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Inter vs. Intra — What's the Difference?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Published on January 12, 2024
"Inter" denotes "between" or "among" and refers to interactions between two or more entities, while "intra" means "within" or "inside" and pertains to something internal or within a single entity.
Inter vs. Intra — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Inter and Intra


Key Differences

"Inter" is a prefix commonly used in the English language that signifies between or among two or more entities. "Intra", on the other hand, is a prefix that stands for something that is internal, inside, or within a single entity. For instance, "international" involves matters or relations between nations, whereas "intranational" would be matters within a single nation.
In the world of business, "intercompany" transactions are those that happen between different companies, while "intracompany" transactions are those occurring within the same company. In communication, "interpersonal" dynamics deal with relations between people, but "intrapersonal" dynamics pertain to inner thoughts and feelings of an individual.

Comparison Chart


Between or among
Within or inside

Usage in Context

Relations or interactions between two or more entities
Pertains to something internal or within one entity

Example Word

International (between nations)
Intranational (within a nation)


Intercompany (transactions between companies)
Intracompany (transactions within a single company)


Interpersonal (relations between people)
Intrapersonal (inner thoughts of an individual)

Compare with Definitions


Inter means between or among.
The inter-college sports tournament attracts teams from various institutions.


Intra suggests internal operations.
Intra-departmental tasks are handled within the department.


Inter can be used in terms of location.
The inter-city train travels between major cities.


Intra can denote location or place.
Intra-city buses operate within a single city.


Inter denotes involvement of two or more entities.
International agreements involve two or more countries.


Intra indicates within or inside.
Intramural sports are played within the boundaries of an institution.


Inter can refer to mutual interactions.
The interdepartmental meeting will address shared concerns.


Intra means pertaining to a single entity.
Intranet is a network restricted to a single organization.


Inter suggests external relations.
Inter-faith dialogues promote understanding among different religions.


Intra refers to something internal or singular.
Intrapersonal skills involve understanding oneself.


To place in a grave or tomb; bury.


To bury in a grave.


To confine, as in a prison.


To deposit and cover in the earth; to bury; to inhume; as, to inter a dead body.


Place in a grave or tomb;
Stalin was buried behind the Kremlin wall on Red Square
The pharaos were entombed in the pyramids
My grandfather was laid to rest last Sunday

Common Curiosities

Can you give an example of a word with Inter?

"International" is a word that denotes matters or relations between different nations.

What's an example of a word with Intra?

"Intranet" refers to a private network restricted within a single organization.

What does Inter mean?

"Inter" is a prefix that means "between" or "among" and refers to interactions or relations between two or more entities.

Is Interpersonal about relations between or within people?

Interpersonal refers to relations between people.

How is Intra different from Inter?

"Intra" means "within" or "inside" and pertains to something internal or within a single entity, unlike "Inter" which denotes between or among multiple entities.

Are Inter and Intra interchangeable?

No, they have distinct meanings; "Inter" denotes between/among, and "Intra" means within/inside.

Does Intrapersonal refer to external or internal dynamics of a person?

Intrapersonal pertains to the inner thoughts and feelings of an individual.

What does Intra-state mean?

Intra-state refers to activities or matters within a single state.

How do you use Inter in a sentence?

The inter-university competition will feature teams from five different institutions.

Would Inter-state commerce involve trade within a state or between states?

Inter-state commerce involves trade between different states.

Does Intranet refer to the global network?

No, "Intranet" is a network restricted to a single organization, unlike the global "Internet."

Is International about matters within a nation?

No, "International" pertains to matters or relations between nations.

Can you provide a sentence using Intra?

The intramural basketball league will start next week.

What's the key thing to remember about Intra?

The key thing about "Intra" is that it signifies activities or matters within or inside a singular entity or group.

Is Inter-school about activities within a school?

No, "Inter-school" refers to activities or competitions involving multiple schools.

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