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Nintendo Ds vs. Nintendo Dsi — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 21, 2024
The Nintendo DS is a dual-screen handheld gaming console, while the Nintendo DSi is an upgraded version of the DS, featuring enhanced multimedia capabilities and a slimmer design.
Nintendo Ds vs. Nintendo Dsi — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Nintendo Ds and Nintendo Dsi


Key Differences

The Nintendo DS, launched in 2004, introduced a novel dual-screen design with a touchscreen, along with Wi-Fi for wireless multiplayer gaming. The Nintendo DSi, released in 2008, built upon this foundation, offering a more refined design, larger screens, and improved audio and visual capabilities.
One of the significant upgrades in the Nintendo DSi was the inclusion of two cameras, one on the external body and one pointing towards the user, expanding its functionality beyond gaming. The original Nintendo DS lacked camera features, focusing primarily on gaming.
The DSi also introduced an SD card slot, allowing users to store photos and download games and applications from the DSi Shop, Nintendo's online store. This feature was absent in the original Nintendo DS.
The Nintendo DSi was thinner and lighter than the original DS, due to the removal of the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, which was present in the Nintendo DS. This change marked a shift towards more digital and integrated gaming experiences.

Comparison Chart

Launch Year



Bulkier with dual screens, includes a GBA slot
Slimmer, larger screens, no GBA slot


No camera
Two cameras, internal and external


No SD card slot
Includes SD card slot

Online Features

Basic Wi-Fi connectivity
Access to DSi Shop, enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities

Compare with Definitions

Nintendo Ds

Compatible with Game Boy Advance cartridges.
I can play my old GBA games on the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo Dsi

Includes an SD card slot for additional storage.
I store extra games on my Nintendo DSi using an SD card.

Nintendo Ds

Known for its innovative game library.
The Nintendo DS had a diverse range of games, from educational to action.

Nintendo Dsi

Enhanced audio and visual capabilities.
The Nintendo DSi had better sound and graphics than the original DS.

Nintendo Ds

Introduced in 2004 as a successor to the Game Boy Advance.
The Nintendo DS built on the success of the Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo Dsi

Features a slimmer design and larger screens.
The Nintendo DSi’s larger screens enhanced my gaming experience.

Nintendo Ds

First to feature Wi-Fi connectivity in Nintendo handhelds.
I used to play multiplayer games on my Nintendo DS via Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Dsi

An upgraded version of the Nintendo DS with cameras.
I used the cameras on my Nintendo DSi to take fun photos.

Nintendo Ds

A dual-screen handheld gaming console.
The Nintendo DS was revolutionary with its touchscreen gaming.

Nintendo Dsi

Access to the DSi Shop for digital downloads.
I downloaded new games directly to my Nintendo DSi from the DSi Shop.

Common Curiosities

Does the DSi have internet browsing capabilities?

Yes, the DSi includes a web browser.

Can I use the same charger for both DS and DSi?

No, they require different chargers.

Are the DS and DSi games compatible with each other?

Yes, DS games can be played on the DSi.

Can I download games directly to the Nintendo DS?

No, this feature is only available on the DSi via the DSi Shop.

Can the Nintendo DSi play Game Boy Advance games?

No, the DSi does not have a Game Boy Advance cartridge slot.

Is the Nintendo DS compatible with DSi games?

DSi-exclusive games will not work on the Nintendo DS.

Is the battery life better in the DSi compared to the DS?

The DSi generally has a slightly better battery life.

Does the Nintendo DSi have better graphics?

The graphics are slightly improved due to the enhanced screen.

Can the DSi cameras be used for gameplay?

Yes, some DSi games utilize the cameras for gameplay.

Does the Nintendo DSi come in different colors?

Yes, it was released in various color options.

Were there any exclusive titles for the Nintendo DSi?

Yes, there were titles specifically released for the DSi.

Is the touchscreen improved in the DSi?

The touchscreen technology is similar, but the larger screen size improves the experience.

Can I play multiplayer games on both DS and DSi?

Yes, both support multiplayer gaming via Wi-Fi.

Is the audio quality different between the DS and DSi?

The DSi has slightly improved audio capabilities.

Can I transfer data between a Nintendo DS and DSi?

Data transfer is limited; some items like photos can be transferred, but not all data or games.

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