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Corsair RM750 vs. Corsair RM750x — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 21, 2024
Corsair RM750 is a reliable power supply unit (PSU) designed for computer systems, offering efficiency and stability. Corsair RM750x is an upgraded version with enhanced features like better cable quality and quieter operation.
Corsair RM750 vs. Corsair RM750x — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Corsair RM750 and Corsair RM750x


Key Differences

The Corsair RM750 is part of Corsair's RM series, known for its high efficiency, modular design, and quiet operation. It's a 750W power supply unit suitable for mid-to-high-end PC builds. The Corsair RM750x, while also providing 750W, includes improvements such as better-quality cables, quieter operation, and slightly higher component quality.
In terms of efficiency, both the RM750 and RM750x adhere to 80 PLUS Gold certification, ensuring energy efficiency and lower operational costs. The RM750x, however, has been noted for slightly better power efficiency under various loads.
For PC builders concerned with aesthetics and cable management, the RM750x offers an advantage with its fully modular cables that are also sleeved for durability and a cleaner look. The RM750 also offers modular cables, but they are of standard quality.
Noise levels are a consideration in PSU selection. The RM750x is designed to operate even more quietly than the RM750, making it ideal for users who prioritize a silent PC environment.
Both models are similar in size and have a 135mm fan for cooling, but the RM750x features a more efficient fan control that contributes to its quieter performance.

Comparison Chart

Cable Quality

Standard modular cables
Higher quality, sleeved, fully modular cables


80 PLUS Gold certified
Slightly higher efficiency under load

Noise Level

Quiet operation
Even quieter operation

Component Quality

High quality
Slightly higher component quality

Target Audience

Mid-to-high-end PC builds
Users seeking premium features and quiet operation

Compare with Definitions

Corsair RM750

80 PLUS Gold certified for energy efficiency.
My electricity bill is lower thanks to the RM750’s efficiency.

Corsair RM750x

Upgraded version of the RM750 with enhanced features.
I upgraded to the RM750x for its superior cable quality.

Corsair RM750

Offers quiet operation with a 135mm fan.
The RM750 runs quietly even under heavy load.

Corsair RM750x

Ideal for users seeking premium PSU features.
As a demanding user, the RM750x met all my needs for a PSU.

Corsair RM750

750W power supply unit in Corsair's RM series.
I chose the Corsair RM750 for my gaming PC build.

Corsair RM750x

Includes sleeved, fully modular cables for better aesthetics.
The sleeved cables of the RM750x improved my PC's internal look.

Corsair RM750

Known for high efficiency and modular design.
The modular design of the RM750 made my cable management easier.

Corsair RM750x

Quieter operation compared to RM750.
My PC is almost silent with the RM750x installed.

Corsair RM750

Suitable for mid-to-high-end computer systems.
The RM750 powers all my high-end gaming components smoothly.

Corsair RM750x

Slightly higher component quality for stability.
The RM750x offers even more stability for overclocking.

Common Curiosities

Do both models come with a warranty?

Yes, Corsair provides a warranty for both models.

Is the RM750x significantly more expensive than the RM750?

The RM750x is generally slightly more expensive due to its enhanced features.

What is the main difference between the RM750 and RM750x?

The main differences are in cable quality, noise level, and component quality, with the RM750x having the edge in these areas.

Which model should I choose for a silent PC build?

The RM750x is better for a silent build due to its quieter operation.

Do both PSUs support multi-GPU setups?

Yes, both can support multi-GPU configurations.

Are both the RM750 and RM750x suitable for gaming PCs?

Yes, both are suitable for mid-to-high-end gaming PCs.

Can I use the RM750 for a high-performance workstation?

Yes, the RM750 is suitable for high-performance workstations.

Is it easy to install these PSUs in a standard PC case?

Yes, both are designed to fit easily in standard PC cases.

Can the RM750x's cables be used with the RM750?

While technically possible, it's recommended to use the cables provided with each specific model.

Are the RM750 and RM750x fully modular?

The RM750x is fully modular, while the RM750 has standard modular cables.

How do the efficiency ratings of the two models compare?

Both are 80 PLUS Gold certified, but the RM750x may offer slightly better efficiency under load.

Do I need extra cooling for these PSUs in my build?

No, both come with a 135mm fan and are designed to operate efficiently without extra cooling.

How long is the lifespan of the RM750 and RM750x?

Both are designed for long-term use, often lasting several years under normal conditions.

Can I use either PSU for overclocking purposes?

Yes, both are capable of handling overclocked systems, but the RM750x offers slightly better stability.

Are these PSUs compatible with the latest CPUs and GPUs?

Yes, they are compatible with the latest hardware.

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