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BET vs. BET Plus — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Urooj Arif — Published on February 28, 2024
BET is a cable television network offering a variety of content including news, entertainment, and music, while BET Plus is a streaming service providing exclusive original content, series, and specials without cable subscription.
BET vs. BET Plus — What's the Difference?

Difference Between BET and BET Plus


Key Differences

BET (Black Entertainment Television) is a long-established cable television network that provides a wide range of content aimed primarily at African American audiences. It includes original programming, series, movies, music videos, and cultural and news programming. BET has been a staple in cable television packages for decades, offering viewers access to both entertainment and information reflective of Black culture and experiences.
BET Plus, on the other hand, is a premium streaming service launched as an extension of the BET brand. It offers an extensive library of Black content, including exclusive original series, documentaries, specials, and an array of classic films and television shows. BET Plus caters to viewers looking for on-demand access to a broader, more diverse array of Black entertainment without the need for a cable subscription.
BET provides a scheduled programming experience with a mix of live and recorded content, whereas BET Plus allows users to stream content anytime, anywhere, on various devices. BET Plus also differentiates itself by offering ad-free viewing, catering to audiences who prefer uninterrupted access to content.
The target audience for both BET and BET Plus is largely the same, focusing on viewers interested in content that celebrates and explores the Black experience. However, BET Plus may appeal more to cord-cutters and those who prefer the flexibility and convenience of streaming services.
In terms of content, while there is some overlap, BET Plus often features exclusive content not available on the cable network, including original productions and acquired titles specifically curated for the platform. This makes BET Plus an attractive option for viewers seeking new and exclusive content in addition to classic BET programming.

Comparison Chart


Cable television network.
Streaming service.


Requires cable subscription.
Available without cable, subscription-based.


News, entertainment, music, series.
Exclusive originals, series, specials, classics.

Viewing Experience

Scheduled programming, includes ads.
On-demand, ad-free.

Target Audience

Viewers interested in Black culture content.
Cord-cutters, viewers seeking exclusive content.

Compare with Definitions


Cable network for Black entertainment.
I watched the BET Awards live on the BET network.

BET Plus

Accessible without cable.
I don't have cable, so I watch shows on BET Plus through my smart TV.


Includes news and cultural programming.
BET News provides insightful discussions on current events.

BET Plus

Curated for diverse Black entertainment.
BET Plus features a wide range of content celebrating Black culture.


Targets African American audiences.
BET's programming focuses on issues and entertainment relevant to the Black community.

BET Plus

Offers ad-free, on-demand viewing.
I enjoy BET Plus for its uninterrupted, binge-worthy content.


Mix of live and recorded content.
BET offers a variety of talk shows and music video countdowns.

BET Plus

Includes exclusive and classic titles.
BET Plus has a great selection of classic Black sitcoms and movies.


Requires a cable subscription.
To access BET, I added it to my cable package.

BET Plus

Streaming service for Black content.
I subscribed to BET Plus to watch exclusive original series.

Common Curiosities

How does the content on BET Plus differ from BET?

While there is some content overlap, BET Plus offers a wider range of exclusive and classic content, including original series and movies curated specifically for the platform.

Do I need a cable subscription to access BET Plus?

No, BET Plus is a standalone streaming service that does not require a cable subscription.

Can I watch BET Plus on my TV?

Yes, BET Plus can be streamed on various devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, and mobile apps.

Are there exclusive shows on BET Plus not available on BET?

Yes, BET Plus offers exclusive original content and specials that are not available on the BET cable network.

Are there educational programs on BET or BET Plus?

Both platforms offer a range of content, including some programs that may have educational value, particularly related to cultural and social issues.

Is BET Plus ad-free?

Yes, BET Plus provides an ad-free viewing experience, allowing uninterrupted streaming of content.

Is BET available outside the United States?

BET's availability outside the United States can vary; it's best to check with local cable providers or streaming platforms for international access.

Does BET Plus include live programming?

BET Plus primarily focuses on on-demand content and does not typically feature live programming.

How do I subscribe to BET Plus?

You can subscribe to BET Plus directly through their website or via various app stores on your streaming devices.

Can I watch BET Plus content offline?

Depending on the device and app settings, BET Plus may allow for content to be downloaded and watched offline.

What type of original series can I find on BET Plus?

BET Plus features a variety of original series spanning genres like comedy, drama, and reality, often focusing on themes relevant to the Black community.

How often is new content added to BET Plus?

New content is regularly added to BET Plus, with new titles and episodes often released on a weekly basis.

How does BET contribute to the representation of Black culture in media?

BET and BET Plus play significant roles in media representation by providing platforms for Black creators, stories, and talents, thus enriching the diversity of narratives available in entertainment.

How can I cancel my BET Plus subscription if needed?

Subscribers can cancel their BET Plus subscription through their account settings on the BET Plus website or through the respective app store from which the subscription was purchased.

Are there any award shows exclusive to BET or BET Plus?

BET is known for hosting exclusive award shows like the BET Awards and the BET Hip Hop Awards, celebrating achievements in music, acting, sports, and other entertainment fields within the Black community.

Can I share my BET Plus account with family or friends?

The policies regarding account sharing can vary, so it's recommended to review BET Plus's terms of service for guidelines on account sharing.

Does BET Plus offer content suitable for children?

BET Plus provides a range of content, including some family-friendly options; however, parents are advised to review individual titles for suitability.

Are there documentaries available on BET Plus?

Yes, BET Plus offers documentaries covering a variety of topics, including historical, cultural, and social issues relevant to the Black experience.

How does the cost of BET Plus compare to other streaming services?

The cost of BET Plus is competitive with other streaming services, with pricing designed to be accessible while offering a vast library of content focused on Black entertainment.

Is there a trial period for BET Plus?

BET Plus occasionally offers trial periods for new subscribers, allowing them to explore the service before committing to a subscription.

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