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Shut Definition and Meaning

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Published on April 20, 2024
Shut means to close something, typically a door or window, or to cease operations. e.g., Please shut the door quietly when you leave.

Shut Definitions

To move (a door or window) so that it covers an opening; close.
She shut the window to keep out the cold.
To confine by closing something, such as a door.
The dog was shut in the room to prevent it from escaping.
To bring to an end; conclude.
The deal was shut with a handshake.
To move (a door or lid, for example) so as to block passage through an opening.
To fasten with a lock, catch, or latch
Shut the cabinet.
To block entrance to or exit from; close
Shut a corridor.
To confine in a closed space
Shut them in a cage.
To exclude from a closed space
Shut the cats out of the house.
To fold up or bring together the parts of
Shut the book.
To cause to stop operating
Shut down a restaurant.
A school that was shut for the vacation.
To move or become moved so as to block passage; close
A door that shuts by itself.
To stop operating, especially automatically
The electricity shuts off at midnight.
The act or time of shutting.
The line of connection between welded pieces of metal.
(transitive) To close, to stop from being open.
Please shut the door.
The light was so bright I had to shut my eyes.
(intransitive) To close, to stop being open.
If you wait too long, the automatic door will shut.
To close a business temporarily, or (of a business) to be closed.
The pharmacy is shut on Sunday.
(transitive) To confine in an enclosed area.
I shut the cat in the kitchen before going out.
(transitive) To catch or snag in the act of shutting something.
He's just gone and shut his finger in the door!
To preclude; to exclude; to bar out.
Closed; not open.
A shut door barred our way into the house.
Synonym of close
The act or time of shutting; close.
The shut of a door
A door or cover; a shutter.
The line or place where two pieces of metal are welded together.
A narrow alley or passage acting as a short cut through the buildings between two streets.
To close so as to hinder ingress or egress; as, to shut a door or a gate; to shut one's eyes or mouth.
To forbid entrance into; to prohibit; to bar; as, to shut the ports of a country by a blockade.
Shall that be shut to man which to the beastIs open?
To preclude; to exclude; to bar out.
To fold together; to close over, as the fingers; to close by bringing the parts together; as, to shut the hand; to shut a book.
Before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.
When the scene of life is shut up, the slave will be above his master if he has acted better.
To close itself; to become closed; as, the door shuts; it shuts hard.
Closed or fastened; as, a shut door.
Rid; clear; free; as, to get shut of a person.
Formed by complete closure of the mouth passage, and with the nose passage remaining closed; stopped, as are the mute consonants, p, t, k, b, d, and hard g.
The act or time of shutting; close; as, the shut of a door.
Just then returned at shut of evening flowers.
A door or cover; a shutter.
The line or place where two pieces of metal are united by welding.
Move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut;
Close the door
Shut the window
Become closed;
The windows closed with a loud bang
Prevent from entering; shut out;
The trees were shutting out all sunlight
This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country
Not open;
The door slammed shut
Used especially of mouth or eyes;
He sat quietly with closed eyes
His eyes were shut against the sunlight
To cease business or operations, often temporarily.
The store shuts at 9 p.m. every night.
To block passage through something.
The road was shut due to the snowstorm.
To stop someone from speaking or making noise.
He was told to shut his mouth during the meeting.
To close one's eyes or mouth tightly.
She shut her eyes tightly to avoid seeing the scary scene.
To fold or bring together the parts of.
He shut the book after finishing the chapter.
To prevent access or passage.
The gate was shut to keep the animals inside.
To stop or discontinue the operation or activity of.
The factory was shut due to environmental concerns.

Shut Snonyms


To fasten or close securely.
The envelope was sealed with a sticker.


To make safe or fixed; ensure that something is unlikely to move, open, or come loose.
She secured the windows before the storm.


To secure with a lock.
He locked the car before leaving the parking lot.


To move so that an opening is covered.
She closed the door softly.


To obstruct or stop something from moving through or along something else.
The road was blocked by fallen trees.


To bring to an end.
The contract was terminated by mutual agreement.


To fasten with a latch.
She latched the gate after entering.


To prevent or prohibit entry.
The entrance was barred to unauthorized personnel.


