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Posh Definition and Meaning

By Urooj Arif & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 5, 2024
Posh refers to something or someone elegant, stylish, or luxurious in a sophisticated way. e.g., She arrived at the party in a posh dress.

Posh Definitions

Fashionably elegant or stylish.
He wore a posh suit to the interview.
Pertaining to the upper class or elite.
The event was attended by posh celebrities.
Sophisticated in a way that suggests wealth.
They dined in a posh part of the city.
Snobbishly elegant.
His tastes are quite posh, favoring only the finest wines.
Indicating high quality or high standard.
The restaurant is known for its posh ambiance.
Expensively or smartly decorated.
Her office was posh, with designer furniture.
Showing or having an air of distinction.
The gala was a posh affair.
Luxuriously comfortable.
The posh seating at the theater made the experience even better.
Associated with exclusivity.
Membership to the club is considered very posh.
Characterized by luxuriousness and opulence.
They stayed at a posh hotel during their vacation.
Fashionable or luxurious
A posh hotel.
Typical of the upper class, especially in the United Kingdom
A posh upbringing.
Affectedly imitating characteristics of the upper class; pretentious
A posh accent.
Associated with the upper classes.
She talks with a posh accent.
Stylish, elegant, exclusive (expensive).
After the performance, they went out to a very posh restaurant.
Snobbish, materialistic, prejudiced, under the illusion that one is better than everyone else.
We have a right posh git moving in next door
An exclamation expressing derision.
Fragments produced by an impact
(normally in the phrasal verb posh up) To make posh, or posher.
Elegant and fashionable;
Classy clothes
A classy dame
A posh restaurant
A swish pastry shop on the Rue du Bac

Posh Snonyms


Extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense.
The luxurious hotel offered spectacular views.


Ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.
The opulent mansion was filled with priceless art.


Stylishly luxurious and expensive.
They dined at a swanky restaurant downtown.


Richly luxurious and expensive.
The plush interior of the car made for a comfortable ride.


High class, expensive, and intended for wealthy customers.
The upscale boutique sells designer clothing.


Luxuriously stylish or fashionable.
The ritzy gala was the highlight of the social season.


Splendid and expensive-looking.
The banquet featured a sumptuous spread of gourmet foods.


Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.
The elegant party was attended by many celebrities.


Elaborate in structure or decoration.
The fancy dress code required evening gowns and tuxedos.


Sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious.
The lavish wedding reception was held at a grand hotel.

Posh Idioms & Phrases

Posh and becks

Referring to something or someone very stylish, derived from the nickname for the celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham.
The new restaurant downtown is totally posh and becks.

Posh up

To make something more elegant or luxurious.
They decided to posh up the decor for the gala.

Too posh to push

Referring to affluent women who opt for elective cesarean sections.
The trend of being too posh to push is more common in celebrity culture.

Posh talk

Speaking in an affectedly elegant or elite manner.
He slips into posh talk whenever he's around his upscale friends.

Living posh

Leading a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.
Ever since winning the lottery, they've been living posh.

Put on the posh

To act in a sophisticated or snobbish manner.
She really puts on the posh at company events.

Posh digs

Luxurious or stylish living quarters.
Have you seen her new apartment? It's posh digs for sure.

A bit too posh

Suggesting something is overly elegant or pretentious.
The new restaurant feels a bit too posh for my taste.

Posh frock

An elegant or stylish dress.
She wore her posh frock to the premiere.

Posh totty

Attractively elegant or stylish young women.
The club is known for attracting posh totty.

Feeling posh

Feeling elegant, luxurious, or sophisticated.
With my new dress and heels, I'm definitely feeling posh tonight.

Posh nosh

High-quality, luxurious, or gourmet food.
The menu tonight is all posh nosh, so I hope you're hungry.

Make it posh

To elevate something's elegance or luxury.
For their anniversary, he really wanted to make it posh.

Posh surroundings

An environment that is luxuriously comfortable and elegant.
The spa's posh surroundings make it a popular retreat.

Posh talker

Someone who speaks in a refined or aristocratic manner.
You can tell he's a posh talker by his vocabulary and accent.

Posh up the place

To decorate or furnish a place in a luxurious way.
They've really poshed up the place since we last visited.

