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Google Maps vs. Sygic — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Maham Liaqat — Published on February 28, 2024
Google Maps is a comprehensive, free navigation app offering real-time directions, traffic updates, and various services. Sygic, a paid alternative, provides offline GPS navigation with advanced features like real-time traffic and speed camera alerts.
Google Maps vs. Sygic — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Google Maps and Sygic


Key Differences

Google Maps, widely used for its extensive map coverage and real-time data, excels in providing accurate directions, traffic conditions, and integration with other Google services. It's available on multiple platforms and is constantly updated with new information, making it an indispensable tool for daily commutes and travel.
Sygic, on the other hand, stands out for its offline navigation capabilities, allowing users to download maps and access directions without an internet connection. This feature is particularly valuable in areas with limited or no data coverage. Sygic also offers advanced navigation features, such as lane guidance, parking suggestions, and speed camera alerts, some of which require a subscription.
Google Maps is renowned for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Google's ecosystem (e.g., Google Street View, Google Earth), in contrast Sygic provides a more driver-focused experience with features like Head-up Display (HUD) for safer night driving and Real View Navigation for augmented reality (AR) guidance.
The choice between Google Maps and Sygic often depends on the user's specific needs. Google Maps is ideal for those who prefer a free, comprehensive navigation solution with real-time updates and broad functionality. Sygic caters to users looking for robust offline navigation capabilities and advanced driving features, albeit at a cost.
Google Maps' real-time updates and extensive database make it a better choice for urban navigation and exploring new areas, while Sygic's offline maps and specialized driving features offer advantages for long trips, especially in regions with poor internet connectivity.

Comparison Chart


Freemium (Free base app, paid for advanced features)


Online, with some offline capabilities
Primarily offline with downloadable maps

Traffic Updates

Real-time traffic updates
Real-time traffic updates available in premium version

Unique Features

Street View, integration with Google's ecosystem
Head-up Display (HUD), Real View Navigation


Available globally on multiple platforms
Available globally, with a focus on offline navigation

Compare with Definitions

Google Maps

Integrates with other Google services for a seamless experience.
He saved his favorite restaurant in Google Maps for future visits.


Requires payment for full access to advanced features.
They purchased Sygic's premium package for their family road trip.

Google Maps

A versatile navigation app providing real-time directions, traffic, and transit info.
She used Google Maps to find the quickest route to the airport.


Provides Real View Navigation using AR for easier understanding of routes.
He found Sygic's Real View Navigation helpful in complex intersections.

Google Maps

Offers street view and indoor maps for comprehensive guidance.
They explored the museum layout on Google Maps before visiting.


A GPS navigation app with offline functionality and advanced driving features.
She downloaded the Sygic map of her destination before her trip.

Google Maps

Free to use, making it accessible to a wide audience.
They relied on Google Maps for free GPS navigation during their road trip.


Offers real-time traffic and speed camera alerts with a premium subscription.
His Sygic app alerted him to a speed camera ahead.

Google Maps

Continuously updated with user-contributed content and official data.
Google Maps updated its maps to include the new bike lanes.


Includes innovative features like Head-up Display for safer driving at night.
She used Sygic's HUD feature to keep her eyes on the road.

Common Curiosities

Can I use Google Maps in any country?

Google Maps is available in most countries around the world, offering extensive map data and navigation services globally.

Does Sygic offer real-time traffic updates?

Real-time traffic updates are available in Sygic but require a premium subscription.

Is Sygic worth the cost for its advanced features?

If you frequently need offline navigation or value the advanced driving features like HUD and Real View Navigation, Sygic's premium features may be worth the cost.

What is the main difference between Google Maps and Sygic?

Google Maps is a widely used navigation app that offers real-time traffic updates, various map views, and integration with Google services. Sygic, on the other hand, is known for its offline GPS navigation capabilities, utilizing TomTom maps and offering advanced features like real-view navigation and speed limit warnings.

Is Google Maps free to use?

Google Maps is free to use, offering comprehensive navigation, traffic updates, and place information without any subscription fees.

Can I plan a trip with multiple stops on both apps?

Yes, both Google Maps and Sygic allow you to plan routes with multiple stops, although the interface and ease of use may vary between the two.

Can Sygic be used without an internet connection?

Yes, Sygic is designed for offline use, allowing you to download maps and use them without needing an internet connection.

How accurate are the maps on Google Maps and Sygic?

Both Google Maps and Sygic offer accurate and up-to-date maps. Google Maps is continually updated with user and business input, while Sygic updates its maps regularly using TomTom data.

Can I use Google Maps for free?

Yes, Google Maps is a free service, offering navigation, traffic updates, and various other features at no cost.

Which app is better for offline navigation?

Sygic is better for offline navigation as it allows users to download maps and use them without an internet connection.

Which app is better for finding points of interest?

Google Maps generally offers a more extensive database for searching points of interest, including reviews and photos, due to its integration with Google's search database and user contributions.

Can I customize routes in Google Maps and Sygic?

Yes, both apps allow route customization. Google Maps lets you drag routes to change them, while Sygic offers several route options based on your preferences like shortest or fastest route.

Are there any subscription fees for using advanced features in Google Maps or Sygic?

Google Maps is largely free, but some features like Google One offer more benefits across Google services. Sygic requires a subscription for access to premium features such as real-view navigation, speed camera alerts, and real-time traffic updates.

Which app is better for international travel?

Both apps are suitable for international travel. Google Maps is excellent for its wide coverage and integration with local business information. Sygic is beneficial for travelers looking to navigate without using mobile data due to its offline maps feature.

Does Sygic provide parking information?

Yes, Sygic includes features to help you find and navigate to parking spots, and it may offer more detailed parking guidance as part of its premium features.

How do Google Maps and Sygic handle privacy and data usage?

Google Maps may collect data to improve service and personalized ads, whereas Sygic, especially in offline mode, can minimize data usage and has different policies for data collection and privacy.

Are there pedestrian and cycling routes available on both Google Maps and Sygic?

Google Maps provides detailed pedestrian and cycling routes. Sygic also offers pedestrian navigation, but its focus is more on car navigation, and cycling routes may not be as comprehensive.

Do both apps offer voice navigation?

Yes, both Google Maps and Sygic offer voice-guided navigation to assist you while driving, walking, or cycling.

Do Google Maps and Sygic integrate with other apps?

Google Maps integrates seamlessly with other Google services and many third-party apps. Sygic offers integration with several apps too, including its own ecosystem of add-ons for a more enhanced navigation experience.

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