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Android TV vs. Tizen TV — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 22, 2024
Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google based on the Android operating system, offering access to a wide range of apps, games, and voice control. Tizen TV, developed by Samsung, runs on the Tizen OS, providing a user-friendly interface.
Android TV vs. Tizen TV — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Android TV and Tizen TV


Key Differences

Android TV is an adaptable platform supporting a variety of apps from the Google Play Store, including streaming services, games, and productivity apps. It's known for its integration with the Android ecosystem and Google services. Conversely, Tizen TV is Samsung's proprietary operating system for their smart TVs, offering a streamlined user interface and seamless integration with Samsung SmartThings for home automation.
In terms of customization, Android TV allows more flexibility with third-party apps and customization options. It's compatible with a range of devices from various manufacturers. Tizen TV, on the other hand, focuses on a consistent user experience across Samsung devices, with a focus on ease of use and performance stability.
For voice control and virtual assistants, Android TV predominantly uses Google Assistant, offering extensive control and integration with Google's services. Tizen TV incorporates Bixby, Samsung's assistant, which is optimized for Samsung's hardware and ecosystem.
Regarding updates and support, Android TV benefits from Google's regular updates, ensuring security and feature enhancements. Tizen TV relies on Samsung for updates, which are usually tailored to improve the existing Samsung ecosystem and user interface.
In terms of app availability, Android TV generally has a broader selection due to its connection with the Google Play Store. Tizen TV, while offering a robust selection of apps, is more limited compared to Android TV, focusing on key services and Samsung-specific applications.

Comparison Chart

Operating System

Based on Android OS
Based on Tizen OS

App Ecosystem

Access to Google Play Store, wide app variety
Samsung-focused apps, key streaming services


Highly customizable, supports third-party apps
Limited customization, focuses on ease of use

Voice Assistant

Google Assistant

Manufacturer Compatibility

Various manufacturers
Primarily Samsung

Compare with Definitions

Android TV

Integrates with Android devices for a seamless experience.
My Android TV synced perfectly with my Android phone.

Tizen TV

Focuses on a stable and efficient performance.
My Tizen TV has never had any performance issues.

Android TV

Known for its customizable interface and app selection.
I customized my Android TV's home screen with my favorite apps.

Tizen TV

Offers essential apps and services, prioritizing quality.
All the essential streaming services are available on my Tizen TV.

Android TV

Supports Google Assistant for voice commands.
I used Google Assistant to find a movie on my Android TV.

Tizen TV

Optimized for Samsung SmartThings integration.
My Tizen TV integrates seamlessly with other SmartThings devices in my home.

Android TV

A smart TV platform from Google; offers streaming and apps.
I watched Netflix on my Android TV last night.

Tizen TV

A Samsung smart TV platform; known for its user-friendly interface.
Navigating through channels on my Tizen TV is very intuitive.

Android TV

Offers a wide range of games and entertainment apps.
Gaming on my Android TV is always fun.

Tizen TV

Incorporates Samsung's Bixby for voice control.
I asked Bixby to play music on my Tizen TV.

Common Curiosities

What makes Tizen TV unique?

Tizen TV, developed by Samsung, offers a user-friendly interface and is tailored for integration with Samsung's ecosystem, including SmartThings and Bixby.

What is Android TV?

Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google, based on the Android operating system, offering a wide range of apps and integration with Google services.

Can I use Bixby on Tizen TV?

Yes, Bixby is integrated into Tizen TV for voice control and smart home integration.

Can I play games on Android TV?

Yes, Android TV supports a variety of games available through the Google Play Store.

Is Tizen TV compatible with non-Samsung devices?

Tizen TV is optimized for Samsung devices, though it can interact with other devices, particularly through Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem.

Can Android TV access Google Play Store?

Yes, Android TV has access to the Google Play Store, providing a wide variety of apps and games.

Does Android TV support voice commands?

Yes, Android TV supports voice commands through Google Assistant.

Are Android TVs customizable?

Android TVs are highly customizable, allowing users to install a wide range of third-party apps and customize the interface.

How often does Android TV receive updates?

Android TV receives regular updates from Google for security and feature enhancements.

Does Tizen TV integrate with smart home devices?

Yes, Tizen TV integrates well with smart home devices, especially through Samsung's SmartThings platform.

What types of apps are available on Tizen TV?

Tizen TV offers a range of essential streaming services and Samsung-specific apps.

Is Tizen TV user-friendly for all age groups?

Yes, Tizen TV is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for all age groups.

Can I mirror my phone screen on Android TV?

Yes, Android TV supports screen mirroring from compatible Android devices.

Is Tizen TV good for streaming?

Yes, Tizen TV offers excellent streaming capabilities with its built-in apps and services.

Which platform has a broader selection of apps, Android TV or Tizen TV?

Android TV generally has a broader selection of apps due to its connection with the Google Play Store, compared to the more curated selection on Tizen TV.

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