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Corona Extra vs. Corona Light — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on January 13, 2024
Corona Extra is a pale lager beer with regular calorie content, while Corona Light is a lighter version with fewer calories.
Corona Extra vs. Corona Light — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Corona Extra and Corona Light


Key Differences

Corona Extra and Corona Light are both products from the well-known Corona brand, a Mexican brewery. While they share the Corona name, the "Extra" and "Light" denote significant differences between them, primarily in terms of calorie content and flavor profile.
Corona Extra is the original version and stands as one of the best-selling beers globally. It offers a rich, balanced flavor that many beer drinkers have come to recognize and love. Corona Light, on the other hand, is a lighter version designed to provide a similar taste but with fewer calories, appealing to those who might be more health-conscious.
In terms of taste, while both are pale lagers, Corona Extra typically has a fuller flavor, and Corona Light is slightly milder. The "Light" in Corona Light signifies not only its calorie content but also its lighter taste, which can be more palatable to some.
From a branding perspective, both Corona Extra and Corona Light are presented with the iconic lime wedge in marketing campaigns. However, each appeals to slightly different demographics, with Corona Light targeting those who enjoy the taste of beer but seek a lighter option.
In essence, while both beers come from the same brewery and share the iconic Corona branding, the key distinction lies in their flavor depth and calorie content. Corona Extra provides a fuller taste, while Corona Light offers a milder flavor with the added benefit of fewer calories.

Comparison Chart

Calorie Content


Flavor Profile

Fuller flavor
Milder flavor

Target Demographic

General beer drinkers
Health-conscious or those preferring a lighter taste

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Typically around 4.5%
Slightly lower, typically around 4.1%

Marketing Emphasis

Original iconic flavor
Lighter option with similar taste

Compare with Definitions

Corona Extra

A globally recognized Mexican beer with full flavor.
Corona Extra is often paired with a lime wedge.

Corona Light

The lighter version of Corona's pale lager beer.
She opted for a Corona Light at the poolside.

Corona Extra

A well-balanced beer enjoyed by many.
After a long day, a cold Corona Extra is refreshing.

Corona Light

An alternative for those seeking a lighter beer option.
For a lighter beer, he recommended Corona Light.

Corona Extra

Regular-calorie content beer from the Corona line.
For those not watching their calories, Corona Extra is a go-to.

Corona Light

A beer targeting health-conscious demographics.
The gym-goer chose a Corona Light after his workout.

Corona Extra

The original pale lager beer from Corona.
He ordered a Corona Extra at the beach bar.

Corona Light

A milder flavor profile compared to its counterpart.
Some drinkers prefer the subtle taste of Corona Light.

Corona Extra

The flagship beer of the Corona brand.
Many patrons prefer the classic taste of Corona Extra.

Corona Light

A beer with fewer calories from the Corona brand.
If you're calorie-conscious, consider Corona Light.

Common Curiosities

Is Corona Extra the original Corona beer?

Yes, Corona Extra is the original and flagship product of the Corona brand.

Are there other beers in the Corona line besides these two?

Yes, the Corona brand has other variations, including Corona Premier and Corona Familiar.

Are there any other differences besides calorie content and flavor?

The primary distinctions are flavor depth and calorie content, but there might be slight variations in ingredients.

Do both beers come with a lime wedge?

While it's a popular serving suggestion, whether or not to add a lime wedge is up to the individual.

Is the taste drastically different between the two?

While Corona Light is milder, the difference is subtle, and both retain the iconic Corona flavor.

How many calories are in Corona Light compared to Corona Extra?

Corona Light has fewer calories than Corona Extra, typically around 20% less.

Does Corona Light have less alcohol than Corona Extra?

Typically, yes. Corona Light usually has a slightly lower Alcohol By Volume (ABV) than Corona Extra.

Can I find both beers in most bars or stores?

Yes, both Corona Extra and Corona Light are widely available, though availability might vary based on location.

Which is more popular globally?

Corona Extra, being the original, generally has a broader global reach.

Why might someone choose Corona Light over Corona Extra?

Reasons might include fewer calories, a preference for a milder flavor, or dietary considerations.

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