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Skip Definition and Meaning

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on March 2, 2024
Skip refers to moving lightly and quickly, making a small jump after each step. e.g., The child liked to skip along the sidewalk on her way to school.

Skip Definitions

To omit or pass over without consideration.
He decided to skip the boring chapters of the book.
To cause to bounce off a surface.
He tried to skip a stone across the pond.
To leave a place hastily or secretly.
They decided to skip town after the incident.
To fail to attend or participate in.
She skipped class to hang out with her friends.
To jump over or bypass.
The player managed to skip the obstacle with ease.
To advance through audio or video by moving ahead to another part.
Let's skip to the good part of the movie.
To miss or avoid experiencing.
Unfortunately, he had to skip the party due to a prior commitment.
To promote a student to a higher grade without completing the current one.
Due to her exceptional skills, she was skipped ahead to the next grade.
To leap or jump lightly over a surface.
The rabbit would skip across the field.
To move by hopping on one foot and then the other.
To leap lightly about.
To bounce over or be deflected from a surface; skim or ricochet
Threw the stone so it skipped over the water.
To pass from point to point, omitting or disregarding what intervenes
Skipped through the list hurriedly.
Skipping over the dull passages in the novel.
To be promoted in school beyond the next regular class or grade.
(Informal) To leave hastily; abscond
Skipped out of town.
To misfire. Used of an engine.
To leap or jump lightly over
Skip rope.
To pass over without mentioning; omit
Skipped the minor details of the story.
To miss or omit as one in a series
My heart skipped a beat.
To cause to bounce lightly over a surface; skim.
To be promoted beyond (the next grade or level).
(Informal) To leave hastily
The fugitive skipped town.
(Informal) To fail to attend
We skipped science class again.
A leaping or jumping movement, especially a gait in which hops and steps alternate.
An act of passing over something; an omission.
A control mechanism on an audio or video player that interrupts the playing of a recording and advances or reverses to the beginning of the nearest chapter, track, or other division.
A container for receiving, transporting, and dumping waste materials.
(intransitive) To move by hopping on alternate feet.
She will skip from one end of the sidewalk to the other.
(intransitive) To leap about lightly.
(intransitive) To skim, ricochet or bounce over a surface.
The rock will skip across the pond.
(transitive) To throw (something), making it skim, ricochet, or bounce over a surface.
I bet I can skip this rock to the other side of the pond.
(transitive) To disregard, miss or omit part of a continuation (some item or stage).
My heart will skip a beat.
I will read most of the book, but skip the first chapter because the video covered it.
Not to attend (some event, especially a class or a meeting).
Yeah, I really should go to the quarterly meeting but I think I'm going to skip it.
To leave, especially in a sudden and covert manner.
To skip the country
A customer who skipped town without paying her hotel bill
To leap lightly over.
To skip the rope
To jump rope.
The girls were skipping in the playground.
To pass by a stitch as if it were not there, continuing with the next stitch.
(printing) To have insufficient ink transfer.
To place an item in a skip (etymology 2, sense 1).
A leaping, jumping or skipping movement.
The act of passing over an interval from one thing to another; an omission of a part.
(music) A passage from one sound to another by more than a degree at once.
A person who attempts to disappear so as not to be found.
(radio) skywave propagation
A large open-topped container for waste, designed to be lifted onto the back of a truck to remove it along with its contents. see also skep.
(mining) A transportation container in a mine, usually for ore or mullock.
(steelmaking) A skip car.
A skep, or basket, such as a creel or a handbasket.
A wheeled basket used in cotton factories.
(sugar manufacture) A charge of syrup in the pans.
A beehive.
Short for skipper, the master or captain of a ship, or other person in authority.
(specially) The captain of a sports team. Also, a form of address by the team to the captain.
(curling) The player who calls the shots and traditionally throws the last two rocks.
(bowls) The captain of a bowls team, who directs the team's tactics and rolls the side's last wood, so as to be able to retrieve a difficult situation if necessary.
The scoutmaster of a troop of scouts (youth organization) and their form of address to him.
An Australian of Anglo-Celtic descent.
A college servant.
A basket. See Skep.
A basket on wheels, used in cotton factories.
An iron bucket, which slides between guides, for hoisting mineral and rock.
A charge of sirup in the pans.
A beehive; a skep.
A light leap or bound.
The act of passing over an interval from one thing to another; an omission of a part.
A passage from one sound to another by more than a degree at once.
To leap lightly; to move in leaps and hounds; - commonly implying a sportive spirit.
The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed to-day,Had he thy reason, would he skip and play?
So she drew her mother away skipping, dancing, and frisking fantastically.
Fig.: To leave matters unnoticed, as in reading, speaking, or writing; to pass by, or overlook, portions of a thing; - often followed by over.
To leap lightly over; as, to skip the rope.
To pass over or by without notice; to omit; to miss; as, to skip a line in reading; to skip a lesson.
They who have a mind to see the issue may skip these two chapters.
To cause to skip; as, to skip a stone.
A gait in which steps and hops alternate
A mistake resulting from neglect
He skipped a row in the text and so the sentence was incomprehensible
Intentionally fail to attend;
Cut class
Jump lightly
Leave suddenly;
She persuaded him to decamp
Skip town
Bound off one point after another
Cause to skip over a surface;
Skip a stone across the pond

