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Tubshroom vs. Showershroom — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 26, 2024
TubShroom is a drain protector designed for bathtubs, while ShowerShroom is specifically for shower stall drains, each tailored to their respective drain types.
Tubshroom vs. Showershroom — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Tubshroom and Showershroom


Key Differences

TubShroom: Designed to fit snugly in bathtub drains, catching hair and preventing clogs. ShowerShroom: Tailored for shower stall drains, with a design suitable for the typically smaller drain size.
TubShroom: Typically wider to accommodate the larger drain size of bathtubs. ShowerShroom: Slimmer and more elongated to fit into the narrower drains of shower stalls.
TubShroom: Often used in standard residential bathtubs, including those with wider drains. ShowerShroom: Ideal for standalone shower units, especially in modern bathrooms.
TubShroom: Captures hair and debris while allowing water to flow freely in a tub setting. ShowerShroom: Ensures efficient water drainage in showers while trapping hair and small debris.
TubShroom: Available in various colors and sizes to fit different bathtub drains. ShowerShroom: Also comes in different colors but is designed for the specific dimensions of shower drains.

Comparison Chart

Designed For

Bathtub Drains
Shower Stall Drains


Wider for larger drains
Slimmer for narrow drains


Residential bathtubs
Standalone shower units


Captures hair, allows water flow
Efficient drainage, traps debris


Various sizes and colors
Tailored for shower drains, multiple colors

Compare with Definitions


A drain protector for bathtubs.
The TubShroom effectively caught all the hair.


Ensures smooth water drainage in showers.
Water flows freely with the ShowerShroom in place.


Fits standard bathtub drains.
I installed a TubShroom in my bathtub's drain.


Designed to catch hair in shower drains.
ShowerShroom helps keep the shower drain clear.


Prevents hair clogs in bathtubs.
Since using the TubShroom, we've had no clogs.


A drain protector specifically for shower stalls.
The ShowerShroom fits perfectly in my shower.


Comes in various colors to match bathroom decor.
I chose a blue TubShroom to match my bathroom.


Tailored for the narrow drains of shower units.
Its slim design makes ShowerShroom ideal for my shower.


Easy to clean and maintain.
Cleaning the TubShroom is simple and quick.


Available in different colors.
I picked a ShowerShroom that matches the tiles.

Common Curiosities

How does TubShroom work?

TubShroom fits into the drain and catches hair while allowing water to flow freely.

Is installation of TubShroom difficult?

No, it's designed for easy installation without tools.

Can TubShroom be used in a shower?

It's designed for bathtubs and may not fit shower stall drains properly.

What is TubShroom?

TubShroom is a bathtub drain protector designed to catch hair and prevent clogs.

What is ShowerShroom?

ShowerShroom is a drain protector for shower stalls, catching hair and debris.

Is TubShroom visible when installed?

It sits within the drain, but the top part is visible and comes in various colors.

Does ShowerShroom come in different colors?

Yes, it's available in multiple colors to match different bathroom decors.

Can I clean ShowerShroom easily?

Yes, ShowerShroom is designed for easy removal and cleaning.

Is ShowerShroom suitable for bathtubs?

It's specifically designed for shower drains and might not be effective in larger bathtub drains.

Are there different sizes of TubShroom available?

TubShroom comes in various sizes to fit different bathtub drains.

Can ShowerShroom help with slow-draining showers?

Yes, by preventing hair clogs, it can improve drainage efficiency.

Where can I buy TubShroom and ShowerShroom?

They are available in home improvement stores and online retailers.

Does ShowerShroom prevent all types of shower clogs?

It's mainly effective against hair and small debris, not larger objects.

Does ShowerShroom fit all shower drains?

It fits most standard shower stall drains but check dimensions for compatibility.

How often should I clean my TubShroom?

Regular cleaning is recommended, depending on the frequency of use and hair accumulation.

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