Ammount vs. Amount

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  • Ammount (noun)

    misspelling of amount

  • Amount (noun)

    The total, aggregate or sum of material not applicable to discrete numbers or units or items in standard English.

    "The amount of atmospheric pollution threatens a health crisis."

  • Amount (noun)

    A quantity or volume.

    "Pour a small amount of water into the dish."

    "The dogs need different amounts of food."

  • Amount (noun)

    The number (the sum) of elements in a set.

  • Amount (verb)

    To total or evaluate.

    "It amounts to three dollars and change."

  • Amount (verb)

    To be the same as or equivalent to.

    "He was a pretty good student, but never amounted to much professionally."

    "His response amounted to gross insubordination"

  • Amount (verb)

    To go up; to ascend.

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