Skip Snonyms


A large or sudden jump, especially over a long distance or from one place to another.
The frog made a big leap into the pond.


To spring back after hitting a surface.
The ball bounced twice before coming to a stop.


A light springy jump or leap.
The child took a small hop over the puddle.


To leave out or exclude something, either intentionally or forgetfully.
She decided to omit the last chapter from the final draft.


To push oneself off the ground using the muscles in the legs and feet.
The athlete jumped over the hurdle effortlessly.

Pass over

To ignore or overlook.
The committee decided to pass over his application.


To look quickly or briefly.
He glanced at his watch during the meeting.


To go around or avoid a place or obstacle.
We took a detour to bypass the traffic jam.


To fail to hit, reach, catch, or otherwise make contact with.
He swung at the ball but missed.


To go or move lightly and quickly over a surface.
She skimmed her fingers over the water's surface.

Skip Idioms & Phrases

Skip over

To ignore or omit something.
In her report, she conveniently skipped over the important details.

Skip town

To leave a place suddenly and secretly, often to avoid trouble or debt.
After the scandal, he decided to skip town.

Skip the light fantastic

To dance, especially in an imaginative or lively manner.
They were ready to skip the light fantastic at the ball.

Skip a beat

To experience a moment of intense emotion, typically surprise or excitement.
Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him.

Skip out on

To leave or escape from a place or situation, often without fulfilling a responsibility.
He decided to skip out on the bill.

A hop, skip, and a jump away

Very close or a short distance away.
The park is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from their house.

Skip rope

The activity of jumping over a rope as it is passed under the feet and over the head.
The kids spent the afternoon skipping rope in the yard.

Skip to the good part

To move directly to the most interesting or exciting part of something.
I don't have much time, so let's skip to the good part.

Make one's heart skip a beat

To cause someone to feel a sudden surge of excitement or emotion.
The surprise proposal made her heart skip a beat.

Skip class

To deliberately miss or not attend a class.
He was caught skipping class to play video games.

Skip a grade

To advance to the next grade without completing the current one, usually due to high academic performance.
Her exceptional math skills allowed her to skip a grade.

Skip in one's step

To walk with a light, happy, or energetic stride.
She had a skip in her step after receiving the good news.

Skip out early

To leave a place before the expected or scheduled time.
He decided to skip out early from the party to catch some sleep.

Skip the formalities

To bypass customary or traditional procedures or greetings.
We're all friends here, so let's skip the formalities.

Skip the queue

To avoid waiting in line by going directly to the front.
With VIP tickets, they could skip the queue at the concert.

Skip a turn

To forfeit or pass one's turn in a game.
She had to skip a turn after drawing the penalty card.

Skip the dishes

To choose not to do the dishes, often by eating out or using disposable dishes.
They decided to skip the dishes and order pizza instead.

Skip the line

Similar to "skip the queue," meaning to avoid waiting in a line.
Members can skip the line at the museum's entrance.

