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A'La Carte vs. Table D'Hote — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 14, 2024
A’La Carte offers individual dishes to choose from, while Table D’Hote provides a fixed menu at a set price.
A'La Carte vs. Table D'Hote — What's the Difference?

Difference Between A'La Carte and Table D'Hote


Key Differences

A’La Carte dining allows customers to select each dish from a menu separately. This option offers flexibility and customization.
Table D’Hote, conversely, is a set menu with a fixed price, usually offering several courses. It limits choices but ensures a curated experience.
In A’La Carte, prices are listed per item, often leading to a higher total cost depending on selections. This method caters to specific tastes and preferences.
Table D’Hote offers a complete meal at a single price, often more economical than A’La Carte. It's designed for a streamlined dining experience.
A’La Carte menus are extensive, providing a wide range of options. This diversity caters to diverse dietary needs and preferences.
Table D’Hote menus are limited but cohesive, often themed or chef-curated. They showcase the chef’s specialties and provide a balanced meal.

Comparison Chart

Menu Type

Individual items
Fixed set menu


Per item
Set price for the meal



Menu Size


Dining Experience


Compare with Definitions

A'La Carte

A’La Carte caters to individual preferences.
A’La Carte dining suited their varied dietary needs perfectly.

Table D'Hote

Table D’Hote is a set menu with a fixed price.
The Table D’Hote offered a three-course meal at an attractive price.

A'La Carte

A’La Carte pricing is per item.
The A’La Carte prices allowed her to budget her meal accordingly.

Table D'Hote

Table D’Hote offers balanced meals.
The Table D’Hote menu provided a well-rounded culinary journey.

A'La Carte

A’La Carte offers flexible dining options.
A’La Carte allowed him to order just an appetizer and dessert.

Table D'Hote

Table D’Hote is often more economical.
They chose the Table D’Hote for its better value compared to A’La Carte.

A'La Carte

A’La Carte menus are typically extensive.
The restaurant's A’La Carte menu featured a wide array of international dishes.

Table D'Hote

Table D’Hote provides a curated dining experience.
The chef's Table D’Hote menu showcased seasonal specialties.

A'La Carte

A’La Carte refers to ordering individual dishes from a menu.
She preferred the A’La Carte menu to mix and match her favorite dishes.

Table D'Hote

Table D’Hote has limited choices.
The Table D’Hote menu had two options for each course.

Common Curiosities

Can you customize your meal with A’La Carte?

Yes, A’La Carte offers high flexibility and customization in meal selection.

What is a Table D’Hote menu?

Table D’Hote is a set menu with a fixed price, offering a complete meal.

Is A’La Carte suitable for picky eaters?

Yes, A’La Carte is ideal for picky eaters due to its wide range of individual items.

Can I order just an appetizer with A’La Carte?

Yes, A’La Carte allows you to order just an appetizer or any single item from the menu.

Can I choose my dessert with Table D’Hote?

Choices in Table D’Hote are limited, but some menus may offer dessert options.

What is A’La Carte dining?

A’La Carte dining allows ordering individual dishes from a menu.

Does Table D’Hote reflect the chef's specialties?

Yes, Table D’Hote often showcases the chef’s specialties and culinary style.

Is Table D’Hote more affordable than A’La Carte?

Often, Table D’Hote is more economical as it offers a complete meal at a set price.

Can I share dishes with A’La Carte dining?

Yes, A’La Carte dining is suitable for sharing dishes among diners.

Are there more options in A’La Carte menus?

Yes, A’La Carte menus are typically more extensive with a wider range of options.

Does Table D’Hote offer a quicker dining experience?

Yes, Table D’Hote can offer a quicker, more streamlined dining experience due to its set menu.

Can I order A’La Carte in a buffet?

Typically, buffets don’t offer A’La Carte; they provide a range of items for a set price.

Is Table D’Hote available in all restaurants?

Table D’Hote is offered in many, but not all, restaurants, depending on their dining style.

Are drinks included in Table D’Hote menus?

It varies; some Table D’Hote menus may include drinks, while others don't.

Is A’La Carte dining more expensive?

A’La Carte can be more expensive, depending on the number and type of dishes ordered.

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