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Modeled Definition and Meaning

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on May 8, 2024
Modeled means shaped or formed in three dimensions or represented in physical form; also refers to exhibiting behavior similar to that observed in another. e.g., The sculpture was modeled after a famous athlete.

Modeled Definitions

Made a representation or simulation of something in three dimensions.
The building was modeled in clay before construction began.
Imitated the behavior or mannerisms of someone else.
She modeled her speaking style on her favorite professor.
Created or constructed as a prototype or working example.
The first airplane he built was modeled on the Wright brothers' designs.
Fashioned or shaped using tools or techniques in art or sculpture.
The artist modeled the clay into a delicate vase.
Acted as a model for photographers or artists.
He modeled for a clothing line in their latest advertising campaign.
Developed or adapted from theoretical underpinnings to practical applications.
Their approach to customer service was modeled on theoretical business practices.
A small object, usually built to scale, that represents in detail another, often larger object.
A preliminary work or construction that serves as a plan from which a final product is to be made
A clay model ready for casting.
Such a work or construction used in testing or perfecting a final product
A test model of a solar-powered vehicle.
A schematic description or representation of something, especially a system or phenomenon, that accounts for its properties and is used to study its characteristics
A model of generative grammar.
A model of an atom.
An economic model.
A style or design of an item
My car is last year's model.
One serving as an example to be imitated or compared
A model of decorum.
One that serves as the subject for an artist, especially a person employed to pose for a painter, sculptor, or photographer.
One that serves as the basis for a fictional character or place.
A person employed to display merchandise, such as clothing or cosmetics.
(Zoology) An animal whose appearance is copied by a mimic.
Being, serving as, or used as a model.
Worthy of imitation
A model child.
To make or construct a descriptive or representational model of
Computer programs that model climate change.
To plan, construct, or fashion in imitation of a model
Modeled his legal career after that of his mentor.
To make by shaping a plastic substance
Modeled a bust from clay.
To form (clay, for example) into a shape.
To display by wearing or posing in
Model clothes.
In painting, drawing, and photography, to give a three-dimensional appearance to, as by shading or highlighting.
To exhibit (a behavior) in such a way as to promote the establishment of similar patterns of behavior in another
The therapist modeled socially appropriate conversation.
To repeat (a behavior observed in another)
The child was modeling her mother's nurturing behavior.
To make a model.
To work or serve as a model, as in wearing clothes for display or serving as the subject of an artist.
Simple past tense and past participle of model
Resembling sculpture; as, her finely modeled features.
Resembling sculpture;
Her finely modeled features
Rendered with...vivid sculptural effect
The sculpturesque beauty of the athletes' bodies
Used as a basis for further design, study, or analysis.
The new policy was modeled on successful examples from other countries.
Demonstrated or taught by example.
The teacher modeled excellent research skills during the workshop.
Simulated or represented in mathematical terms or computational frameworks.
Climate change was modeled using advanced computer algorithms.
Exhibited as an ideal or exemplary behavior or technique.
Good leadership was modeled by the company's CEO.

Modeled Snonyms


Formed into a specific form, especially by manipulating materials.
The potter shaped the vase skillfully with his hands.


Brought into existence or given a specific form.
The committee was formed to address these issues.


Conceived and planned out in the mind before being executed.
The new building was designed by a renowned architect.


Built or made from parts put together in a particular order.
The bridge was constructed to withstand heavy traffic.


Made into a particular form.
The garment was fashioned out of traditional fabrics.


Copied something or someone.
His style of painting closely imitated that of his mentor.


Influenced or trained to behave in a specific way.
His early experiences molded his personality.


Made or manufactured with a lot of skill.
The jewelry was crafted from the finest silver.


Imitated the conditions of something in a model.
The experiments were simulated in a controlled environment.


Tried to equal or excel, typically by imitation.
Young athletes often emulate their sports heroes.

Modeled Idioms & Phrases

Modeled after

Based on or imitating something else.
The new policy was modeled after a successful program in Sweden.


Excellently formed or depicted.
The statue was well-modeled, capturing every detail of the human form.

Modeled on

Using something as a template or example.
The educational system was modeled on the Finnish model.

Carefully modeled

Designed with attention to detail.
Each feature of the software was carefully modeled to ensure usability.

Modeled example

An instance that serves as a pattern or guide.
The professor provided a modeled example of how to solve the problem.

Modeled response

A reaction designed to serve as an example.
The trainer gave a modeled response to the customer complaint.

Modeled behavior

Demonstrated behavior that serves as a guide for others.
Parents often provide modeled behavior for their children.

Modeled technique

A method or procedure shown as a standard.
The craftsman demonstrated a modeled technique for carving wood.