Skip to the chase

To get to the point, skipping over irrelevant or preliminary information.
Let's skip to the chase, what's the bottom line?

Skip hand in hand

To skip while holding hands with someone, often implying joy or affection.
The couple skipped hand in hand along the beach.

Skip Example Sentences

She decided to skip dessert and go straight to coffee.
The children love to skip stones at the lake.
Let's skip the formalities and get right to the point.
The DVD player started to skip, disrupting the movie.
He had a tendency to skip the details and focus on the big picture.
During his morning jog, he would often skip across the stepping stones.
The song was too long, so they decided to skip to the next one.
She liked to skip down the street when she was happy.
She had to skip her workout to finish her project on time.
He would often skip the queue with his VIP pass.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in skip?

There is one syllable in the word "skip."

Why is it called skip?

"Skip" is called so because it derives from the Old English "scipian" or "sceppan," meaning to leap or spring, reflecting the light, hopping motion associated with the word.

What is a stressed syllable in skip?

In the word "skip," the single syllable is stressed: skip.

How do we divide skip into syllables?

Skip is a single syllable word and is not divided into parts.

How is skip used in a sentence?

Skip can be used to describe a light, hopping movement, e.g., The children love to skip down the street when they're happy.

What part of speech is skip?

"Skip" is primarily a verb, but can also be used as a noun in contexts like "a skip in one's step."

What is the second form of skip?

The second form of "skip" as a verb is "skipped," e.g., "She skipped the rock across the water."

What is another term for skip?

Another term for "skip" can be "leap" or "hop," depending on the context.

What is the pronunciation of skip?

Skip is pronounced as /skɪp/.

What is the singular form of skip?

The singular form is "skip," referring to the action or instance of skipping.

What is the root word of skip?

The root word of "skip" is from the Old English "scipian" or "sceppan," which means to leap, spring, or skip.

What is the opposite of skip?

The opposite of "skip" can be "plod" or "trudge," indicating a slow, heavy movement.

Is skip a vowel or consonant?

The word "skip" starts with a consonant 's'.

What is the verb form of skip?

"Skip" itself is a verb form, meaning to move lightly and quickly, or to omit.

What is the first form of skip?

The first form of "skip" as a verb is "skip," e.g., "I like to skip when I'm happy."

What is the plural form of skip?

The plural form is "skips," referring to multiple instances of the action.

Is skip a collective noun?

No, "skip" is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before skip?

The vowel "i" is used in "skip."

What is the third form of skip?

The third form of "skip" as a verb is also "skipped," used in perfect tenses, e.g., "He had skipped too many classes."

Is skip a countable noun?

As a noun, "skip" is countable, referring to the action or instance of skipping.

Which conjunction is used with skip?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "skip," e.g., "Skip the appetizer and go straight to the main course."

Is skip an adverb?

No, "skip" is not used as an adverb.

Which determiner is used with skip?

Determiners like "a" or "the" can be used with "skip," e.g., "He made a skip over the puddle."

Is skip a noun or adjective?

"Skip" is primarily a verb and can also be a noun. It is not typically used as an adjective.

Is skip an abstract noun?

No, "skip" is not an abstract noun; it describes a physical action or movement.

Is skip a negative or positive word?

"Skip" is generally considered a neutral or positive word, often associated with joy or light-heartedness.

Is the skip term a metaphor?

"Skip" can be used metaphorically to describe bypassing or omitting something, e.g., "Let's skip the formalities."

Is the word skip imperative?

"Skip" can be used in imperative sentences, e.g., "Skip to the end of the line."

Is the word skip Gerund?

Yes, "skipping" can be a gerund, e.g., "Skipping rope is a good exercise."

Is the word “skip” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Skip" can be used as a direct object, e.g., "They decided to skip the meeting."

Which preposition is used with skip?

Prepositions like "over" or "to" can be used with "skip," e.g., "Skip over the fence" or "Skip to the next song."

Which article is used with skip?

The definite article "the" or indefinite article "a" can be used with "skip," e.g., "The skip in her step was noticeable."

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