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Hybridising Definition and Meaning

Hybridising refers to the process of combining different varieties or species to produce a hybrid. e.g., Scientists are hybridising corn to increase its drought resistance.

Hybridising Definitions

Crossbreeding two different species to create a hybrid.
Hybridising wheat and rye resulted in the creation of triticale.
Fusing different technologies to develop innovative solutions.
Engineers are hybridising solar and wind power for more efficient energy production.
Mixing different materials to produce a composite with enhanced properties.
Scientists are hybridising carbon fibers and polymers for stronger materials.
Blending different cultural elements to create new forms of expression.
The chef is hybridising Asian and Western cuisines to offer unique dishes.
Integrating distinct ideas or concepts to generate new theories or models.
Philosophers are hybridising ancient and modern thought in their works.
Combining two distinct breeds to enhance certain traits.
Farmers are hybridising cattle to improve milk production.
Merging different elements to form something new.
The artist is hybridising classical and modern techniques in her paintings.
Fusing different styles or genres in music or art.
The band is hybridising jazz and rock for their upcoming album.
Merging different software or systems to improve functionality or performance.
Developers are hybridising mobile and desktop applications for better usability.
Combining genes from different organisms in genetic engineering.
Biologists are hybridising plants to confer resistance to diseases.
Infl of hybridise

Hybridising Snonyms


Combining or joining together to form a single entity.
Merging two companies often requires extensive planning.


Bringing together components into a whole.
Integrating renewable energy sources is key to sustainable development.


Mixing together different elements, especially so that they become indistinguishable.
Blending cultures can lead to rich and diverse communities.


Mating or breeding organisms of different varieties or species.
Crossbreeding dogs can result in unique breeds.


Joining two or more elements so that they become fully unified.
Fusing different metals can create alloys with superior properties.


Mixing or causing to mix together.
Mingling at social events can lead to interesting conversations.


Combining or uniting multiple entities into one form.
Amalgamating different styles of music can create unique sounds.


Joining or mixing two or more elements.
Combining ingredients carefully is crucial in cooking.


Breeding or causing to breed with another of a different race or species.
Interbreeding between different plant species can introduce new traits.


Combining or putting together to form one substance or mass.
Mixing colors in painting requires a good understanding of color theory.

Hybridising Example Sentences

The project involves hybridising traditional music with electronic sounds.
By hybridising these two technologies, we hope to achieve greater efficiency.
Hybridising these materials could result in a breakthrough in construction.
The researchers are focused on hybridising endangered species to preserve genetic diversity.
Hybridising educational methods may provide a more rounded learning experience.
They are experimenting with hybridising organic and synthetic fibers for textiles.
Hybridising old and new architectural designs can result in stunning buildings.
Hybridising different plant species can lead to more resilient crops.
The fashion designer is known for hybridising vintage and contemporary styles.
The car manufacturer is hybridising petrol engines with electric motors for better fuel efficiency.
Scientists are hybridising DNA from different organisms to study gene expression.
The software development team is hybridising various programming languages to create a new platform.
The writer is hybridising genres to create a novel that is both a mystery and a romance.
Chefs around the world are hybridising local and international cuisines.
The artist's latest work involves hybridising sculpture and interactive technology.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called hybridising?

It's called "hybridising" because it involves combining different varieties, species, or elements to produce hybrids or a new, mixed form.

What is a stressed syllable in hybridising?

The stressed syllable in hybridising is the second syllable: brid.

How is hybridising used in a sentence?

Hybridising is used to describe the process of creating something new by combining different elements, e.g., They're hybridising ancient and modern architecture.

What is the verb form of hybridising?

The verb form of hybridising is "hybridise" (British English) or "hybridize" (American English).

What is the first form of hybridising?

The first form is "hybridise" in British English or "hybridize" in American English.

How do we divide hybridising into syllables?

Hybridising is divided into syllables as hy-brid-is-ing.

How many syllables are in hybridising?

Hybridising has four syllables.

What is the root word of hybridising?

The root word of hybridising is "hybrid," which refers to something made by combining two different elements.

What is the second form of hybridising?

The second form is "hybridised" in British English or "hybridized" in American English.

What is another term for hybridising?

Another term for hybridising is "crossbreeding."

Is hybridising a countable noun?

Hybridising is not a noun; it is a verb and does not have a countable form.

What is the pronunciation of hybridising?

Hybridising is pronounced as /ˈhaɪ.brɪ.daɪ.zɪŋ/.

Is hybridising a negative or positive word?

Hybridising is neutral; it can have positive, negative, or neutral connotations depending on the context.

What is the singular form of hybridising?

As a verb, hybridising does not have a singular form; its use does not change with number.

Is hybridising an adverb?

No, hybridising is not an adverb.

Is hybridising an abstract noun?

No, hybridising is a verb, not a noun.

Is hybridising a collective noun?

No, hybridising is a verb and not a collective noun.

What is the third form of hybridising?

The third form is also "hybridised" in British English or "hybridized" in American English.

What part of speech is hybridising?

Hybridising is a verb.

What is the opposite of hybridising?

The opposite of hybridising could be "separating" or "dividing," referring to keeping elements distinct rather than combining them.

Is hybridising a noun or adjective?

Hybridising is a verb.

Is the hybridising term a metaphor?

Hybridising can be used metaphorically to describe the combination of different ideas, styles, or elements to create something new.

What is the plural form of hybridising?

As a verb, hybridising does not have a plural form.

Is hybridising a vowel or consonant?

The word hybridising starts with a consonant sound (h-).

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