Modeled approach

A strategy developed by observing and replicating successful methods.
Their marketing strategy was a modeled approach based on industry leaders.

Modeled after the best

Imitating the best aspects of something.
His writing style was modeled after the best authors of the 20th century.

Modeled practice

Practices developed by imitating successful ones.
The clinic adopted modeled practices from leading healthcare providers.

Artistically modeled

Created with artistic flair or technique.
The mural was artistically modeled, featuring vibrant colors.

Modeled concept

An idea developed by following a proven pattern.
The startup's business model was a modeled concept that had worked elsewhere.

Modeled leadership

Leadership style developed by observing effective leaders.
Her modeled leadership involved open communication and transparency.

Modeled solution

A solution crafted by following a successful example.
The conflict resolution plan was a modeled solution based on past successes.

Modeled presentation

A display or demonstration that serves as a pattern.
The sales pitch was a modeled presentation that others could follow.

Strategically modeled

Developed or planned by following a strategic model.
The campaign was strategically modeled to maximize reach.

Modeled on the classics

Created by taking inspiration from classic works or ideas.
The new curriculum was modeled on the classics of literature.

Modeled innovation

Innovation created by adapting existing successful ideas.
Their latest product was a modeled innovation that improved on traditional designs.

Modeled Example Sentences

The new software interface was modeled after user-friendly designs.
The pottery class modeled their pieces on ancient Greek designs.
The policy was modeled to improve transparency and efficiency.
The flight simulator was modeled to replicate real flying conditions.
The robot's movements were modeled on human gestures.
He modeled his public speaking on great orators like Martin Luther King Jr.
She modeled for an art class that focused on portrait drawing.
The emergency procedures were modeled to ensure a quick response.
His career was modeled on principles of hard work and integrity.
She modeled her approach to customer service on her mentor's techniques.
The architectural model was beautifully modeled and detailed.
Her novel was modeled after real events in her hometown.
The experiment was modeled to test the theory in various scenarios.
They modeled the training program on best practices in the industry.
The teacher modeled correct grammar usage during class.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in modeled?

The stressed syllable in "modeled" is the first syllable: 'mod'.

How many syllables are in modeled?

There are two syllables in "modeled."

How do we divide modeled into syllables?

Modeled is divided into syllables as follows: mod-eled.

What is the first form of modeled?

The first form is "model."

How is modeled used in a sentence?

Modeled is used as a verb to describe the action of shaping, forming, or mimicking something; e.g., The educational program was modeled on successful international standards.

What is the verb form of modeled?

"Modeled" is the past tense and past participle form of the verb "model."

What is the pronunciation of modeled?

Modeled is pronounced as /ˈmɑː.dəld/.

What part of speech is modeled?

Modeled is a verb (past tense).

Why is it called modeled?

"Modeled" comes from the verb "model," which means to form, shape, or mimic something, reflecting its use in various contexts.

What is the third form of modeled?

The third form is also "modeled."

What is another term for modeled?

Another term for modeled is "shaped."

What is the root word of modeled?

The root word of "modeled" is "model."

What is the second form of modeled?

The second form is "modeled."

What is the plural form of modeled?

The plural form is "modeled."

Is modeled an adverb?

No, modeled is not an adverb.

What is the singular form of modeled?

The singular form is "modeled."

Is modeled a negative or positive word?

Modeled is generally neutral, but its connotation can be positive or negative depending on the context.

Is the word modeled imperative?

Modeled, being the past tense of the verb "model," is not used in the imperative mood.

Is the word modeled Gerund?

No, "modeled" is not a gerund; "modeling" would be the gerund form.

What is the opposite of modeled?

The opposite of modeled could be "original" or "unmodified."

Is modeled a countable noun?

Modeled is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the word “modeled” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Modeled" can function as a direct object if it's used as a gerund (modeling); e.g., They praised his modeling of the character.

Which vowel is used before modeled?

This is not applicable as "modeled" is a verb and typically does not have a vowel directly associated with its usage.

Is the modeled term a metaphor?

Modeled can be used metaphorically in some contexts, but it often refers directly to the act of shaping or mimicking.

Which determiner is used with modeled?

Determiners are not typically used with "modeled" directly as it is a verb.

Which conjunction is used with modeled?

Conjunctions that might be used with "modeled" include "and" and "but."

Is modeled a noun or adjective?

Modeled is a verb.

Is modeled an abstract noun?

No, modeled is a verb.

Is modeled a vowel or consonant?

The word "modeled" starts with a consonant.

Which article is used with modeled?

Articles are not typically used with "modeled" as it is a verb.

Is modeled a collective noun?

No, modeled is not a noun, so it cannot be a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with modeled?

Common prepositions used with "modeled" include "on" and "after."

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