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Implode Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Urooj Arif — Updated on March 5, 2024
Implode means to collapse inward violently or to fall apart from within. e.g., The old building was carefully controlled to implode without damaging nearby structures.

Implode Definitions

To fail or fall apart from internal pressure.
The company started to implode due to financial mismanagement.
To be destroyed by collapsing inward.
The demolition team expertly imploded the old tower.
To be intensely compacted or condensed.
The star was about to implode into a black hole.
To burst inward rather than explode.
The submarine's hull threatened to implode under the deep-sea pressure.
To cave in or crumble internally.
The derelict house seemed like it could implode at any moment.
To come to an end or fail spectacularly.
The project imploded after the loss of funding.
To undergo a sudden inward collapse.
The soda can imploded when it was crushed.
To fall apart from the inside out.
The unstable structure threatened to implode.
To collapse inward violently.
To undergo a catastrophic failure
His career imploded after he was caught lying on camera.
To cause to collapse inward violently.
To demolish (a building) by causing to collapse inward.
(intransitive) To collapse or burst inward violently.
The submarine imploded as it sank below its crush depth.
(transitive) To cause to collapse or burst inward violently.
The opposite of explode, array to string conversion.
To compress (data) with a particular algorithm.
To burst inward; contrasting with explode.
Burst inward;
The bottle imploded
To collapse inward suddenly and violently.
The vacuum flask imploded when the pressure became too great.
To disintegrate or break down from within.
The political party began to implode due to internal conflicts.

Implode Snonyms

Burst inward

To break open or apart, especially from internal pressure, without exploding outward.
The defective tank burst inward during the test.

Cave in

To fall down or inward suddenly; collapse.
The roof of the old barn caved in after the heavy snowfall.


To break into small parts, typically as the result of impact or decay.
The comet disintegrated as it entered the earth's atmosphere.


To break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow or shock, but typically implies outward explosion.
The glass shatter could imply an inward force in a vacuum.


To draw or press in; cause to contract or shrink.
The snake constricted its prey, implying a force that could lead to an implosion.

Collapse inward

To fall or cave in; collapse inwardly.
The abandoned mine was feared to collapse inward due to instability.


To press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms.
The structure was crushed under the immense weight.

Break down

To collapse or fail.
The negotiations broke down completely.

Fall apart

To break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state.
The old chair finally fell apart when I sat on it.

Succumb to pressure

To fail to resist physical force or pressure.
The submarine's hull succumbed to pressure at great depth.

Implode Idioms & Phrases

Implode under pressure

To fail or break down when faced with stressful or demanding situations.
The inexperienced team began to implode under pressure during the final stages of the project.

Implode from within

To collapse or fail due to internal problems or conflicts.
The organization began to implode from within due to leadership disputes.

Implode on the scene

To suddenly fail or collapse in a dramatic or unexpected way.
After a promising start, the startup company imploded on the scene due to financial mismanagement.

Implode the plan

To cause a plan or strategy to fail catastrophically.
Unforeseen circumstances caused their well-thought-out plan to implode.

Implode emotionally

To break down or lose control emotionally.
After the news, she felt like she was going to implode emotionally.

Implode into chaos

To rapidly descend into disorder or confusion.
The orderly meeting quickly imploded into chaos after the controversial announcement.

Implode at the seams

To fall apart or break down completely.
Their carefully laid plans began to implode at the seams.

Implode in failure

To end in complete failure.
Despite the initial hype, the product launch imploded in failure.

Implode in spectacular fashion

To fail in a dramatic and noticeable way.
The team's defense imploded in spectacular fashion during the final minutes of the game.

Implode with consequences

To collapse or fail, resulting in serious repercussions.
His rash decisions caused the project to implode with consequences for the whole team.

Implode one's chances

To ruin one's own opportunities or potential for success.
His poor performance in the interview imploded his chances of getting the job.

Implode on impact

To collapse or break down instantly upon encountering a significant challenge or obstacle.
The proposal imploded on impact when presented to the board.

Implode economically

To experience a sudden and complete economic collapse.
The country threatened to implode economically under the weight of its debt.

