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6 Feet vs. 5'11 Feet — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 12, 2024
6 Feet is exactly 72 inches in height, while 5'11 Feet is one inch less, at 71 inches. Both represent measures of height or length.
6 Feet vs. 5'11 Feet — What's the Difference?

Difference Between 6 Feet and 5'11 Feet


Key Differences

6 Feet is a straightforward expression of height or length. It is equivalent to 72 inches, as there are 12 inches in a foot. On the other hand, 5'11 Feet represents a height or length that is just one inch shorter than 6 feet. In this representation, the "5" denotes the feet, and the "11" represents the inches.
When expressing height, 6 Feet is often seen as a rounded and easily understandable number. It's a commonly referenced height for many things, from the average height of certain populations to the length of some objects. Conversely, 5'11 Feet is more precise and denotes a height that's very close to 6 feet but falls just short.
In terms of numerical representation, 6 Feet is whole, without any fractions or additional numbers to indicate inches. This makes it simpler to visualize and understand for many. 5'11 Feet, however, needs both a feet and inches notation to capture its precise measurement. This dual-number representation can sometimes lead to confusion.
In everyday conversation, someone who is 6 Feet tall might be perceived as slightly taller than someone who says they are 5'11 Feet tall, even though there's only a one-inch difference. This is due to the psychological impact of rounding up to a whole number. 5'11 Feet, while almost the same height, doesn't carry the same rounded, even perception as 6 feet does.

Comparison Chart


72 inches
71 inches


Whole number
Uses feet and inches


Rounded height
Precise measurement

Use in Conversation

Common reference
Less commonly referenced

Difference from Whole

1 inch less than 6 feet

Compare with Definitions

6 Feet

A measurement equal to 72 inches.
The basketball player was exactly 6 Feet tall.

5'11 Feet

A height that's often rounded up to 6 Feet for simplicity in conversation.
Though he was technically 5'11 Feet, he often just said he was 6 Feet tall.

6 Feet

A rounded, even measurement often used for simplicity.
The shelf is about 6 Feet long, fitting perfectly against the wall.

5'11 Feet

A measurement that comes close to but doesn't reach a whole number.
The tree was nearly 6 Feet, but upon measurement, it was 5'11 Feet.

6 Feet

The equivalent of 12 inches multiplied by 6.
The tall cabinet reached a height of 6 Feet.

5'11 Feet

A precise expression of height indicating 5 feet and 11 inches.
The artist's sculpture was specifically 5'11 Feet tall.

6 Feet

A whole number representation for height or length.
She looked up to the statue that stood 6 Feet above her.

5'11 Feet

A measurement that is one inch less than 6 Feet.
He was just shy of 6 Feet, standing at 5'11 Feet.

6 Feet

A commonly referenced height in discussions.
Most doorways are slightly over 6 Feet in height.

5'11 Feet

A representation combining both feet and inches.
The bookshelf was designed to be 5'11 Feet in height.

Common Curiosities

How is 5'11 Feet represented in terms of feet and inches?

5'11 Feet means 5 feet and 11 inches.

Is 6 Feet a whole number in terms of feet and inches?

Yes, 6 Feet is a whole number, representing exactly 6 feet with no additional inches.

How many inches shorter is 5'11 Feet compared to 6 Feet?

5'11 Feet is one inch shorter than 6 Feet.

Why might someone use 5'11 Feet instead of rounding to 6 Feet?

To provide a more precise measurement or description of height.

Is there a significant perceptual difference between 6 Feet and 5'11 Feet?

While the actual difference is minimal, 6 Feet might be perceived as taller due to its whole number representation.

In which countries is the feet and inches system predominantly used?

The system is predominantly used in the United States and a few other countries.

Is 6 Feet considered tall?

It varies by region and population, but in many places, 6 Feet is considered above average in height.

What is 6 Feet in inches?

6 Feet is equivalent to 72 inches.

How often is 5'11 Feet rounded to 6 Feet in conversation?

Quite frequently, as many people round up for simplicity.

Are 6 Feet and 5'11 Feet significantly different in height?

No, there's only a one-inch difference between them.

How can 5'11 Feet be converted to centimeters?

5'11 Feet is approximately 180.3 centimeters.

Is there a big difference between someone who is 6 Feet and someone who is 5'11 Feet in terms of appearance?

The one-inch difference is minimal and might not be noticeably different to many people.

Which is more commonly referenced in everyday conversations, 6 Feet or 5'11 Feet?

6 Feet is more commonly referenced due to its rounded, whole number nature.

Are most objects or things measured using feet and inches in the U.S.?

Yes, in the U.S., feet and inches are commonly used for height and length measurements.

Is it more common to see 6 Feet or 5'11 Feet in height charts?

6 Feet is more commonly seen, especially in general references, due to its rounded nature.

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