning in a Sentence

The desperation to win drove the athletes to train harder than ever.
She felt a wave of desperation as the deadline approached.
The flood victims' desperation was palpable as they awaited rescue.
Desperation led him to take risks he would normally avoid.
In his desperation, he reached out to anyone who could help.
As the hours passed, their desperation only grew.
The desperation in her voice was impossible to ignore.
They launched the product out of desperation, knowing it wasn't ready.
He wrote the letter in a state of desperation, begging for another chance.
Their financial desperation pushed them to seek unconventional solutions.
Desperation can sometimes lead to remarkable innovations.
The team worked with desperation, knowing the success of the project depended on them.
The actor's desperation for a role became increasingly evident.
The climbers faced desperation as their food supplies dwindled.
In desperation, they turned the failing project around with a brilliant idea.
Her desperation was evident as she searched for her lost child.
In a moment of desperation, she called her estranged brother for help.
The desperation of the crowd seeking to escape the fire was terrifying.
The city's desperation for rain ended with the season's first storm.
Faced with desperation, they made the difficult decision to leave their home.

Desperation Idioms & Phrases

Act of desperation

A drastic action taken because of extreme urgency or stress.
Climbing out of the window was an act of desperation to escape the fire.

Driven by desperation

Motivated to act by a sense of urgency or a dire situation.
Driven by desperation, they innovated a new solution to the crisis.

In desperation

Acting out of a sense of urgency and extreme need.
In desperation, they called for international aid.

To the point of desperation

To a state where one feels extreme hopelessness.
She worked herself to the point of desperation to meet the project deadlines.

Desperation point

A moment when a situation becomes so critical that drastic measures are taken.
They reached a desperation point and decided to evacuate the town.

Desperation call

A plea or request made when in dire need of help.
He made a desperation call to his friend after getting stranded.

Air of desperation

A feeling or atmosphere that suggests a desperate situation.
There was an air of desperation among the team as the deadline loomed.

Desperation move

An action taken in a desperate situation, often without much hope of success.
Applying to jobs outside of her field was a desperation move.

Edge of desperation

Being in a state just before one takes drastic actions due to urgent circumstances.
On the edge of desperation, they launched a last-minute fundraising campaign.

Signs of desperation

Indications that someone is desperate or in a dire situation.
The quick sale price was a sign of the seller's desperation.

Waves of desperation

Intense feelings of despair that come and go.
She felt waves of desperation as she waited for news.

Fuelled by desperation

Driven or energized by a need to escape a dire situation.
The innovation was fuelled by desperation to save the company.

Scream of desperation

A loud cry that expresses urgent need or despair.
The rescue team heard screams of desperation from the collapsed building.

Out of desperation

Done because there are no other viable options left.
Out of desperation, he sold his beloved guitar.

With desperation

Doing something with a strong feeling of needing or wanting something very much.
They searched with desperation for the missing documents.

Desperation measure

An extreme action taken as a last resort.
The government's ban was a desperation measure to control the outbreak.

Sink into desperation

To gradually become overwhelmed by despair.
Without any job leads, he began to sink into desperation.

Desperation grip

A desperate attempt to hold onto something, literally or figuratively.
In a desperation grip, she clung to the hope that things would improve.

Leap of desperation

A risky action taken in hope of escaping a bad situation.
Moving to a new city without a job lined up was a leap of desperation.

Echo of desperation

A remnant or reminder of a desperate action or time.
The empty storefronts were an echo of desperation from the economic downturn.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Desperation?

It comes from the Latin "desperatio," which means despair or hopelessness.

What is the root word of Desperation?


What is the verb form of Desperation?


What is the singular form of Desperation?


What is the plural form of Desperation?


Which conjunction is used with Desperation?

Any conjunction can be used based on context.

Is Desperation a noun or adjective?


Is Desperation an abstract noun?


What is the pronunciation of Desperation?

Pronounced as /ˌdɛspəˈreɪʃən/.

Which vowel is used before Desperation?

"a," as in "a sense of desperation."

Which preposition is used with Desperation?

"in," as in "in desperation."

Is the word Desperation imperative?


Is Desperation an adverb?


What is a stressed syllable in Desperation?

The third syllable, "a."

What part of speech is Desperation?


Is Desperation a countable noun?


Is the Desperation term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically.

How do we divide Desperation into syllables?


What is the third form of Desperation?

Not applicable.

How is Desperation used in a sentence?

"Out of sheer desperation, she called out for help."

Which article is used with Desperation?


Is Desperation a negative or positive word?


Is Desperation a collective noun?


What is the opposite of Desperation?


Which determiner is used with Desperation?

"this," as in "this desperation."

What is the first form of Desperation?

Not applicable, as it's a noun.

Is Desperation a vowel or consonant?

"Desperation" is a word, not a single letter.

How many syllables are in Desperation?

Four syllables.

What is another term for Desperation?


What is the second form of Desperation?

Not applicable.

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