Implode under scrutiny

To collapse or break down when closely examined or investigated.
The suspect's alibi imploded under scrutiny by the detectives.

Implode from stress

To suffer a breakdown or failure due to excessive stress.
He nearly imploded from stress during the intense negotiations.

Implode with impact

To fail or collapse with significant consequences.
The scandal caused his reputation to implode with impact.

Implode under weight

To collapse due to being unable to support a heavy burden or pressure.
The old bridge imploded under the weight of the overloaded truck.

Implode from complexity

To fail or become unmanageable due to being overly complex.
The project plan began to implode from its own complexity, becoming too convoluted to execute effectively.

Implode without warning

To suddenly and unexpectedly collapse or fail.
The seemingly stable government imploded without warning.

Implode one's future

To ruin one's future prospects through one's actions or decisions.
His involvement in the scandal threatened to implode his future in politics.

Implode Example Sentences

The controlled implosion brought the tower down safely.
The experiment was a failure; it just imploded.
They watched the building implode on the news.
He worried that the pressure might make the tank implode.
When the bubble burst, it imploded the entire market.
If not handled correctly, the situation could implode.
Without support, the tunnel could implode.
Everyone was safe when the chimney was made to implode.
The stress was causing her plans to implode.
Rumors of corruption caused the organization to implode.
The company seemed strong but began to implode from within.
The team's unity began to implode after the loss.
The science fiction movie showed a planet about to implode.
If the seal breaks, the system could implode.
The old stadium will be imploded to make way for a new one.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide implode into syllables?

"Implode" is divided into syllables as "im-plode."

Why is it called implode?

"Implode" is called so because it combines the prefix "im-" (into, towards) with "plode" from "explode," indicating a bursting or collapsing inward rather than outward.

How many syllables are in implode?

There are two syllables in "implode."

How is implode used in a sentence?

"The abandoned building was set to implode after the controlled demolition."

What is the first form of implode?

The first form (present tense) is "implode."

What is the pronunciation of implode?

Implode is pronounced as /ɪmˈploʊd/.

What is a stressed syllable in implode?

The stressed syllable in "implode" is the second syllable, "plode."

What is the verb form of implode?

The verb form is "implode."

What is another term for implode?

Another term for "implode" could be "collapse inwardly."

What is the singular form of implode?

The singular form is "implode."

What is the plural form of implode?

As a verb, "implode" does not have a plural form. Verbs are not pluralized in English in the same way nouns are.

Is implode a noun or adjective?

"Implode" is a verb.

Is implode a negative or positive word?

"Implode" often has a negative connotation, suggesting destruction or failure.

Is the word implode imperative?

"Implode" can be used in the imperative form as a command, e.g., "Implode the structure safely."

Is the word “implode” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Implode" is a verb and does not function as a direct or indirect object. It can take a direct object, e.g., "They imploded the old tower."

What is the root word of implode?

The root word within "implode" is "plode," related to "explosion" or "explode."

What part of speech is implode?

"Implode" is a verb.

What is the opposite of implode?

The opposite of "implode" is "explode."

Is the implode term a metaphor?

"Implode" can be used metaphorically to describe situations where something collapses or fails from within.

Is the word implode Gerund?

The gerund form of "implode" is "imploding," used as a noun.

Which determiner is used with implode?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like "implode."

Is implode an adverb?

No, "implode" is not an adverb.

Is implode an abstract noun?

"Implode" is not a noun; it is a verb, so it cannot be an abstract noun.

Is implode a collective noun?

"Implode" is a verb, not a noun, so it cannot be a collective noun.

Is implode a vowel or consonant?

The word "implode" starts with the vowel "i."

Is implode a countable noun?

"Implode" is not a noun, so it is not countable.

Which vowel is used before implode?

The vowel used before "implode" depends on the context and preceding words in a sentence.

Which article is used with implode?

Articles are not typically used directly with verbs like "implode."

What is the second form of implode?

The second form (past tense) is "imploded."

What is the third form of implode?

The third form (past participle) is "imploded."

Which preposition is used with implode?

Prepositions such as "from" (from internal pressure) or "under" (under certain conditions) can be used with "implode," depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with implode?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used with "implode," depending on the sentence structure.

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