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Smooth Definition and Meaning

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Maham Liaqat — Published on April 5, 2024
Smooth means having an even and regular surface; free from perceptible projections, lumps, or indentations. e.g., The carpenter sanded the wood until it was smooth.

Smooth Definitions

Free from roughness or bumps; even.
She admired the smooth texture of the silk fabric.
Without any sudden movements or jerks.
The pilot managed a smooth landing despite the weather.
Effortlessly competent or skilled.
Her smooth performance on the violin captivated the audience.
Free from obstacles or hindrances.
The new policy ensured smooth operations within the department.
Making something appear less severe or harsh.
The mediator's smooth approach eased the tension between the parties.
Having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections; even.
Free from waves or disturbances; calm
The lake is smooth today.
Free from hair, whiskers, or stubble
Felt his smooth cheek after the close shave.
Having a short dense flat coat. Used of dogs.
Having a fine texture
A smooth fabric.
Having an even consistency
A smooth pudding.
Having an even or gentle motion or movement
A smooth ride.
Having no obstructions or difficulties
A smooth operation.
A smooth trip.
Easy-going; serene
A smooth temperament.
Not sharp or bitter in taste
A smooth wine.
Delicately pleasing to the ear; not harsh or grating
A smooth voice.
Ingratiatingly polite and agreeable
Known for his smooth remarks.
To make (something) even, level, or unwrinkled
Smoothed the fabric with an iron.
To rid of obstructions, hindrances, or difficulties
A real estate agent who smoothed the process of applying for a mortgage.
To soothe or tranquilize; make calm
The president tried to smooth over the hurt feelings of the disputing factions.
To cause to appear less harsh or severe than is the case
Don't try to smooth over their faults.
To become smooth.
The act of smoothing.
A smooth surface or part.
Having a texture that lacks friction. Not rough.
Without difficulty, problems, or unexpected consequences or incidents.
We hope for a smooth transition to the new system.
Bland; glib.
Flowing or uttered without check, obstruction, or hesitation; not harsh; fluent.
Suave; sophisticated.
(of an action) Natural; unconstrained.
(of a motion) Unbroken.
Placid, calm.
(of an edge) Lacking projections or indentations; not serrated.
(of food or drink) Not grainy; having an even texture.
(of a beverage) Having a pleasantly rounded flavor; neither rough nor astringent.
Having derivatives of all finite orders at all points within the function’s domain.
That factors completely into small prime numbers.
Lacking marked aspiration.
Involuntary and non-striated.
Something that is smooth, or that goes smoothly and easily.
A smoothing action.
A domestic animal having a smooth coat.
A member of an anti-hippie fashion movement in 1970s Britain.
(statistics) The analysis obtained through a smoothing procedure.
(transitive) To make smooth or even.
(transitive) To reduce to a particular shape or form by pressure; to press, to flatten.
To smooth cloth with a smoothing iron
(transitive) To make straightforward or easy.
(transitive) To calm or palliate.
To smooth a person's temper
To capture important patterns in the data, while leaving out noise.
(West Country) To stroke; especially to stroke an animal's fur.
Can I smooth your cat?
Having an even surface, or a surface so even that no roughness or points can be perceived by the touch; not rough; as, smooth glass; smooth porcelain.
The outlines must be smooth, imperceptible to the touch, and even, without eminence or cavities.
Evenly spread or arranged; sleek; as, smooth hair.
Gently flowing; moving equably; not ruffled or obstructed; as, a smooth stream.
Flowing or uttered without check, obstruction, or hesitation; not harsh; voluble; even; fluent.
The only smooth poet of those times.
Waller was smooth; but Dryden taught to joinThe varying verse, the full-resounding line.
When sage Minerva rose,From her sweet lips smooth elocution flows.
Bland; mild; smoothing; fattering.
This smooth discourse and mild behavior oftConceal a traitor.
Causing no resistance to a body sliding along its surface; frictionless.
Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.
The act of making smooth; a stroke which smooths.
That which is smooth; the smooth part of anything.
To make smooth; to make even on the surface by any means; as, to smooth a board with a plane; to smooth cloth with an iron.
To free from obstruction; to make easy.
Thou, Abelard! the last sad office pay,And smooth my passage to the realms of day.
To free from harshness; to make flowing.
In their motions harmony divineSo smooths her charming tones that God's own earListens delighted.
To palliate; to gloze; as, to smooth over a fault.
To give a smooth or calm appearance to.
Each perturbation smoothed with outward calm.
To ease; to regulate.
To flatter; to use blandishment.
Because I can not flatter and speak fair,Smile in men's faces, smooth, deceive and cog.
The act of smoothing;
He gave his hair a quick smooth
Make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing;
Smooth the surface of the wood
(of surfaces) make shine;
Shine the silver, please
Polish my shoes
Free from obstructions;
Smooth the way towards peace negociations
Having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities;
Smooth skin
A smooth tabletop
Smooth fabric
A smooth road
Water as smooth as a mirror
Smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication;
He was too politic to quarrel with so important a personage
The hostess averted a confrontation between two guests with a diplomatic change of subject
The manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error
Affable, suave, moderate men...smugly convinced of their respectability
Of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth
Not marked with wrinkles;
Unwrinkled cheeks
Smooth and unconstrained in movement;
A long, smooth stride
The fluid motion of a cat
The liquid grace of a ballerina
Liquid prose
Without breaks between notes; smooth and connected;
A legato passage
Without chinks or crannies
Lacking obstructions or difficulties;
The bill's path through the legislature was smooth and orderly
Without difficulties; untroubled.
The project's progress was smooth, with no unexpected issues.
Polished in manner; suave.
His smooth talking won him many friends and admirers.
Uninterrupted; flowing without hesitation.
The speaker delivered a smooth presentation.
Free from sharp edges or points.
The jeweler ensured the ring's edges were smooth for comfortable wear.
In music, having a mellifluous and easy-flowing sound.
The jazz band played a smooth melody that relaxed everyone.

