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EPass vs. SunPass — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 21, 2024
EPass and SunPass are electronic toll collection systems in Florida, with EPass primarily used in Central Florida and SunPass used statewide.
EPass vs. SunPass — What's the Difference?

Difference Between EPass and SunPass


Key Differences

EPass is an electronic toll collection system managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority, primarily used in the Central Florida region. SunPass, managed by the Florida Department of Transportation, is a similar system but has wider usage across the entire state of Florida.
EPass offers toll discounts for frequent users and is compatible with toll systems in some other states. SunPass, while also offering discounts, has a broader network and is accepted on all toll roads and most bridges throughout Florida.
In terms of technology, both EPass and SunPass use transponders that attach to a vehicle's windshield and automatically deduct tolls from a pre-funded account. However, their transponders are not interchangeable, and users must have the specific transponder that corresponds with the system they are using.
EPass and SunPass both allow for convenient online account management and automatic account replenishment. However, their pricing structures and fee schedules might differ slightly.
For visitors or those traveling outside of Central Florida, SunPass might be the more practical choice due to its statewide acceptance. Conversely, residents within Central Florida may find EPass's local discounts more beneficial.

Comparison Chart

Geographic Use

Primarily Central Florida
Statewide in Florida

Toll Discounts

Offers discounts for frequent users
Offers discounts, accepted on all FL toll roads

Transponder Compatibility

Compatible with some out-of-state systems
Mainly used within Florida

Account Management

Online management and auto-replenishment
Online management and auto-replenishment

Ideal User

Residents/frequent travelers in Central FL
Travelers using multiple toll roads statewide

Compare with Definitions


EPass is managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority.
The Central Florida Expressway Authority ensures her EPass is always up to date.


SunPass offers a seamless way to pay tolls without cash.
With her SunPass, she enjoys cashless, hassle-free toll payments.


It offers special discounts to frequent users in its network.
Her EPass saves her money on her daily commutes.


SunPass transponders are primarily used within Florida.
Her SunPass is essential for her daily commute in Tampa.


EPass provides a convenient way to pay tolls without stopping.
Thanks to EPass, he no longer needs to carry change for tolls.


It is accepted on all Florida toll roads and most bridges.
Driving from Miami to Tallahassee, her SunPass covered all the tolls.


EPass is an electronic toll collection system used mainly in Central Florida.
He uses his EPass to quickly pass through tolls in Orlando.


SunPass is a Florida-wide electronic toll collection system.
Her SunPass works on every toll road during her Florida vacation.


EPass transponders are compatible with some toll systems in other states.
On her road trip, she used her EPass in Georgia.


Managed by the Florida Department of Transportation.
The Florida Department of Transportation efficiently manages the SunPass system.

Common Curiosities

Which is better for occasional Florida visitors, EPass or SunPass?

SunPass is often more convenient for visitors due to its statewide acceptance.

Is SunPass valid in other states?

SunPass is mainly valid in Florida, though it may have limited compatibility with toll systems in neighboring states.

Is there a monthly fee for using EPass or SunPass?

Both systems may have account maintenance fees, but these can vary.

Can I manage my EPass or SunPass account online?

Yes, both EPass and SunPass accounts can be managed online.

Are there any initial costs for obtaining an EPass or SunPass transponder?

There may be a small cost for obtaining a transponder for either system.

Can I switch from EPass to SunPass or vice versa?

Yes, you can switch, but you'll need to obtain the specific transponder for the new system.

Do EPass and SunPass offer the same discounts?

Discounts can vary; EPass offers specific discounts in Central Florida, while SunPass discounts apply statewide.

What happens if I use a toll road without an EPass or SunPass?

You may receive a toll violation notice or be billed through toll-by-plate systems.

Can I use EPass outside of Central Florida?

EPass is accepted on some toll roads outside Central Florida, but its primary use is within the region.

Can I use SunPass on EPass toll roads?

Yes, SunPass is generally accepted on EPass toll roads in Florida.

Are the transponders for EPass and SunPass interchangeable?

No, each system requires its specific transponder.

How do I replenish my EPass or SunPass account?

Both can be replenished online or via their respective apps.

Do both EPass and SunPass work on express lanes?

Generally, yes, both are accepted on express lanes in Florida.

Is there a difference in toll rates between EPass and SunPass?

Toll rates are generally the same, but discounts may vary between the two systems.

How do I get a replacement for a lost or damaged EPass or SunPass transponder?

You can request a replacement through their respective customer service or websites.

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