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Trampling Definition and Meaning

By Maham Liaqat & Urooj Arif — Updated on March 5, 2024
Trampling refers to the act of stepping heavily or walking on something or someone, causing damage or injury. e.g., The crowd's trampling during the concert destroyed the grass field.

Trampling Definitions

The action of crushing or flattening by repeatedly stepping on.
The garden was ruined by the trampling of many feet.
To walk or march over something in a way that causes damage.
The soldiers were trampling through the village.
A destructive or harmful action caused by physical pressure.
The delicate flowers could not withstand the trampling.
A situation in which many people walk or run in a disorderly way, causing injury.
The sudden fire alarm caused a trampling in the theater.
To overcome or suppress by power or force.
The new policy was seen as trampling on local traditions.
To tread or step heavily and noisily on something.
He was trampling the snow to make a path.
To infringe or hurt by rough treatment.
The protestors accused the government of trampling their rights.
To crush or destroy by walking or stepping on forcefully.
The children were trampling the cardboard boxes for fun.
To beat down with the feet so as to crush, bruise, or destroy; tramp on.
To treat harshly or ruthlessly
Would trample anyone who got in their way.
To tread heavily or destructively
Trampling on the flowers.
To inflict injury as if by treading heavily
"trampling on the feelings of those about you" (Thornton Wilder).
The action or sound of trampling.
Present participle of trample
The act of something that tramples.
The sound of heavy treading or stomping;
He heard the trample of many feet
The act of ignoring or violating someone's feelings or rights.
Her trampling of his feelings led to their breakup.
The sound or action of heavy footsteps.
The trampling of boots could be heard from the next room.

Trampling Snonyms


To bring down (one's foot) heavily on the ground or on something on the ground.
The crowd was stamping their feet to the music.


To step or walk on or over.
Be careful not to tread on the flowers.


To crush or squeeze (something) with force so that it becomes flat, soft, or out of shape.
She accidentally squashed the bug under her shoe.


To press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms.
The machine is used for crushing grapes.


To press together; to reduce in size or volume.
Compressing the soil with heavy machinery.


To make flat or flatter.
The roller was used for flattening the road.


To tread or trample heavily or violently.
He was stomping around the room in anger.

Walking over

To treat someone with arrogant indifference or to defeat someone easily.
The team walked over their opponents in the final match.


To crush or smash (something) to a pulp.
Mashing the potatoes with a fork.


To strike or hit heavily and repeatedly.
The waves were pounding against the shore.

Trampling Idioms & Phrases

Trampling over principles

Ignoring ethical standards or beliefs.
The company was accused of trampling over environmental principles.

Trampling the path

Leading the way by overcoming obstacles.
The pioneers were trampling the path for future generations.

Trampling through memories

Carelessly disregarding someone's nostalgic feelings.
The redevelopment of the neighborhood felt like trampling through memories.

Trampling down resistance

Overcoming opposition by force.
The general's strategy involved trampling down resistance swiftly.

Trampling ground

An area subjected to heavy use or damage.
The city square became a trampling ground during the festival.

Trampling the competition

Defeating rivals with overwhelming superiority.
The new tech startup is trampling the competition.

Trampling underfoot

To treat someone or something as insignificant.
The authoritarian regime was known for trampling dissent underfoot.

Trampling back

Returning to a place or situation with disregard for the consequences.
She was trampling back into the relationship without caution.

Trampling forward

Moving ahead despite obstacles or opposition.
Despite the setbacks, the team was trampling forward.

Trampling down

Suppressing or pushing down through force.
The movement aimed at trampling down injustice.

Trampling into oblivion

Forgetting or ignoring by deliberate neglect.
Many old traditions are being trampled into oblivion.

Trampling out

To extinguish or eliminate by trampling.
Firefighters sometimes trample out small brush fires.

Trampling upon dreams

Crushing someone's hopes or aspirations.
The harsh criticism felt like trampling upon dreams.

Trampling over boundaries

Disregarding limits or restrictions.
The intrusive policy was seen as trampling over boundaries.

Trampling over rights

Violating or disregarding someone's legal rights.
Activists argue that the law is trampling over rights.