Look posh

To appear elegant and stylish.
She always manages to look posh, even in casual wear.

Posh life

A life filled with luxury and sophistication.
Ever since his promotion, he's been living the posh life.

Posh circle

A social group characterized by affluence and sophistication.
She's been trying to break into the posh circle of the city.

Posh git

A derogatory term for someone who is snobbish and wealthy.
He comes across as a posh git, but he's actually quite down to earth.

Posh Example Sentences

He's known for throwing posh parties that everyone wants to attend.
Their wedding was a posh event, with every detail carefully planned.
The boutique sells posh handbags that are out of my budget.
She has a posh accent that hints at her upscale upbringing.
Wearing posh brands is a status symbol among celebrities.
The posh resort offered breathtaking views and luxurious amenities.
The posh neighborhood was filled with mansions and expensive cars.
The interior of the yacht was surprisingly posh and comfortable.
The spa is one of the most posh places in town, offering exclusive treatments.
For his birthday, they booked a posh suite overlooking the city.
She prefers posh restaurants with a quiet and intimate atmosphere.
The invitation suggested a posh dress code for the evening.
His posh lifestyle includes traveling to exotic destinations and staying in five-star hotels.
The posh boutique downtown is where she buys all her designer clothes.
They arrived in a posh limousine, turning heads at the event.

Common Curiosities

How is posh used in a sentence?

The gala was an extremely posh event, attended by many celebrities.

How many syllables are in posh?

There is one syllable in posh.

What part of speech is posh?

Posh is an adjective.

What is the singular form of posh?

Posh does not have a singular or plural form; it is an adjective.

What is the plural form of posh?

As an adjective, posh does not have a plural form.

Why is it called posh?

Posh is believed to originate from early 20th-century slang, possibly from the term port out, starboard home, indicating luxury travel, though this etymology is disputed. It signifies luxury and sophistication.

How do we divide posh into syllables?

Posh is a single syllable word and cannot be divided further.

What is the pronunciation of posh?

Posh is pronounced as /pɒʃ/ in British English and /pɑːʃ/ in American English.

What is a stressed syllable in posh?

The entire word posh is stressed, as it consists of only one syllable.

What is the root word of posh?

The exact root of posh is unclear, but it is often associated with early 20th-century English slang.

What is the opposite of posh?

The opposite of posh could be plain or simple.

Is posh an adverb?

No, posh is not an adverb.

Is posh an abstract noun?

Posh is not a noun; it is an adjective and does not have an abstract form.

Is posh a countable noun?

Posh is not a noun; it is an adjective and does not have a countable form.

What is the verb form of posh?

Posh itself is primarily used as an adjective. There isn't a widely recognized verb form for posh, though colloquially, phrases like posh up are used to describe the act of making something posh.

Is the word “posh” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Posh being an adjective, does not serve as a direct or indirect object; those roles are typically filled by nouns.

Which vowel is used before posh?

The usage of vowels before posh depends on the specific sentence structure, not applicable.

Which preposition is used with posh?

Prepositions like in, of, and with can be used with posh depending on the context. e.g., in a posh area.

Which article is used with posh?

Articles like a or the can be used with posh when it describes a noun. e.g., a posh restaurant.

What is another term for posh?

Another term for posh is luxurious.

Is posh a noun or adjective?

Posh is an adjective.

Is posh a negative or positive word?

Posh generally carries a positive connotation, associated with elegance and luxury, but it can be used negatively to imply excess or snobbery.

Is posh a collective noun?

No, posh is not a collective noun.

Is the posh term a metaphor?

Posh can be used metaphorically to describe something as luxurious or elegant beyond its literal qualities.

Is the word posh Gerund?

Posh is not a verb, so it does not have a gerund form.

Which determiner is used with posh?

Determiners such as a, the, or this can be used with posh when it describes a noun. e.g., a posh hotel.

Which conjunction is used with posh?

Conjunctions such as and, but, and or can be used with posh. e.g., posh and elegant.

Is the word posh imperative?

As an adjective, posh cannot form an imperative mood; this applies to verbs.

Is posh a vowel or consonant?

The word posh starts with a consonant.

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