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Posit Definition and Meaning

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Published on April 12, 2024
Posit means to assume as a fact or put forward as a basis of argument; to propose something for consideration. e.g., The theory posits that economic growth is tied to environmental policies.

Posit Definitions

To suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of something as a basis for reasoning or discussion.
His hypothesis posits a direct correlation between diet and health.
To assert or stipulate something as a precondition of a proposition or argument.
The debate posits that all participants have equal speaking time.
To lay down or assume as a fact or principle; to presuppose.
The law posits the innocence of the accused until proven guilty.
To place, put, or set something in a specified position or location.
The experiment required them to posit sensors at various points.
To establish or assert something in a particular position or status.
The narrative posits the protagonist as a hero from the beginning.
To firmly establish something in the mind or consciousness.
The book posits the importance of empathy in personal development.
To introduce a concept or idea for the purpose of argument or discussion.
The study posits a new model of quantum computing.
To propose or suggest something as a basic fact or principle from which a further idea is formed or developed.
The theory posits an evolutionary process that is not linear.
To base something on the assumption of a particular fact or outcome.
Economic forecasts posit steady growth over the next decade.
To assume or put forward, as for consideration or the basis of argument
"If a book is hard going, it ought to be good. If it posits a complex moral situation, it ought to be even better" (Anthony Burgess).
To place firmly in position.
Something that is posited; a postulate.
(aviation) position
Assume the existence of; to postulate.
Propose for consideration or study; to suggest.
Put (something somewhere) firmly; to place or position.
To dispose or set firmly or fixedly; to place or dispose in relation to other objects.
To assume as real or conceded; as, to posit a principle.
(logic) a proposition that is accepted as true in order to provide a basis for logical reasoning
Put (something somewhere) firmly;
She posited her hand on his shoulder
Deposit the suitcase on the bench
Fix your eyes on this spot
Put before;
I submit to you that the accused is guilty
Take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom;
He posited three basic laws of nature
To postulate or propose an idea, theory, or principle for consideration.
The philosopher posits freedom as an inherent human right.

Posit Snonyms


To put forward an idea or plan for consideration.
The committee proposes a new approach to tackle the issue.


To put forward a hypothesis.
Researchers hypothesize a connection between stress and immune response.


To present for consideration, judgment, or use.
She submitted her theory for peer review.


To put forward as a suggestion or proposal.
The advocate advanced a radical solution to the problem.


To suggest or assume the existence of a fact as a basis for reasoning.
Scientists postulate the existence of dark matter due to gravitational effects.


To put forward for consideration.
The data suggests a strong link between air quality and respiratory health.


To suppose to be the case, without proof.
The model assumes that the market will remain stable.


To state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully.
The author asserts that all forms of government are inherently flawed.


To indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated.
His silence implied agreement with the decision.


To tacitly assume at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action that something is the case.
The argument presupposes that no alternative solutions exist.

Posit Idioms & Phrases

Posit a premise

To suggest a premise as the basis of an argument or theory.
The philosopher posits a premise about human nature.

Posit a question

To propose a question for discussion.
The instructor posited a question that challenged the class's assumptions.

Posit a theory

To propose a theory.
The scientist posited a theory regarding black holes that sparked debate.

Posit an assumption

To make an assumption known for the purpose of argument.
The economist posited an assumption about market behavior.

Posit an idea

To introduce an idea for consideration or discussion.
The author posits an idea that challenges conventional wisdom.

Posit an argument

To put forward an argument for consideration.
The lawyer posited an argument based on the evidence.

Posit a hypothesis

To propose a hypothesis for testing.
The study posits a hypothesis on the impact of social media on attention spans.

Posit as a fact

To assert something as a fact for the basis of discussion.
The speaker posits as a fact that climate change is accelerating.

Posit for debate

To introduce a topic or idea for debate.
The topic posited for debate stirred a lively discussion.

Posit for consideration

To put something forward to be considered.
The proposal posits new guidelines for consideration.

Posit a proposition

To propose a proposition for analysis or consideration.
The mathematician posits a challenging proposition.

