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Revise Definition and Meaning

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Revise means to re-examine and make alterations or corrections to (a text or plan). e.g., She decided to revise her essay after receiving feedback from her teacher.

Revise Definitions

To reorganize or rearrange components of something.
The layout of the book was revised for better readability.
To go over previously covered material as a refresher.
Students revise their subjects before exams to ensure they remember everything.
To make changes to plans or ideas based on new information.
The team had to revise their strategy after the initial setback.
To refine or polish a piece of writing or a plan.
He revised his speech thoroughly before the conference.
To edit or modify a document for clarity and accuracy.
The editor revised the article for the final print.
To amend or alter text after reevaluation.
Authors often revise their manuscripts before publication.
To reconsider and adjust one's understanding.
Historians sometimes revise their interpretations of events.
To update or bring something up to date.
The software was revised to include new features.
To study material again, especially for an examination.
He needs to revise his notes for the upcoming test.
To correct or improve one's work or knowledge.
She revised her presentation based on the latest data.
Revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving;
We must retool the town's economy
To alter or edit (a text).
To reconsider and change or modify
I have revised my opinion of him.
Chiefly British To study again (academic material, for example), as for a test; review.
To make revisions, as in a text.
Chiefly British To study something again; review.
(Informal) An act or product of revising; a revision.
(Printing) A proof made from an earlier proof on which corrections have been made.
To review, alter and amend, especially of written material.
This statute should be revised.
To look over again (something previously written or learned), especially in preparation for an examination.
I should be revising for my exam in a few days.
(obsolete) To look at again, to reflect on.
A review or a revision.
(printing) A second proof sheet; a proof sheet taken after the first or a subsequent correction.
To look at again for the detection of errors; to reëxamine; to review; to look over with care for correction; as, to revise a writing; to revise a translation.
To compare (a proof) with a previous proof of the same matter, and mark again such errors as have not been corrected in the type.
To review, alter, and amend; as, to revise statutes; to revise an agreement; to revise a dictionary.
A review; a revision.
A second proof sheet; a proof sheet taken after the first or a subsequent correction.
The act of rewriting something
Make revisions in;
Revise a thesis

Revise Snonyms


To make partial or minor changes to something, typically to improve it or to make it less extreme.
She may have to modify the design to suit the client's needs.


To make (something) more modern or up to date.
The software needs to be updated regularly.


To prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
The manuscript was edited for clarity and brevity.


To make changes to (a document, legislation, etc.) in order to improve it.
The bill was amended several times before it was passed.


To make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.
The country reformed its tax system.


To remove impurities or unwanted elements from (a substance), typically as part of an industrial process.
The process is used to refine oil.


To put right; to rectify.
The teacher corrected the errors in the students' essays.


To express (an idea or statement) in a different way, especially to make it simpler or clearer.
Let me rephrase the question for clarity.


To change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.
Plans to alter the building have provoked controversy.


To alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.
He adjusted the volume on the radio.

Revise Idioms & Phrases

Revise the plan

To change or modify a strategy or plan.
The team had to revise the plan after encountering some logistical issues.

Revise for clarity

To edit something to make it clearer and more understandable.
The author was advised to revise the manuscript for clarity.

Revise downwards/upwards

To adjust expectations or estimates lower or higher.
The sales forecast was revised downwards after the first quarter.

Last-minute revise

To make changes to something at the last possible moment.
He had to last-minute revise his speech due to recent events.

Revise one's opinion

To change one's view based on new evidence or reflection.
He revised his opinion of the movie after watching it again.

Revise for consistency

To check and ensure uniformity across a document or series of documents.
The editor revised the manuscript for consistency in terminology.

Revise and resubmit

To make changes to a document or proposal and submit it again for consideration.
The journal asked her to revise and resubmit her article.

Revise for accuracy

To correct errors or inaccuracies in a document or statement.
The historian revised the book for accuracy after discovering new sources.

Revise thoroughly

To examine and alter something in detail.
She revised her thesis thoroughly before the final submission.