Trampling around

Walking or moving in a heavy, careless manner.
The kids were trampling around the house all day.

Trampling up

Making something untidy or disordered by trampling.
The muddy shoes were trampling up the clean floors.

Trampling through history

Ignoring historical significance or lessons.
The new policy was criticized for trampling through history.

Trampling the stage

Dominating a performance or event with one's presence.
The lead actor was trampling the stage with his performance.

Trampling under

Placing under severe pressure or distress.
The small businesses were trampling under the new regulations.

Trampling Example Sentences

The antique rug suffered from trampling at the busy event.
After the game, the field showed signs of trampling.
The sound of trampling feet filled the hallway as students rushed to class.
The trampling of tourists can damage historical sites.
The farmer put up signs to prevent trampling in the crop fields.
She worried about her garden's flowers being susceptible to trampling.
Wildlife often faces habitat destruction due to human trampling.
The excited dog was trampling all over the freshly mowed lawn.
The debate on civil liberties focused on the government's trampling of rights.
He apologized for accidentally trampling her toes during the dance.
The muddy footprints were evidence of trampling through the garden.
The festival's security was increased to manage crowd trampling.
During the parade, the streets were protected against trampling.
The rescue team was careful to avoid trampling the evidence at the scene.
Conservation efforts aim to reduce trampling in protected areas.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in trampling?

The stressed syllable in trampling is tram-.

How is trampling used in a sentence?

Trampling is used to describe the act of walking heavily and carelessly over a surface or object.

What is the verb form of trampling?

The verb form of trampling is trample.

What is the root word of trampling?

The root word of trampling is trample.

What is the singular form of trampling?

The singular form of trampling does not apply as trampling can serve as both a singular noun and a verb form.

Why is it called trampling?

Trampling is called so because it describes the act of stepping heavily on something, often causing damage or suppression.

How many syllables are in trampling?

Trampling has two syllables.

What is the first form of trampling?

The first form of trampling is trample.

How do we divide trampling into syllables?

Trampling is divided into syllables as tram-pling.

What is the second form of trampling?

The second form of trampling is trampled.

What is another term for trampling?

Another term for trampling is stomping.

Is trampling an adverb?

No, trampling is not an adverb.

Is the word trampling a Gerund?

Yes, when used as a noun (e.g., "The trampling of rights"), trampling is a gerund.

What is the pronunciation of trampling?

Trampling is pronounced as /ˈtræm.plɪŋ/.

What is the plural form of trampling?

The concept of plural form does not directly apply to trampling when used as a verb; as a noun, it remains trampling for both singular and plural contexts.

Is trampling an abstract noun?

No, trampling is not typically considered an abstract noun; it refers to a physical action or its result.

Is trampling a negative or positive word?

Trampling often carries a negative connotation, suggesting harm or disrespect.

Is trampling a countable noun?

As a noun, trampling is generally uncountable, referring to an action rather than countable items.

What part of speech is trampling?

Trampling is both a noun and a verb, depending on the context.

What is the opposite of trampling?

The opposite of trampling could be "treading lightly" or "respecting."

Is trampling a vowel or consonant?

The word trampling starts with a consonant.

Which conjunction is used with trampling?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with trampling, depending on the sentence structure.

Is trampling a noun or adjective?

Trampling can be a noun and also serves as a verb; it is not an adjective.

Is the trampling term a metaphor?

Trampling can be used metaphorically to describe the act of suppressing or disregarding something.

Is the word “trampling” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

In a sentence, "trampling" can be the direct object of a verb, but not an indirect object.

Which determiner is used with trampling?

Determiners such as "the" or "a" can be used with trampling when it functions as a noun.

Which vowel is used before trampling?

The vowel used before trampling depends on the preceding word; often, no vowel is specifically required.

What is the third form of trampling?

The third form of trampling is trampled.

Is trampling a collective noun?

No, trampling is not a collective noun.

Is the word trampling imperative?

Trampling can be used in the imperative mood when giving a command, such as in "Trample the papers."

Which preposition is used with trampling?

Prepositions used with trampling include "on," "over," and "through."

Which article is used with trampling?

The article "the" is commonly used with trampling when it is a noun, indicating a specific instance of trampling.

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