Smooth Snonyms


Able to express oneself easily and articulately.
Her fluent French impressed the native speakers.


Having a smooth, glossy, and slippery surface.
The rain made the roads slick and dangerous.


Smooth, soft, and lustrous, like silk.
The kitten's fur was as silky as a luxurious fabric.


Calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
The serene landscape was perfect for a relaxing getaway.


Moving in a steady and continuous way.
The flowing river provided a constant soothing sound.


Smooth and glossy; having a polished surface.
The sleek design of the car made it very desirable.


Achieved with admirable ease.
His effortless charm made him popular at social gatherings.


Made smooth and shiny by rubbing.
The polished floors reflected the light beautifully.


Not disordered or disarranged; maintaining calm.
Despite the chaos, she remained unruffled.


Charming, confident, and elegant.
The suave diplomat was well-regarded at international meetings.

Smooth Idioms & Phrases

Smooth sailing

An easy and untroubled progress.
Once we resolved the budget issue, it was smooth sailing.

Smooth operator

Someone who handles situations effortlessly and skillfully, often in a persuasive manner.
He's a smooth operator when it comes to negotiations.

Take the rough with the smooth

To accept both the good and the bad aspects of something.
In any job, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Smooth as silk

Extremely smooth, often referring to texture or motion.
The performance was smooth as silk, without a single error.

Keep it smooth

A reminder or encouragement to stay calm and not complicate things.
In stressful situations, it's important to keep it smooth.

Smooth move

Often used sarcastically to point out a clumsy or unwise action.
Smooth move, knocking over the paint can, she said sarcastically.

Smooth the way

To make it easier for something to happen or for someone to do something.
Her diplomatic skills smoothed the way for the treaty.

Have a smooth tongue

To be able to speak eloquently and persuasively.
Politicians often have a smooth tongue, convincing many with their words.

Make smooth

To pacify or mollify a situation or person.
The manager had to make smooth the customer's complaints.

Smooth the path

Similar to "smooth the way," making future actions or progress easier.
The preliminary discussions smoothed the path for formal negotiations.

Smooth over

To try to make a problem seem less serious or to resolve a difficulty.
He attempted to smooth over the disagreement with an apology.

Get the smooth end of the pineapple

To have an easier or more favorable situation compared to others.
He always seems to get the smooth end of the pineapple in group projects.

Smooth as butter

Very smooth, often used to describe someone's persuasive speech or a mechanical operation.
His apology was smooth as butter, and she forgave him immediately.

Smooth talker

Someone who is skilled at speaking in a persuasive and charming manner.
Be wary of the smooth talker; his promises are not always reliable.

Smooth out

To remove obstacles or difficulties; to make a process easier.
The team worked hard to smooth out the issues before the product launch.

Smooth edges

To soften or lessen the impact or severity of something.
The counselor helped smooth the edges of their communication problems.

On a smooth keel

Stable and balanced; without significant problems.
After a turbulent start, the project is now on a smooth keel.

Smooth as a baby's bottom

Describing something that is extremely smooth to the touch.
After sanding, the wood was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Smooth transition

A change from one state or condition to another without any problems or interruptions.
The company aimed for a smooth transition during the merger.