To fasten or secure with a bolt.
He bolted the door for extra security at night.


To surround or close off on all sides.
The property was enclosed by a high fence.

Shut Idioms & Phrases

Shut the door on

To refuse to consider; close off.
The company shut the door on further negotiations.

Shut one's mouth/face

A rude way of telling someone to stop talking.
He angrily told her to shut her mouth.

Shut Example Sentences

She shut her eyes and made a wish.
Please shut the gate to keep the dog inside the yard.
He shut the book with a sense of satisfaction after completing it.
The noise was so annoying that he wished he could shut it out.
The city was shut down due to the severe weather warning.
They had to shut the factory due to environmental regulations.
The concert was so loud that he wanted to shut his ears.
She shut herself away for hours to focus on her writing.
After the argument, he shut himself off from everyone else.
The accident shut the highway for several hours.
The meeting was shut with plans to reconvene next month.
The government shut down the program due to lack of funding.
The leak was finally contained when the valve was shut off.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in shut?

The entire word "shut" is stressed, as it consists of only one syllable.

Why is it called shut?

"Shut" comes from Old English "scyttan," meaning to put in place so as to fasten a door or gate, reflecting the action of closing or securing something.

How is shut used in a sentence?

Shut is used as a verb to describe the action of closing something or ending operations. e.g., Please shut the window before you leave.

How do we divide shut into syllables?

Shut is a single syllable word and is not divided.

What is the first form of shut?

The first (and base) form of "shut" as a verb is "shut."

How many syllables are in shut?

There is 1 syllable in "shut."

What part of speech is shut?

"Shut" is used as a verb.

What is the singular form of shut?

The singular form is "shut."

What is another term for shut?

Another term for "shut" could be "close," although they can have slightly different uses depending on the context.

What is the pronunciation of shut?

Shut is pronounced as /ʃʌt/.

Is shut a noun or adjective?

Shut is primarily a verb, but it can function as an adjective in certain contexts, such as in "shut eye" (meaning sleep).

Is shut an abstract noun?

No, "shut" is not an abstract noun; it is a verb indicating the action of closing something.

What is the root word of shut?

The root of "shut" comes from the Old English "scyttan."

What is the plural form of shut?

The verb "shut" does not change form for plural subjects; it remains "shut."

What is the verb form of shut?

The verb form of "shut" is "shut," including its various tenses like "shuts," "shutting," and "shut."

What is the opposite of shut?

The opposite of "shut" is "open."

Is shut an adverb?

No, "shut" is not used as an adverb.

Is the word “shut” a direct object or an indirect object?

"Shut" as a verb can have a direct object, indicating what is being closed. e.g., "She shut the door."

Which determiner is used with shut?

As a verb, "shut" does not typically use determiners. When used adjectivally, determiners would depend on the noun it modifies.

Which vowel is used before shut?

Since "shut" is primarily a verb, the question of using a vowel before it does not typically arise.

Is shut a countable noun?

As a verb, "shut" does not apply as a countable or uncountable noun. When used adjectivally, it does not have a plural form.

Is the shut term a metaphor?

"Shut" can be used metaphorically to denote ending or closing something beyond just physical objects, like shutting down a conversation.

Is the word shut imperative?

Yes, "shut" can be used in the imperative form to give a command. e.g., "Shut the door."

Which preposition is used with shut?

Prepositions such as "off," "down," and "out" are often used with "shut." e.g., "Shut off the lights."

Which article is used with shut?

As a verb, "shut" does not directly work with articles. When used adjectivally, the article would depend on the noun it describes.

What is the second form of shut?

The second form of "shut" as a verb in past tense is "shut."

Is shut a collective noun?

No, "shut" is not a collective noun.

Which conjunction is used with shut?

Conjunctions like "and" and "but" can be used in sentences with "shut," depending on the sentence structure.

What is the third form of shut?

The third form of "shut" as a verb in past participle is "shut."

Is shut a negative or positive word?

"Shut" is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is shut a vowel or consonant?

The word "shut" starts with a consonant sound.

Is the word shut a gerund?

"Shutting" would be the gerund form of the verb "to shut," acting as a noun.

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