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Obsessed Definition and Meaning

By Fiza Rafique & Maham Liaqat — Updated on March 6, 2024
Obsessed means preoccupied with or constantly worrying about one particular thing. e.g., He became obsessed with the game, playing it every day.

Obsessed Definitions

Having an excessive or unhealthy interest in something.
He's obsessed with collecting rare stamps.
Continually preoccupied with a thought or idea.
He's obsessed with the idea of becoming an actor.
Unable to stop thinking about something.
After watching the documentary, she became obsessed with environmental issues.
Demonstrating extreme enthusiasm or devotion to something.
She's obsessed with yoga and practices every day.
Influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion;
By love possessed
Overly fixated on a specific topic or activity.
She's obsessed with maintaining a perfect GPA.
Engaging in repetitive thoughts or actions concerning something.
She's obsessed with checking her emails constantly.
Having a compulsion towards a particular subject or activity.
He's obsessed with cleaning; his house is spotless.
Showing a persistent and invasive interest in something.
He's obsessed with tracking every detail of his fitness routine.
Exhibiting an intense or excessive passion for something.
He's obsessed with football, never missing a game.
Being consumed by a single thought or feeling.
She became obsessed with the notion of starting her own business.
To preoccupy the mind of (someone) excessively.
To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic
The conference organizer obsessed over the smallest of details.
Simple past tense and past participle of obsess
Intensely preoccupied with or by a given topic or emotion; driven by a specified obsession.
Influenced or controlled by evil spirits, but less than possessed in that the spirits do not actually reside in the victim.
Having or showing excessive or compulsive concern; - used with with.
Influenced or controlled by a powerful force such as a strong emotion.
Having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something;
Became more and more haunted by the stupid riddle
Was absolutely obsessed with the girl
Got no help from his wife who was preoccupied with the children
He was taken up in worry for the old woman

Obsessed Snonyms


Completely absorbed or occupied mentally.
She was engrossed in her book and didn't hear the doorbell.


Engrossed in thought; distracted.
She was so preoccupied with her work that she forgot her appointment.


Singularly focused or concentrated on something to an excessive degree.
He was fixated on achieving perfection in his craft.


Strongly attracted and interested.
He was fascinated by the mysteries of the universe.


Resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge.
His need to organize everything was almost compulsive.


Wholly absorbed or preoccupied.
He was consumed with guilt after the incident.


Captured the fascinated attention of.
She was enthralled by the elegance of ballet.


Exhibiting an exaggerated or obsessive enthusiasm for or preoccupation with one thing.
His monomaniacal focus on success left little room for personal relationships.


Possessed with an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for.
She was infatuated with the new celebrity in town.


Addicted or very attracted to something.
She got hooked on the TV show and binge-watched the entire series.

Obsessed Idioms & Phrases

Beauty obsessed

Excessively focused on appearance and beauty.
The beauty-obsessed influencer shared her skincare routine daily.

Health obsessed

Extremely concerned about health and wellness.
She's health-obsessed and runs every morning.

Obsessed over details

Paying too much attention to minor particulars.
He obsessed over details, ensuring every part of the project was perfect.

Obsessed with control

Needing to oversee and manage every aspect.
He was obsessed with control, micromanaging every team project.

Be obsessed by/with someone

To have all your thoughts consumed by a person.
He was so obsessed with her that he couldn't concentrate on his work.

Fitness obsessed

Having an overwhelming interest in physical exercise and fitness.
He became fitness-obsessed and visited the gym twice a day.


Having an intense interest in technology and gadgets.
The tech-obsessed teen had the latest devices.


Having an overwhelming passion for music.
The music-obsessed student always had headphones on.

Obsessed with the past

Continually dwelling on historical events or personal history.
She was obsessed with the past and often reminisced about her childhood.

Obsessed with fame

Desiring celebrity and recognition excessively.
The aspiring actor was obsessed with fame and attended every audition.

Obsessed with the idea

Constantly thinking about a particular concept.
She was obsessed with the idea of studying abroad.

Obsessed with perfection

Striving excessively for flawlessness.
She's obsessed with perfection, never satisfied with her work.

Obsessed with success

Having an extreme desire to achieve success.
The entrepreneur was obsessed with success and worked tirelessly.


Having a profound interest in the outdoors and natural environments.
The nature-obsessed photographer captured stunning landscapes.