Smooth as glass

Having a surface that is extremely smooth and reflective, often used to describe calm water.
Early in the morning, the lake was smooth as glass.

Smooth Example Sentences

The smooth surface of the table was perfect for writing.
The artist's brushstrokes made the canvas look incredibly smooth.
The road was smooth, making for an easy drive.
Her dance moves were so smooth, they seemed effortless.
The pilot promised a smooth flight despite the weather.
She gave a smooth answer to a very tricky question.
The smooth operation of the machine impressed the buyers.
He's known for his smooth voice that calms everyone down.
The new cream made her skin feel smooth and soft.
They hoped for a smooth transition with the new policy.
The team worked together to ensure a smooth workflow.
The ice was so smooth, it reflected the lights above.
His smooth approach helped resolve the conflict peacefully.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in smooth?

"Smooth" has one syllable.

How do we divide smooth into syllables?

Since "smooth" has only one syllable, it is not divided.

What is the verb form of smooth?

"Smooth" itself can function as a verb, meaning to make something smooth. The forms are "smooth," "smoothed" (past tense), and "smoothing" (present participle).

What is the root word of smooth?

The root word is "smooth" itself, derived from the Old English "smōth."

Why is it called smooth?

"Smooth" originates from the Old English "smōth," meaning free from roughness, bumps, or irregularities, reflecting its current definition of having an even and uninterrupted surface or process.

How is smooth used in a sentence?

e.g., He painted the wall to make it smooth and even.

What is the first form of smooth?

The first (base) form of "smooth" as a verb is "smooth."

What is the second form of smooth?

The second form (simple past) of "smooth" is "smoothed."

What is a stressed syllable in smooth?

In "smooth," the entire word is the stressed syllable, as it is a monosyllabic word.

What is another term for smooth?

Another term for "smooth" (adjective) is "sleek," and for "smooth" (verb), it could be "polish."

What is the third form of smooth?

The third form (past participle) of "smooth" is "smoothed."

What is the pronunciation of smooth?

Smooth is pronounced as /smuːð/ (in phonetic alphabet) or smoo-th.

What part of speech is smooth?

"Smooth" can be an adjective, describing a surface free from roughness, or a verb, meaning to make something smooth.

What is the singular form of smooth?

As an adjective and verb, "smooth" does not change form between singular and plural and remains "smooth."

Is the word “smooth” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As a verb, "smooth" can have a direct object, e.g., "Smooth the fabric." It does not serve as an object itself.

Which vowel is used before smooth?

Typically, "a" is used before "smooth" because "smooth" starts with a consonant sound, e.g., "a smooth transition."

Is smooth an adverb?

No, "smooth" is not an adverb. The adverb form would be "smoothly."

Is smooth an abstract noun?

"Smooth" is not a noun; it is an adjective and a verb. Therefore, it cannot be an abstract noun.

Is smooth a vowel or consonant?

The word "smooth" starts with the consonant sound /s/.

Is smooth a countable noun?

"Smooth" is not a noun and therefore is neither countable nor uncountable.

Is smooth a collective noun?

No, "smooth" is not a collective noun.

Is the smooth term a metaphor?

"Smooth" can be used metaphorically to describe situations or actions that are free from difficulties or obstacles.

Is the word smooth imperative?

"Smooth" can be used in the imperative mood as a command, for example, "Smooth out the wrinkles."

Which conjunction is used with smooth?

Conjunctions like "and" and "but" can be used with "smooth," depending on the sentence structure.

What is the plural form of smooth?

"Smooth" does not have a plural form, as it can be both an adjective and a verb.

What is the opposite of smooth?

The opposite of "smooth" can be "rough" or "jagged" for surfaces, and "agitate" for actions.

Is smooth a noun or adjective?

"Smooth" is primarily used as an adjective and a verb. It is not commonly used as a noun.

Which determiner is used with smooth?

Determiners such as "a," "the," "this," "that" can be used with "smooth" when it functions as an adjective to modify a noun, e.g., "a smooth surface."

Is smooth a negative or positive word?

"Smooth" generally has a positive connotation, suggesting ease, efficiency, or a pleasing texture.

Is the word smooth Gerund?

The gerund form of "smooth" is "smoothing," which can function as a noun.

Which preposition is used with smooth?

Common prepositions used with "smooth" include "over" for actions (to smooth over) and "into" when describing transitions (smooth into).

Which article is used with smooth?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "smooth" when it functions as an adjective, depending on the context, e.g., "a smooth path" or "the smooth surface."

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