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Deactivate Definition and Meaning

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Published on March 14, 2024
Deactivate means to make something inactive or to turn it off. e.g., The technician needed to deactivate the alarm system for maintenance.

Deactivate Definitions

To make a device or system stop operating.
He had to deactivate the security cameras during the update.
To turn off or disable a function or feature.
You can deactivate the notifications in the app settings.
To remove the active properties of a substance.
The process will deactivate the toxins in the water.
To suspend or terminate the operation of a service.
Users have the option to deactivate their accounts temporarily.
To render something ineffective or inoperative.
The software update will deactivate the outdated features.
To cancel or annul something that was in effect.
The company decided to deactivate the old promotional codes.
To withdraw the operational status of a unit or personnel.
The military unit was deactivated after the mission ended.
To make a chemical or biological agent harmless.
The treatment will deactivate the virus effectively.
To disengage or shut down a mechanism or system.
The pilot had to deactivate the autopilot system manually.
To invalidate or nullify the effect of something.
The presence of certain chemicals can deactivate the enzyme's function.
To render inactive or ineffective.
To inhibit, block, or disrupt the action of (an enzyme or other biological agent).
To remove from active military status.
(ergative) to make something inactive or no longer effective
To prevent the action of a biochemical agent (such as an enzyme)
To remove a person or piece of hardware from active military service
To make inactive; to render ineffective; as, to deactivate a bomb; to deactivate a machine; to deactivate the alarm.
To disband (a military unit, or other group); to discontinue (a group activity); as, to deactivate the regiment; to deactivate the investigation.
Remove from active military status or reassign;
The men were deactivated after five years of service
Make inactive;
They deactivated the file

Deactivate Snonyms

Turn off

To stop the operation or function of a device.
Don't forget to turn off the lights before leaving.


To make something lose its value or effectiveness.
The new policy will nullify all previous agreements.


To annul or revoke something that was planned or established.
You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Power down

To turn off the power supply to a device or system.
Remember to power down the server after backup.


To release or detach from connection or engagement.
The mechanic disengaged the engine before starting repairs.


To make a device or system inoperative.
It's important to disable the alarm before entering the code.


To make something inactive or non-functional.
The lab technician will inactivate the virus for the study.

Shut down

To turn off a machine or system completely.
The computer needs to shut down properly to avoid data loss.


To temporarily stop an operation or activity.
The service will be suspended for maintenance.


To bring to an end or halt.
The contract will terminate at the end of the month.

Deactivate Example Sentences

She needed to deactivate her social media accounts for a digital detox.
To deactivate the bomb, the experts worked with extreme caution.
She decided to deactivate her account for personal reasons.
To save energy, deactivate appliances when not in use.
The technician instructed them on how to deactivate the alarm.
To repair the machine, first deactivate the main power source.
Before cleaning the device, make sure to deactivate it.
After the trial period, the software will automatically deactivate.
They had to deactivate the old system to install the new one.
He was unsure how to deactivate the complex security lock.
The app allows users to easily deactivate push notifications.
The chemical process will deactivate any harmful bacteria.
After the presentation, remember to deactivate the projector.
The company's policy is to deactivate inactive user accounts.
Before the flight, please deactivate all electronic devices.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called deactivate?

The term "deactivate" is used to describe the process of making something inactive or turning it off, often reversing a prior action of activation.

How many syllables are in deactivate?

There are four syllables in "deactivate."

How do we divide deactivate into syllables?

Deactivate is divided into syllables as de-ac-ti-vate.

What is a stressed syllable in deactivate?

The stressed syllable in "deactivate" is "ac."

What is the verb form of deactivate?

The verb form is "deactivate."

How is deactivate used in a sentence?

Deactivate is used to describe the action of turning something off or making it inactive, e.g., Remember to deactivate the security system before leaving.

What is the root word of deactivate?

The root word of "deactivate" is "active," with the prefix "de-" meaning to reverse the action.

What is the first form of deactivate?

The first form is "deactivate."

What is the second form of deactivate?

The second form is "deactivated" (used as the past tense).

What is another term for deactivate?

Another term for "deactivate" is "disable."

What is the plural form of deactivate?

As a verb, "deactivate" does not have a plural form; its use changes with the subject.

Is deactivate an adverb?

No, "deactivate" is not an adverb.

What is the third form of deactivate?

The third form is also "deactivated" (used as the past participle).

What is the singular form of deactivate?

"Deactivate" remains the same in singular form as it is a verb.

Is deactivate a negative or positive word?

"Deactivate" can be neutral; its positive or negative connotation depends on the context.

Is deactivate a collective noun?

No, "deactivate" is not a collective noun.

Is the deactivate term a metaphor?

"Deactivate" can be used metaphorically to refer to making something inactive or ineffective.

Is the word “deactivate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Deactivate" can function as a verb where the direct object is the thing being deactivated.

What is the pronunciation of deactivate?

Deactivate is pronounced as /diˈæktɪveɪt/.

What is the opposite of deactivate?

The opposite of "deactivate" is "activate."

Is deactivate a noun or adjective?

"Deactivate" is a verb.

Is deactivate an abstract noun?

No, "deactivate" is a verb, not a noun.

Is the word deactivate imperative?

"Deactivate" can be used in the imperative mood, as in giving a command or instruction.

Which determiner is used with deactivate?

Determiners are not typically used with the verb "deactivate"; however, articles and possessive pronouns can precede its objects.

Which vowel is used before deactivate?

The vowel or consonant before "deactivate" depends on the context and the preceding word.

What part of speech is deactivate?

"Deactivate" is a verb.

Is deactivate a vowel or consonant?

The word "deactivate" starts with a consonant sound (d).

Is the word deactivate Gerund?

No, "deactivate" is not a gerund; the gerund form would be "deactivating."

Is deactivate a countable noun?

"Deactivate" is a verb, not a noun, so it is not countable.

Which preposition is used with deactivate?

Prepositions like "to" and "from" can be used with "deactivate," depending on the context, e.g., "to deactivate the alarm."

Which conjunction is used with deactivate?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences involving "deactivate."

Which article is used with deactivate?

Articles are not directly used with "deactivate" itself but may be used with the noun objects in sentences, e.g., "the alarm."

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