Posit a conclusion

To suggest a conclusion based on evidence or reasoning.
The investigator posits a conclusion to the case.

Posit a scenario

To propose a hypothetical scenario for consideration.
The workshop posited several scenarios for emergency preparedness.

Posit a belief

To assert a belief as a basis for discussion or argument.
The debate posits a belief in the essential goodness of people.

Posit an outcome

To suggest a possible outcome.
The study posits several potential outcomes of the intervention.

Posit a challenge

To present a challenge for consideration or action.
The game posits a challenge to players' strategic thinking.

Posit a principle

To propose a principle as a foundational element.
The ethics committee posits a principle of fairness.

Posit in theory

To suggest something as a theoretical possibility.
The concept posits, in theory, a solution to the energy crisis.

Posit an explanation

To offer an explanation for consideration.
The report posits an explanation for the phenomenon observed.

Posit a solution

To propose a solution to a problem.
The engineer posits a solution to increase efficiency.

Posit Example Sentences

Philosophers often posit questions that challenge our understanding of reality.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called posit?

It's called posit because it involves putting forward or assuming a fact or proposition as a basis for argument or discussion, from Latin positus, meaning placed or put.

What is a stressed syllable in posit?

The stressed syllable in posit is the first syllable: pos-.

How do we divide posit into syllables?

We divide posit into syllables as: pos-it.

What is the first form of posit?

The first form of posit, as a verb, is "posit."

How is posit used in a sentence?

Posit is used to describe the action of putting forward a theory, argument, or assumption for consideration, e.g., The book posits a future where technology governs all aspects of life.

What is the third form of posit?

The third form of posit is also "posited."

How many syllables are in posit?

There are two syllables in posit.

What is the pronunciation of posit?

The pronunciation of posit is /ˈpɒzɪt/.

What is the plural form of posit?

The verb posit does not have a plural form, but when referring to multiple instances of propositions, it can be considered as "posits" in noun form.

What is the verb form of posit?

The verb form of posit is "posit."

What is the opposite of posit?

The opposite of posit could be "refute" or "deny," depending on the context.

Is posit a noun or adjective?

Posit is primarily a verb. It can also be used as a noun referring to a proposition or assumption made for the sake of argument.

What is the root word of posit?

The root word of posit is "posit," derived from Latin positus, the past participle of ponere, meaning to place or put.

What is another term for posit?

Another term for posit is "postulate."

Is posit an abstract noun?

When used as a noun, posit refers to an abstract concept, a proposition, or assumption, so it can be considered an abstract noun.

Is posit a vowel or consonant?

The word posit starts with a consonant.

Is posit a countable noun?

When used as a noun, posit is countable.

Is the word posit imperative?

Yes, posit can be used in an imperative form, e.g., "Posit your theory on this matter."

Is the word posit Gerund?

No, posit itself is not a gerund; the gerund form would be "positing."

Is the word “posit” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

In a sentence, posit can be used as a verb where the proposition or theory being posited would be the direct object.

Which determiner is used with posit?

Determiners are not typically used directly with the verb posit, but when used as a noun, determiners such as "a," "an," or "the" can be used, e.g., "a posit."

Is posit an adverb?

No, posit is not an adverb.

Is posit a collective noun?

No, posit is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with posit?

Common prepositions used with posit include "as" and "that," depending on the construction, e.g., "posit that" or "posit as."

What part of speech is posit?

Posit is a verb when referring to the act of proposing or assuming something for consideration.

What is the singular form of posit?

The singular form of posit is "posit."

What is the second form of posit?

The second form of posit is "posited."

Is posit a negative or positive word?

Posit is neutral; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is the posit term a metaphor?

Posit can be used metaphorically to suggest putting forward ideas or theories in various contexts.

Which vowel is used before posit?

The choice of vowel before posit depends on the context and preceding word, not applicable directly to the verb itself.

Which conjunction is used with posit?

Conjunctions are not specifically used with posit but may connect clauses where posit is used, such as "and," "but," and "or."

Which article is used with posit?

When posit is used as a noun, the articles "a," "an," or "the" can be used, depending on the specificity of the proposition.

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