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One-Punch Man Webcomic vs. One-Punch Man Manga — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Maham Liaqat — Published on February 29, 2024
The One-Punch Man webcomic, created by ONE, is the original, rough-drawn version with a focus on story and humor. The manga, illustrated by Yusuke Murata, offers highly detailed art, expanded stories, and broader character development.
One-Punch Man Webcomic vs. One-Punch Man Manga — What's the Difference?

Difference Between One-Punch Man Webcomic and One-Punch Man Manga


Key Differences

The One-Punch Man webcomic, started by ONE in 2009, is known for its simplistic art style and direct storytelling, quickly capturing the essence of its characters and plot. It's celebrated for its humor, originality, and the way it subverts typical superhero tropes. The manga adaptation, undertaken by Yusuke Murata and also written by ONE, began in 2012, bringing the story to a wider audience with its stunning visuals and more elaborate narratives.
The webcomic serves as the core storyline, while the manga version embellishes the narrative with more detailed backstories, fleshed-out characters, and extended fight scenes, enhancing the overall depth of the story. Murata's artistic skills give life to the characters and battles in a way that's more visually compelling, making the manga a hit among fans who appreciate high-quality illustrations.
The pacing between the two versions varies significantly; the webcomic moves at a brisk pace, swiftly advancing through the storyline and battles. In contrast, the manga takes its time, delving deeper into story arcs and providing a more immersive experience. This difference in pacing allows manga readers to engage more deeply with the world of One-Punch Man.
Despite the differences in art and story expansion, both versions maintain the core essence of One-Punch Man: a satirical take on the superhero genre, centered around Saitama, a hero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch, leading to his existential boredom. The humor, themes, and central characters remain consistent across both versions, preserving the original's spirit.
The choice between the webcomic and manga often comes down to personal preference: those who prioritize the story and original concept may prefer the webcomic, while fans seeking detailed art and a more developed narrative might lean towards the manga. Both versions contribute to the One-Punch Man phenomenon, offering different experiences of the same captivating world.

Comparison Chart


ONE (story) & Yusuke Murata (art)

Start Date


Art Style

Simple, rough sketches
Detailed, high-quality illustrations

Story Depth

Direct, concise storytelling
Expanded narratives and character backstories


Fast, with quick progression
Slower, with more developed arcs


Freely available online
Published volumes and digital platforms


Fans of the original concept and humor
Fans of detailed art and expanded stories

Fight Scenes

Brief, focusing on humor and impact
Elaborate, with detailed action sequences

Compare with Definitions

One-Punch Man Webcomic

Available freely online, providing easy access to its original content.
Fans can read the One-Punch Man webcomic online for a direct insight into ONE's original vision.

One-Punch Man Manga

A visually stunning adaptation of ONE's webcomic, illustrated by Yusuke Murata.
Murata's rendition of One-Punch Man brings the story to life with detailed artwork.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

Focuses on satire of the superhero genre, emphasizing the story over visuals.
The webcomic's strength lies in its ability to poke fun at superhero clichés.

One-Punch Man Manga

Known for its elaborate fight scenes and dynamic panel layouts.
Murata's skill shines in the manga's meticulously drawn battle sequences.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

Created by ONE, it offers a raw and unpolished look into the One-Punch Man universe.
ONE's original webcomic captures the essence of Saitama's character with minimalistic art.

One-Punch Man Manga

Published in serialized and volume formats, reaching a broad audience.
Fans collect the manga volumes for their high-quality art and storytelling.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

The original version of One-Punch Man, known for its simple art and swift storytelling.
The webcomic quickly became a hit due to its unique humor and premise.

One-Punch Man Manga

Expands on the webcomic's story, adding depth to characters and plots.
The manga version delves deeper into the heroes' and villains' backgrounds.

One-Punch Man Webcomic

Pioneered the concept of a hero who defeats enemies with one punch, leading to existential boredom.
The webcomic introduces Saitama's unique plight as an overpowered hero.

One-Punch Man Manga

Maintains the core humor and themes of the original while enhancing the experience.
Despite its visual upgrades, the manga stays true to the webcomic's satirical roots.

Common Curiosities

Which came first, the One-Punch Man webcomic or manga?

The webcomic by ONE came first in 2009, with the manga adaptation by Murata starting in 2012.

Is Saitama's character different in the webcomic and manga?

Saitama's core character as an overpowered hero facing existential boredom remains consistent, though the manga provides more context and depth to his world.

Can I read the One-Punch Man webcomic for free?

Yes, the webcomic is available online for free, reflecting ONE's original intention for it to be accessible to all.

How does Yusuke Murata's art influence the manga?

Murata's detailed and dynamic art style brings a new level of visual depth to the story, making fight scenes and character expressions more impactful.

Which version of One-Punch Man should I start with?

It depends on your preference: if you value originality and simplicity, start with the webcomic; if you prefer detailed art and expanded storytelling, the manga is the way to go.

Which version is more popular?

The manga has gained broader popularity due to its detailed artwork and wider availability, but the webcomic maintains a dedicated fanbase.

Do both versions have the same ending?

Since both are ongoing, neither version has reached a conclusion yet, so it's uncertain if they will share the same ending.

Does the manga follow the same story as the webcomic?

The manga generally follows the webcomic's storyline but expands on it with more detailed narratives and character development.

Are there any major story differences between the two versions?

While the major plot points align, the manga introduces additional characters, extended battles, and deeper story arcs not found in the original webcomic.

Do I need to read the webcomic to understand the manga?

No, the manga stands on its own as a complete work, though reading the webcomic can provide additional insights into the story's origins.

How do the side characters differ between the webcomic and manga?

The manga provides more backstory and development for side characters, making them more integral to the story compared to their webcomic counterparts.

Is the humor the same in both versions?

Yes, the humor and satire of the superhero genre are fundamental elements that both versions preserve.

Are new chapters of the webcomic still being released?

Yes, ONE continues to update the webcomic, though the release schedule can be irregular.

How do the fight scenes compare between the two versions?

The manga's fight scenes are more detailed and extended, offering a more immersive experience compared to the webcomic's straightforward approach.

Has the manga surpassed the webcomic in terms of story progression?

The manga generally follows the webcomic's plot, but due to the expanded content, the pacing differs, and they may be at different points in the story at any given time.

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