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Cadbury Gems vs. M&M — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
Cadbury Gems are colorful candy-coated chocolate buttons popular in India, while M&M's are a globally recognized brand of similar candy-coated chocolates.
Cadbury Gems vs. M&M — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Cadbury Gems and M&M


Key Differences

Cadbury Gems, produced by Cadbury, are known for their vibrant colors and a slightly thicker candy shell. M&M's, made by Mars, Incorporated, are characterized by their "m" mark and a wide variety of flavors and types.
In terms of taste, Cadbury Gems tend to have a distinct Cadbury milk chocolate flavor, which is different from the chocolate used in M&M's. M&M's offer a broader range of flavors, including peanut, almond, and pretzel.
Cadbury Gems are a popular treat in India and some other countries, often marketed towards children. M&M's have a global presence and are marketed to a wider demographic, including limited edition flavors and cross-promotions.
Packaging of Cadbury Gems is often bright and colorful, appealing to younger consumers. M&M's packaging is distinctive with each variety having its unique color and style, appealing to both adults and children.
Cadbury Gems are part of the extensive Cadbury product line, a brand known for its dairy milk chocolate. M&M's, on the other hand, are a flagship product of Mars and have a significant cultural presence, including M&M's World stores.

Comparison Chart


Mars, Incorporated

Candy Shell

Thicker shell
Thinner shell with 'm' mark

Chocolate Type

Cadbury milk chocolate
Variety of flavors including peanut, almond

Target Market

Primarily India, children
Global, wider demographic


Bright and colorful
Distinctive, color-coded for variety

Compare with Definitions

Cadbury Gems

Part of Cadbury’s chocolate product range.
Cadbury Gems are a nice addition to Cadbury's chocolate offerings.


Enjoys a global market presence. *
You can find M&M's in almost any country.

Cadbury Gems

Marketed mainly towards children.
Cadbury Gems are often included in children’s snack packs.


Distinctively marked with an 'm' on each piece.
Each M&M has a little 'm' printed on it.

Cadbury Gems

Popular in India.
Cadbury Gems are a childhood favorite for many in India.


Offers a variety of flavors.
Peanut M&M's are my favorite flavor.

Cadbury Gems

A candy-coated chocolate product by Cadbury.
I bought a packet of Cadbury Gems for my niece.


A popular brand of candy-coated chocolates.
I love snacking on M&M's while watching movies.

Cadbury Gems

Known for their vibrant shell colors.
The bright colors of Cadbury Gems are very appealing.


Comes in distinctive, color-coded packaging.
The red package of M&M's contains the classic chocolate variety.

Common Curiosities

Do Cadbury Gems have an 'm' marked on them like M&M's?

No, Cadbury Gems do not have any letter marked on them, unlike M&M's which have an 'm'.

Are M&M's available in India like Cadbury Gems?

Yes, M&M's are available in India, though Cadbury Gems are more prevalent.

Is there a price difference between Cadbury Gems and M&M's?

The price can vary depending on the region and the retail outlet.

Are Cadbury Gems similar to M&M's in taste?

While both are candy-coated chocolates, the chocolate in Cadbury Gems has the distinct taste of Cadbury milk chocolate, which differs from M&M's.

Can you get peanut Cadbury Gems like peanut M&M's?

Cadbury Gems generally do not come in a peanut variety, unlike M&M's.

Do Cadbury Gems melt slower than M&M's due to the thicker shell?

The thicker shell of Cadbury Gems might provide slightly more resistance to melting compared to M&M's, but both are susceptible to melting in heat.

Do Cadbury Gems come in different flavors like M&M's?

Cadbury Gems are primarily available in their classic milk chocolate variety, unlike M&M's which offer multiple flavors.

Are M&M's considered a premium product compared to Cadbury Gems?

M&M's are generally not considered premium compared to Cadbury Gems; both are mainstream candy products.

Can you bake with Cadbury Gems like with M&M's?

Yes, Cadbury Gems can be used in baking, similar to how M&M's are used.

Are Cadbury Gems and M&M's suitable for vegetarians?

This depends on the specific ingredients used, which can vary by region. It's best to check the packaging for dietary information.

Which product has more variety in packaging, Cadbury Gems or M&M's?

M&M's typically have more variety in packaging, especially with their different flavors.

Which is more popular globally, Cadbury Gems or M&M's?

M&M's are more globally recognized, while Cadbury Gems have a strong presence in India and some other markets.

Are the colors used in Cadbury Gems and M&M's the same?

Both use a variety of colors for their candy shells, but the shades may vary.

Is the chocolate quality in Cadbury Gems and M&M's similar?

The chocolate quality in both products is good, but they have different flavor profiles due to their respective chocolate formulations.

Are Cadbury Gems used in confectionery and desserts like M&M's?

Yes, Cadbury Gems can be used in various desserts and confectionery items, similar to how M&M's are used.

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