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Android TV vs. WebOS — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 22, 2024
Android TV is a smart TV platform powered by Google's Android OS, offering extensive app compatibility. WebOS is an intuitive smart TV interface developed by LG, known for its user-friendly design.
Android TV vs. WebOS — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Android TV and WebOS


Key Differences

Android TV, developed by Google, is a version of the Android operating system designed for digital media players and smart TVs. WebOS, originally created by Palm and now developed by LG, is an operating system specifically designed for LG’s smart TVs, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.
Android TV provides access to the Google Play Store, offering a wide range of apps, games, and streaming services. WebOS, with its distinctive 'Launcher' interface and 'Magic Remote', emphasizes easy navigation and streamlined access to content.
Integration with Google services, including Google Assistant and Chromecast, is a key feature of Android TV. WebOS, while offering voice control through LG's ThinQ AI, lacks native support for Google's ecosystem but often includes third-party integrations.
Android TV supports a variety of hardware from different manufacturers, offering flexibility and a diverse range of options. WebOS is exclusive to LG smart TVs, providing a consistent user experience across LG’s television lineup.
Customization and flexibility are hallmarks of Android TV, appealing to users who enjoy personalizing their viewing experience. WebOS prioritizes simplicity and speed, with a focus on getting users to their content faster and more intuitively.

Comparison Chart


Originally Palm, now LG


Various manufacturers' smart TVs
Exclusive to LG smart TVs

App Ecosystem

Access to Google Play Store
Limited to apps available on LG Content Store


Google Assistant, Chromecast
LG ThinQ AI, third-party integrations

User Experience

Highly customizable
Simple, intuitive interface

Compare with Definitions

Android TV

A smart TV platform powered by Google's Android operating system.
My Android TV lets me use all my favorite streaming apps.


Prioritizes speed and intuitive design in its user interface.
WebOS is great for its fast and intuitive user interface.

Android TV

Available on various brands and models of smart TVs.
Android TV is available on many different smart TV brands.


Focuses on simplicity and ease of access to content.
WebOS gets me to my favorite streaming services quickly.

Android TV

Offers extensive app compatibility and customization.
I customized my Android TV with different apps and widgets.


Exclusive to LG smart TVs, ensuring a consistent experience across models.
All LG smart TVs come with the WebOS platform.

Android TV

Integrates with Google services like Google Assistant and Chromecast.
I use Google Assistant on my Android TV for voice commands.


Features a unique 'Launcher' interface and 'Magic Remote' for easy navigation.
The Magic Remote with WebOS simplifies navigating my TV's menu.

Android TV

Known for providing a versatile and personalized user experience.
Android TV's personalization options make it a great choice for tech enthusiasts.


A user-friendly smart TV interface developed by LG.
WebOS on my LG TV makes finding shows incredibly easy.

Common Curiosities

Can I access Google Play Store on WebOS?

No, the Google Play Store is only available on Android TV.

Are all LG TVs equipped with WebOS?

Yes, LG smart TVs use WebOS as their exclusive operating system.

What is Android TV?

A smart TV platform by Google, offering a wide range of apps and customization options.

How user-friendly is WebOS compared to Android TV?

WebOS is often praised for its simplicity and ease of navigation.

Can I customize the interface on WebOS?

WebOS offers some customization, but not as extensively as Android TV.

Does WebOS integrate with LG's ThinQ AI?

Yes, it integrates with LG ThinQ AI for smart home connectivity and control.

Does Android TV support voice control?

Yes, it integrates with Google Assistant for voice commands.

Is Android TV available on multiple TV brands?

Yes, various manufacturers offer TVs with Android TV.

Does Android TV have a specific remote like WebOS's Magic Remote?

Android TV can be controlled by various remotes, depending on the TV brand.

Is WebOS good for streaming services?

Yes, it provides easy access to popular streaming services.

What sets WebOS apart?

It's LG's user-friendly smart TV OS, known for its intuitive interface and ease of use.

Can I use Chromecast with WebOS?

WebOS doesn't have native Chromecast support, but some models may offer similar features.

Are updates regularly available for Android TV?

Yes, Android TV receives updates for new features and improvements.

Can I install third-party apps on WebOS?

WebOS limits app installation to those available on the LG Content Store.

Can I play games on Android TV?

Yes, Android TV supports a range of games available on the Google Play Store.

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