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Brezza vs. Venue — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 22, 2024
Brezza is a compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki, known for its spacious interiors and robust design. Venue is a subcompact SUV from Hyundai, notable for its modern tech features and sleek design.
Brezza vs. Venue — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Brezza and Venue


Key Differences

The Brezza, manufactured by Maruti Suzuki, is a compact SUV that offers a balance of comfort and utility. The Hyundai Venue, a subcompact SUV, is known for its modern styling and advanced technology features.
In terms of size, the Brezza generally provides more interior space, making it suitable for families and long drives. The Venue, while compact, focuses on efficient use of space with a more urban-centric design.
The Brezza is favored for its practicality and durability, often chosen for its reliability and robustness in varied road conditions. The Venue stands out for its connectivity features and a high-tech interior, appealing to a tech-savvy demographic.
Engine and performance-wise, both vehicles offer efficient and responsive driving experiences, but the Venue often includes more advanced engine options and features for a smooth urban drive.
Price-wise, both cars are competitively positioned in the market, with the Venue often being slightly higher priced due to its advanced tech features.

Comparison Chart


Maruti Suzuki

Vehicle Type

Compact SUV
Subcompact SUV

Interior Space

More spacious interiors
Efficiently designed space

Target Audience

Practicality and durability
Modern tech features, urban design


Robust and reliable
Advanced engine options

Compare with Definitions


Balances comfort with utility.
The Brezza provides a comfortable ride without sacrificing utility.


Features modern technology.
The Venue is equipped with the latest infotainment system.


Offers a comfortable and practical drive.
The Brezza excels in both city and highway driving.


Offers advanced engine options.
The Venue's engine options provide a smooth driving experience.


Popular among families for its space.
The Brezza is a favorite choice for family trips.


Ideal for urban driving.
The Venue's size makes it perfect for navigating city streets.


Known for its reliability.
The Brezza's reliability makes it a trusted vehicle for many.


A subcompact SUV by Hyundai.
The Venue stands out with its sleek design and compact size.


A compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki.
The Brezza is known for its spacious cabin and robust build.


Attracts tech-savvy consumers.
Tech enthusiasts appreciate the Venue's connectivity features.

Common Curiosities

Are both the Brezza and Venue suitable for city driving?

Yes, both are suitable, but the Venue's compact size gives it an edge in urban environments.

Which is better for family use, Brezza or Venue?

The Brezza, with its spacious interiors, is often preferred for family use.

Is the Venue more technologically advanced than the Brezza?

Yes, the Venue often comes with more modern tech features than the Brezza.

Which is more spacious, the Brezza or the Venue?

The Brezza generally offers more interior space than the Venue.

Does the Venue offer better fuel efficiency than the Brezza?

The Venue may offer slightly better fuel efficiency, especially in its newer models with advanced engine options.

Is the Brezza known for its safety features?

Yes, the Brezza has been recognized for its safety features and robust construction.

Which car offers more advanced infotainment options?

The Venue typically offers more advanced and modern infotainment options.

Can the Brezza accommodate more luggage than the Venue?

Generally, the Brezza has more cargo space compared to the Venue.

Can both cars handle off-road driving?

While not primarily designed for off-roading, both can handle mild off-road conditions, with the Brezza having a slight edge due to its robust build.

Which vehicle is priced higher, the Brezza or the Venue?

The Venue is often slightly higher priced due to its advanced technological features.

Do both vehicles come with automatic transmission options?

Yes, both the Brezza and Venue offer automatic transmission variants.

Are both the Brezza and Venue available in diesel variants?

Availability of diesel variants can vary by market and model year; it's best to check with local dealerships for current options.

Which car offers a smoother ride in urban conditions?

The Venue, with its compact size and advanced engine options, is often considered to provide a smoother ride in urban conditions.

Is the Venue considered a good car for first-time buyers?

Yes, its compact size, modern features, and ease of driving make the Venue a good option for first-time buyers.

Which car has a higher resale value, the Brezza or the Venue?

Both cars generally hold good resale value, but this can depend on the specific market and condition of the vehicle.

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