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Nike Benassi vs. Adidas Adilette — What's the Difference?

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Published on February 28, 2024
Nike Benassi slides are known for their comfortable, cushioned footbed and sporty design, ideal for post-workout. Adidas Adilette slides, first introduced in 1972, feature a contoured footbed and quick-drying design, making them a staple for casual wear.
Nike Benassi vs. Adidas Adilette — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette


Key Differences

Nike Benassi slides offer a sleek, simple design with a one-piece, synthetic leather strap and a textured footbed for comfort. They are often chosen for their lightweight cushioning and durability, making them suitable for various casual settings or as part of an athletic recovery process. The Benassi's sporty aesthetic is complemented by the iconic Nike swoosh, signaling a blend of style and functionality.
Adidas Adilette slides, on the other hand, have become synonymous with casual comfort and are distinguished by their wide, bandage-style upper and pronounced three stripes. The Adilette serves not only as a comfortable option for leisure but also as a fashion statement, often available in various colors and patterns. Its contoured footbed is designed to cradle the foot, providing support and stability, which is particularly beneficial for extended wear.
Both the Benassi and Adilette slides are designed with comfort in mind, but their approaches differ. The Nike Benassi focuses on a minimalistic design with an emphasis on cushioning and sporty appeal, whereas the Adidas Adilette prioritizes a classic look with enhanced support and versatility in wearability. This difference in design philosophy reflects the unique brand identities and target audiences of each.
Choosing between the Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette often comes down to personal preference regarding style, comfort, and intended use. The Benassi might appeal more to those looking for a slide to complement an athletic lifestyle, while the Adilette could be favored by those seeking a blend of classic style and comfort for everyday wear.

Comparison Chart


Sporty, minimalistic
Classic, bandage-style


Textured for comfort
Contoured for support

Strap Material

Synthetic leather
Quick-drying synthetic

Intended Use

Casual, post-workout
Casual, poolside

Iconic Element

Nike swoosh
Three stripes

Compare with Definitions

Nike Benassi

A comfortable, sporty slide with a cushioned footbed.
He slipped on his Nike Benassi slides after the game for quick recovery.

Adidas Adilette

Quick-drying design suited for wet environments.
After a swim, my Adidas Adilette slides dry off in no time.

Nike Benassi

Known for its simple, one-piece strap design.
The Nike Benassi's sleek design makes it a versatile addition to any casual outfit.

Adidas Adilette

Available in various colors and patterns.
I love the variety of colors my Adidas Adilette slides come in, matching every swimsuit I own.

Nike Benassi

Features a textured footbed for added comfort.
The Benassi slides are perfect for beach days, thanks to their comfortable, textured footbed.

Adidas Adilette

Ideal for poolside or casual wear.
I always pack my Adilette slides for vacations—they're perfect for the pool.

Nike Benassi

Sporty aesthetic with the iconic Nike swoosh.
The Nike swoosh on my Benassi slides adds a touch of sporty style to my poolside look.

Adidas Adilette

A classic slide with a contoured footbed for support.
My Adidas Adilette slides are my go-to for comfortable, all-day wear.

Nike Benassi

Lightweight and durable.
I've had my Nike Benassi slides for years, and they've held up through countless summer outings.

Adidas Adilette

Features a wide, bandage-style upper with three stripes.
The three stripes on my Adilette slides show off my Adidas pride.

Common Curiosities

Which slides are more comfortable, Nike Benassi or Adidas Adilette?

Comfort is subjective; Benassi offers a cushioned, textured footbed, while Adilette has a contoured footbed for support. Personal preference and foot shape should guide your choice.

Do Adidas Adilette slides come in different designs?

Yes, the Adilette slides are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, catering to various personal styles.

How should I clean my slides?

Both Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or brushes that could damage the material.

Are Nike Benassi slides suitable for wide feet?

The Benassi slides are fairly accommodating, but those with significantly wide feet might find the Adidas Adilette's bandage-style upper more flexible.

Can I wear Nike Benassi or Adidas Adilette slides to the beach?

Yes, both slides are suitable for the beach, with quick-drying properties and comfortable designs for sandy environments.

Are both Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette suitable for wet conditions?

Yes, both are designed to be water-resistant and quick-drying, making them suitable for wet conditions such as pools and showers.

Can Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides be worn for casual outings?

Absolutely, both slides are popular for casual wear due to their comfortable design and stylish appearance.

What type of materials are used in Nike Benassi slides?

Nike Benassi slides typically use a synthetic upper with a foam midsole and outsole for lightweight cushioning and comfort.

How do the sizes compare between Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides?

Nike Benassi slides often fit true to size, while Adidas Adilette slides can sometimes run slightly large. It's recommended to check the sizing chart of each brand before purchasing.

Is there any special technology used in the footbed of Adidas Adilette slides?

Adidas Adilette slides often feature a contoured footbed designed to comfortably cradle the foot, providing support and stability.

What is the main difference between Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides?

The main difference lies in their design and cushioning. Nike Benassi slides typically feature a foam midsole and a soft-lined upper, while Adidas Adilette slides are known for their contoured footbed and quick-dry lining.

How do I care for and clean my Nike Benassi or Adidas Adilette slides?

Both slides can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. It's advisable to air dry them away from direct heat sources to maintain their shape and material integrity.

Are there different color options available for both slides?

Yes, both Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from classic and simple to bold and graphic designs.

Can I find limited edition or collaboration designs for both Nike Benassi and Adidas Adilette slides?

Yes, both brands frequently collaborate with artists, designers, and other brands to release limited edition slides that feature unique designs and materials.

Which slide is more affordable, Nike Benassi or Adidas Adilette?

Pricing can vary based on the model and design, but generally, both slides are similarly priced, making them accessible options for comfortable footwear.

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