Obsessed with finding the truth

Dedicated to uncovering facts or reality.
The detective was obsessed with finding the truth behind the case.


Having an excessive interest in food, cooking, or eating.
The food-obsessed chef experimented with new recipes weekly.

Obsessed with improvement

Continually seeking to enhance oneself or situations.
She was obsessed with improvement, always taking new courses.

Obsessed with cleanliness

Having an extreme concern for being clean and tidy.
The obsessed with cleanliness person washed their hands dozens of times a day.

Obsessed with order

Needing everything to be organized and in place.
He was obsessed with order, and his desk was always neat.

Obsessed with safety

Excessively concerned with being safe and avoiding risks.
The safety-obsessed parent equipped his house with the latest security gadgets.

Obsessed Example Sentences

His obsessed behavior with the stock market worried his family.
He's obsessed with perfecting his craft as a musician.
She constantly talks about her cat; she's completely obsessed.
He's obsessed with recording every moment of his travels.
She's obsessed with finding the perfect dress for the prom.
They became obsessed with hiking and explored numerous trails.
He's obsessed with vintage cars and collects them passionately.
She's obsessed with healthy eating and tries various diets.
She spends hours on social media; she's truly obsessed.
He's obsessed with solving complex mathematical puzzles.
She's obsessed with learning new languages and cultures.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in obsessed?

The second syllable, "sessed," is stressed in obsessed.

Why is it called obsessed?

Obsessed comes from the Latin "obsidere," meaning to besiege, reflecting how thoughts can dominate one's mind as if under siege.

What is the pronunciation of obsessed?

Obsessed is pronounced as /əbˈsɛst/.

How many syllables are in obsessed?

Obsessed has two syllables.

How is obsessed used in a sentence?

Obsessed is often used to describe someone's extreme focus or preoccupation with something, e.g., She's obsessed with getting every detail right.

How do we divide obsessed into syllables?

Obsessed is divided as ob-sessed.

What is the first form of obsessed?

The first form of obsessed is "obsess."

What is the second form of obsessed?

The second form (past tense) of obsess is "obsessed."

What is the third form of obsessed?

The third form (past participle) of obsess is also "obsessed."

What is the verb form of obsessed?

The verb form related to obsessed is "obsess."

What is the root word of obsessed?

The root word of obsessed is "obsess," derived from Latin "obsidere."

What is another term for obsessed?

Another term for obsessed is "fixated."

What is the singular form of obsessed?

Obsessed does not have a singular form as it is an adjective; its usage does not change with number.

What is the opposite of obsessed?

The opposite of obsessed might be "indifferent" or "unconcerned."

What part of speech is obsessed?

Obsessed is an adjective describing a state of being fixated on something.

Is obsessed a noun or adjective?

Obsessed is an adjective.

Is the word obsessed imperative?

Obsessed is an adjective and does not have an imperative form.

Is the word “obsessed” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Obsessed is an adjective and would not be classified as a direct or indirect object.

Which determiner is used with obsessed?

Determiners are not typically used with adjectives like obsessed.

Is obsessed a negative or positive word?

Obsessed can be either negative or positive, depending on the context.

Is obsessed a collective noun?

No, obsessed is an adjective, not a noun.

Is obsessed an adverb?

No, obsessed is not an adverb.

Is obsessed an abstract noun?

No, obsessed is an adjective, not a noun.

Is obsessed a countable noun?

Obsessed is not a noun; it is an adjective and therefore does not have a countable form.

Is the word obsessed a Gerund?

No, "obsessing" would be the gerund form of the verb obsess.

Which vowel is used before obsessed?

The vowel used before obsessed can vary depending on the context; there is no specific rule.

Which conjunction is used with obsessed?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with obsessed, depending on the sentence structure.

Which article is used with obsessed?

As an adjective, obsessed may not require an article directly, but it could be used with articles when applied to nouns, e.g., "an obsessed fan."

What is the plural form of obsessed?

Obsessed does not have a plural form as it is an adjective; its usage does not change with number.

Is obsessed a vowel or consonant?

The word "obsessed" starts with a consonant.

Is the obsessed term a metaphor?

Obsessed can be used metaphorically to describe an intense focus or preoccupation.

Which preposition is used with obsessed?

Common prepositions used with obsessed include "with" and "by," e.g., "obsessed with gardening" or "obsessed by the idea."

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