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Saturated Solution vs. Supersaturated Solution — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 13, 2024
A Saturated Solution is one where no more solute can dissolve at a given temperature. A Supersaturated Solution contains more solute than can typically dissolve at that temperature.
Saturated Solution vs. Supersaturated Solution — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Saturated Solution and Supersaturated Solution


Key Differences

Saturated Solution: It's a chemical solution that has reached its maximum solute concentration, where no additional solute can dissolve at a specific temperature. Supersaturated Solution: This is a state beyond saturation, where a solution temporarily holds more dissolved solute than it would under normal circumstances.
Saturated Solution: Achieved under equilibrium conditions, it represents a balance between dissolved solute and undissolved particles. Supersaturated Solution: Achieved through special conditions like cooling or evaporation, it's a metastable state with more solute than saturation point allows.
Saturated Solution: Adding more solute to it leads to undissolved excess settling at the bottom. Supersaturated Solution: Even a small disturbance or seed crystal can cause rapid crystallization, precipitating excess solute.
Saturated Solution: Common in everyday life, such as when making tea or coffee. Supersaturated Solution: Requires careful preparation, often used in scientific and industrial applications, like crystallization processes.
Saturated Solution: Exhibits a stable state without changes in solute concentration over time. Supersaturated Solution: Unstable and temporary, any change can revert it back to a saturated or unsaturated state.

Comparison Chart

Solubility Limits

Reaches solubility limits
Exceeds solubility limits


Stable under given conditions
Metastable and prone to crystallization


Formed under normal conditions
Formed under specific conditions


Contains maximum solute possible
Contains more solute than normally possible

Reaction to Additives

No change with more solute
Crystallization with seed crystal or disturbance

Compare with Definitions

Saturated Solution

A state of chemical equilibrium between dissolved and undissolved solute.
The saturated sugar solution for the candy recipe was at a perfect equilibrium.

Supersaturated Solution

A solution prone to rapid crystallization upon seeding or disturbance.
A single crystal turned the clear supersaturated solution into a mass of crystals.

Saturated Solution

A solution with maximum solute concentration under given conditions.
She reached a saturated solution while mixing salt in water at room temperature.

Supersaturated Solution

A metastable solution state exceeding normal solubility limits.
The supersaturated solution of sodium acetate remained clear until disturbed.

Saturated Solution

A stable solution with no change in solute concentration over time.
The saturated saline solution remained constant despite the elapsed time.

Supersaturated Solution

A solution formed under specific conditions, usually by cooling or evaporation.
By cooling the solution slowly, she obtained a supersaturated solution.

Saturated Solution

A solution that cannot dissolve more solute at a specific temperature.
When making a saturated saltwater solution, adding more salt just led to undissolved grains at the bottom.

Supersaturated Solution

A temporary state of higher-than-normal solute concentration.
The supersaturated solution held more solute temporarily before crystallizing.

Saturated Solution

A solution where additional solute remains undissolved.
In the chemistry experiment, the saturated solution left a residue of undissolved crystals.

Supersaturated Solution

A solution containing more dissolved solute than it can normally hold.
He created a supersaturated solution of sugar, which crystallized upon seeding.

Common Curiosities

What is required to form a Supersaturated Solution?

Specific conditions like careful cooling or evaporation are needed.

What defines a Saturated Solution?

It's a solution where no more solute can dissolve at a given temperature.

What characterizes a Supersaturated Solution?

It contains more solute than can typically dissolve at the same temperature.

Is a Saturated Solution stable?

Yes, it’s stable and shows no change in solute concentration over time.

How is a Saturated Solution formed?

By dissolving solute until no more can be dissolved under equilibrium conditions.

What happens if you add more solute to a Saturated Solution?

The excess solute will not dissolve and may settle at the bottom.

What's a common example of a Saturated Solution?

Making tea or coffee where no more sugar dissolves is a typical example.

Are Supersaturated Solutions common in daily life?

They're less common and usually found in scientific or industrial applications.

How does solute concentration in a Supersaturated Solution compare?

It has a higher-than-normal concentration, exceeding saturation limits.

Can a Supersaturated Solution return to saturation?

Yes, crystallization or disturbance can revert it back to a saturated state.

What’s the solute concentration like in a Saturated Solution?

It has the maximum concentration of solute that can be dissolved.

What triggers crystallization in a Supersaturated Solution?

Any disturbance or introduction of a seed crystal can cause rapid crystallization.

Can the temperature affect a Saturated Solution?

Yes, changing temperature can alter the solubility and saturation point.

Does temperature impact a Supersaturated Solution?

Absolutely, temperature changes can destabilize it, leading to crystallization.

Are both Saturated and Supersaturated Solutions reversible?

Yes, changes in conditions can revert them to unsaturated states.

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