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Minimize Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Published on April 18, 2024
Minimize means to reduce something to the least possible amount or degree. e.g., The company aims to minimize costs without compromising quality.

Minimize Definitions

Reduce to the smallest possible amount.
We should minimize waste to protect the environment.
Make less important or significant.
He tried to minimize the issue, but it was clear it bothered him.
Make (a window) small or invisible on a computer screen.
Minimize the application to view the desktop background.
Reduce to the least possible time or effort.
The new route will minimize travel time between cities.
Decrease the size, volume, or extent of something.
Use compression software to minimize file sizes for easy sharing.
Understate or play down.
She minimized her role in the project, though she did most of the work.
To reduce or diminish the effects or impact of something.
They took steps to minimize the risk of infection.
Lower the amount of space something occupies.
Minimize your luggage by packing only essentials.
Diminish the importance or value of something.
Don't minimize the importance of daily exercise for health.
Make less severe, serious, or painful.
Medication can minimize symptoms of the disease.
To reduce to the smallest possible amount, extent, size, or degree.
To represent as having the least degree of importance, value, or size
Minimized the magnitude of the crisis.
(transitive) To make (something) smaller or as small as possible; shrink; reduce.
We have to minimize the budget.
Try to minimize your biases.
The insurance adjuster tried to minimize the extent of the damage to lessen the company's exposure to liability.
To remove (a window) from the main display area, collapsing it to an icon or caption.
I didn't close anything, but I minimized all the windows so I could see the desktop.
(transitive) To treat (someone) in a slighting manner.
To reduce to the smallest part or proportion possible; to reduce to a minimum.
To represent, to oneself or others, as of no importance or minimal importance or effect; to belittle or disarage.
Make small or insignificant;
Let's minimize the risk
Represent as less significant or important
Don't belittle his influence

Minimize Snonyms


To make something appear less important or less bad than it really is.
The company downplayed the defects in its new product.


To make or become less.
The demand for traditional print books has diminished.


To make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.
Switching to LED bulbs will reduce your energy bill.


To make or become less; diminish.
Daily exercise can lessen the risk of heart disease.


To become smaller or less in size, amount, intensity, or degree.
Efforts are being made to decrease pollution in urban areas.


To make less severe, serious, or painful.
Measures were taken to mitigate the impact of the disaster.


To make something smaller in size, amount, or extent.
The company plans to downsize its workforce to cut costs.


To reduce the importance or prominence given to something.
The curriculum de-emphasizes memorization in favor of critical thinking.


To estimate something to be smaller or less important than it actually is.
It's easy to underestimate the complexity of this issue.


To underestimate the importance, worth, or quality of.
She tends to undervalue her own talent.

Minimize Idioms & Phrases

Minimize the damage

To reduce the harm caused by an event.
Emergency services acted quickly to minimize the damage from the flood.

Minimize exposure

To reduce the chance of encountering harmful elements.
Wear sunscreen to minimize exposure to harmful UV rays.

Minimize risk

To reduce the possibility of danger or loss.
Diversifying investments can help minimize risk.

Minimize complications

To reduce the chance of unexpected problems arising.
Proper planning can minimize complications during the event.

Minimize confrontation

To avoid or lessen conflicts.
Diplomatic negotiations seek to minimize confrontation between countries.

Minimize the impact

To lessen the effect something has.
Planting trees can minimize the impact of deforestation.

Minimize losses

To reduce the amount of money or resources lost.
The trader sold his stocks to minimize losses.

Minimize differences

To make disagreements or disparities seem smaller.
The mediator worked to minimize differences between the two parties.

Minimize distractions

To reduce or eliminate things that divert attention.
Turning off notifications can minimize distractions while studying.

Minimize the gap

To reduce the difference or distance between two things.
Scholarships aim to minimize the gap in education accessibility.

Minimize the chance

To decrease the likelihood of something happening.
Vaccination can minimize the chance of disease spread.

Minimize the effect

To make an effect less powerful or noticeable.
The new policy aims to minimize the effect of inflation.