Revise to fit

To alter something so that it conforms to specific criteria or limitations.
The playwright revised the script to fit the time constraints of the festival.

Revise expectations

To adjust what one anticipates happening based on new information.
Investors revised their expectations after the company's announcement.

Revise to improve

To make changes with the aim of enhancing quality or effectiveness.
The software update was revised to improve user experience.

Revise and edit

To review and make corrections or improvements to a text.
It's important to revise and edit your work before publishing.

Revise learning

To go over learned material again for better retention.
She revises her learning regularly to stay sharp.

Revise Example Sentences

After the rehearsal, the director told the cast they would need to revise some scenes.
They plan to revise the company's policies to better align with new regulations.
Before submitting her thesis, she decided to revise her conclusion for greater impact.
The teacher asked the students to revise their essays based on the feedback provided.
The committee agreed to revise the schedule to accommodate more participants.
To ensure accuracy, it's essential to revise the data before publication.
Given the new evidence, the researcher had to revise her hypothesis.
The software development team had to revise their code after discovering a bug.
He had to revise his presentation several times before he felt confident about it.
After reviewing the prototype, the engineer suggested they revise the design for efficiency.
The author agreed to revise the manuscript after the editor's suggestions.
She spends every evening to revise her notes for the upcoming exams.
It's important to revise your work before considering it final.
The architect decided to revise the blueprints in light of the client's latest requests.
Due to changing market conditions, the financial analyst had to revise the quarterly forecast.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide revise into syllables?

We divide it into syllables as re-vise.

Why is it called revise?

It's called "revise" because it comes from Latin "revidere," meaning "to see again," implying reviewing or altering something.

What is a stressed syllable in revise?

The stressed syllable in "revise" is the second one: "vise."

How is revise used in a sentence?

Revise is used as a verb to indicate the action of reviewing and altering content or plans.

How many syllables are in revise?

There are two syllables in "revise."

What is the third form of revise?

The third form is "revised."

What part of speech is revise?

Revise is a verb.

What is the second form of revise?

The second form is "revised."

What is the pronunciation of revise?

It is pronounced as /rɪˈvaɪz/.

What is the first form of revise?

The first form is "revise."

Is revise a countable noun?

Revise is not a noun; it is a verb and thus does not have a countable form.

Is revise a collective noun?

No, revise is not a collective noun.

Is the word “revise” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Revise" is a verb, so it doesn't serve as a direct or indirect object, but it can take a direct object (e.g., revise the document).

Which vowel is used before revise?

This question doesn't apply to "revise" as it's a verb and not used with articles in this manner.

Which preposition is used with revise?

Common prepositions used with "revise" include "for" (e.g., revise for the exam) and "according to" (e.g., revise according to feedback).

Which conjunction is used with revise?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can connect clauses that include the verb "revise."

Which article is used with revise?

Articles are not used directly with verbs like "revise."

What is the verb form of revise?

Revise itself is the verb form.

What is the opposite of revise?

The opposite of "revise" could be "preserve" or "maintain" as it is.

What is the root word of revise?

The root word of "revise" is the Latin "revidere," with "re-" meaning "again" and "videre" meaning "to see."

What is another term for revise?

Another term for "revise" is "amend" or "edit."

What is the singular form of revise?

The singular form is "revise."

Is the revise term a metaphor?

"Revise" can be used metaphorically to describe the process of making changes or improvements in various contexts.

Is the word revise imperative?

"Revise" can be used in the imperative mood as a command or instruction.

What is the plural form of revise?

Revise does not have a plural form; its action can be applied to singular or plural subjects.

Is revise an adverb?

No, revise is not an adverb.

Is the word revise Gerund?

Yes, "revising" is the gerund form of the verb "revise."

Is revise a negative or positive word?

Revise is neutral; it can have a positive connotation when improvement is implied.

Which determiner is used with revise?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like "revise."

Is revise a noun or adjective?

Revise is a verb.

Is revise an abstract noun?

No, revise is a verb, not a noun.

Is revise a vowel or consonant?

The word "revise" starts with a consonant.

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