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UberGo vs. UberX — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 13, 2024
UberGo is a more budget-friendly, basic service with smaller cars and limited luggage space, ideal for short trips. UberX offers a more premium experience with larger cars, suitable for longer trips and more luggage.
UberGo vs. UberX — What's the Difference?

Difference Between UberGo and UberX


Key Differences

UberGo: Aimed at budget-conscious riders, offering lower fares. Particularly suitable for shorter distances or tight budgets. UberX: Priced higher than UberGo, it caters to those seeking comfort and style. It's a more premium option and can be a bit more expensive.
UberGo: Typically utilizes four-seater hatchback cars, which are smaller and have limited storage for luggage. Common models include Tata Indica, Maruti Ritz, and similar cars. UberX: Uses larger vehicles like sedans (Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Swift Dzire) that can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers with ample space for luggage.
UberGo: Available in select countries (like India, Lahore, Colombo) and offers basic services. It may lack additional amenities like Wi-Fi. UberX: More widely available across various countries, offering additional services such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning.
UberGo: Best for short trips due to smaller car size and limited luggage capacity. It's a more affordable, quicker travel option. UberX: Suitable for longer trips and can cater to a higher number of passengers. Provides a more comfortable experience with additional facilities.
UberGo: Drivers need a clean driving record and professional license, and can work part-time. Vehicles are typically compact and fuel-efficient. UberX: Strict requirements for drivers (over 21 years old, no criminal record) and vehicle quality (newer car models, safety prioritized).

Comparison Chart


More affordable, budget-friendly
Relatively expensive

Vehicle Type

Smaller hatchbacks, limited luggage space
Larger sedans, ample luggage space


Limited to certain regions
Widely available

Service Quality

Basic, fewer amenities
Premium, additional amenities like Wi-Fi

Ideal Usage

Short distances, less luggage
Longer distances, more passengers and luggage

Compare with Definitions


Uber's economical option for short distances.
UberGo was perfect for my short commute to the office.


Uber’s comfortable option for longer distances.
UberX was ideal for our long drive across the city.


Uber’s low-cost transport option for small groups.
UberGo was our go-to for budget-friendly rides during our vacation.


A higher-end Uber service with added amenities.
We enjoyed the Wi-Fi in our UberX on the way to the conference.


A budget-friendly Uber service with small cars.
I used UberGo for a quick trip downtown as I didn't have much luggage.


A premium Uber service with larger cars.
For our family airport transfer, we booked an UberX for comfort and luggage space.


A compact and affordable ride service.
For my solo city travels, I prefer the convenience of UberGo.


An upscale Uber option for a more luxurious experience.
For our special night out, we splurged on an UberX.


A small vehicle Uber service for up to four passengers.
We chose UberGo for our trip as we were only carrying handbags.


A spacious vehicle service for up to six passengers.
UberX comfortably accommodated our group with all our luggage.

Common Curiosities

Is UberX more expensive than UberGo?

Yes, UberX is generally more expensive than UberGo, offering additional services and larger vehicles​​​​.

Does UberX offer Wi-Fi services?

Yes, UberX often offers additional services like Wi-Fi and air conditioning​​​​.

What is the main difference between UberGo and UberX?

UberGo is a budget-friendly service with smaller cars, ideal for short trips and limited luggage. UberX offers a more premium experience with larger cars, suitable for longer trips and more luggage​​​​.

Is UberX a good option for longer distances and comfort?

Yes, UberX is designed for longer distances, providing more space and comfort compared to UberGo​​​​.

What types of cars are used in UberGo?

UberGo typically uses compact cars like Tata Indica, Maruti Ritz, and similar models​​.

What types of cars are used in UberX?

UberX uses larger vehicles like sedans, including models like Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Swift Dzire, and similar cars​​​​.

Can UberX accommodate more passengers than UberGo?

Yes, UberX can typically accommodate more passengers, up to six, compared to the four-person limit of UberGo​​.

Is UberGo available in all countries?

No, UberGo is available in select countries and regions like India, Lahore, and Colombo​​.

Can I request an UberGo for a group of five people?

No, UberGo is better suited for up to four passengers due to the size of the vehicles​​.

Does UberGo offer Wi-Fi services?

UberGo typically does not offer additional services like Wi-Fi, which is one of the reasons for its lower cost​​.

Is UberGo suitable for airport transfers with large luggage?

UberGo might not be the best choice for airport transfers if you have large luggage due to its limited storage space​​.

What is the luggage capacity like in UberX?

UberX offers sufficient luggage space as it generally uses larger vehicles​​​​.

Are the drivers for UberGo and UberX different in terms of qualifications?

The qualifications for drivers are generally similar across Uber services, requiring a clean driving record and adherence to Uber’s policies, but specific requirements may vary by region​​​​.

What is the luggage capacity like in UberGo?

UberGo has limited luggage capacity due to the smaller size of its vehicles​​.

How do I choose between UberGo and UberX when booking a ride?

Your choice should depend on factors like the number of passengers, amount of luggage, budget, and desired level of comfort. Choose UberGo for shorter, budget-friendly trips with fewer passengers and limited luggage, and UberX for more space, comfort, and additional amenities​​​​.

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