Minimize energy consumption

To use less energy.
Insulating your home can minimize energy consumption.

Minimize error

To reduce the chance of mistakes.
Double-checking your work can minimize error.

Minimize stress

To reduce feelings of stress or tension.
Meditation and exercise can minimize stress.

Minimize waste

To reduce the amount of waste produced.
Recycling programs are essential to minimize waste.

Minimize overhead

To reduce administrative and operational costs.
Remote work can help minimize overhead for businesses.

Minimize reliance

To reduce dependence on something or someone.
Developing renewable energy sources can minimize reliance on fossil fuels.

Minimize problems

To reduce the number or severity of problems.
Regular maintenance can minimize problems with your car.

Minimize harm

To lessen the amount of harm or injury caused.
Safety protocols are in place to minimize harm in the workplace.

Minimize Example Sentences

It's important to minimize risks when investing.
You can minimize your grocery bill by using coupons.
Try to minimize distractions while doing homework.
We need to minimize our reliance on non-renewable energy.
They took steps to minimize environmental damage.
Minimize the window to see the desktop icons.
The new software helps minimize errors in data entry.
Reducing screen time at night can minimize sleep disturbances.
The design aims to minimize wind resistance.
He tried to minimize the importance of his mistake.
Efforts are being made to minimize conflict in the team.
The guidebook helps travelers minimize cultural misunderstandings.
Companies should minimize waste to improve sustainability.
The doctor said this treatment would minimize pain.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called minimize?

Minimize comes from the Latin word "minimus," meaning smallest or least, reflecting the action of making something as small or insignificant as possible.

How is minimize used in a sentence?

The project manager worked hard to minimize delays.

How many syllables are in minimize?

Minimize has three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in minimize?

The stressed syllable in minimize is the first one, "min."

How do we divide minimize into syllables?

Minimize is divided into syllables as min-i-mize.

What is the singular form of minimize?

The singular form is "minimize."

What is the first form of minimize?

The first form is "minimize."

What is another term for minimize?

Another term for minimize is "reduce."

What is the plural form of minimize?

Minimize does not have a plural form, but its actions can be applied to multiple subjects.

What is the opposite of minimize?

The opposite of minimize is "maximize" or "increase."

Is minimize a negative or positive word?

Minimize is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is minimize a collective noun?

No, minimize is not a collective noun.

Is the minimize term a metaphor?

Minimize can be used metaphorically to describe reducing anything in significance, importance, or size.

Is the word minimize imperative?

Yes, minimize can be used in an imperative form, as in giving commands or instructions.

Which determiner is used with minimize?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like minimize.

Which vowel is used before minimize?

The use of a vowel before minimize depends on the preceding word; there's no specific rule.

What is the verb form of minimize?

The verb form is "minimize," including "minimizes," "minimizing," and "minimized."

What is the pronunciation of minimize?

Minimize is pronounced as /ˈmɪnɪˌmaɪz/.

What is the root word of minimize?

The root word of minimize is "minimus," meaning the smallest or least in Latin.

What is the third form of minimize?

The third form is also "minimized."

What part of speech is minimize?

Minimize is a verb.

Is the word minimize Gerund?

The gerund form of minimize is "minimizing."

What is the second form of minimize?

The second form is "minimized."

Is minimize a vowel or consonant?

The word minimize starts with a consonant.

Is minimize a countable noun?

Minimize is not a noun; it's a verb, so the concept of countability does not apply.

Is the word “minimize” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Minimize is a verb, so it does not serve as a direct or indirect object, but it can act upon them.

Which preposition is used with minimize?

Prepositions such as "to" and "in" can be used with minimize, depending on the context.

Which article is used with minimize?

Articles are not directly used with verbs like minimize.

Is minimize an abstract noun?

No, minimize is not an abstract noun; it's a verb.

Which conjunction is used with minimize?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used depending on how minimize is integrated into the sentence.

Is minimize a noun or adjective?

Minimize is a verb.

Is minimize an adverb?

No, minimize is not an adverb.

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