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Benelli Nova vs. Supernova — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
The Benelli Nova is a pump-action shotgun known for its durability and versatility. The Supernova, an advanced version of the Nova, offers enhanced features like a comfort tech recoil reduction system and a modular stock.
Benelli Nova vs. Supernova — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Benelli Nova and Supernova


Key Differences

Benelli Nova: The Benelli Nova is a pump-action shotgun designed for reliability in various environments. It features a one-piece receiver and stock made of polymer. Supernova: The Supernova, while based on the Nova design, includes additional features like an adjustable stock and a recoil reduction system.
Benelli Nova: Known for its all-weather performance, the Nova has a simple yet robust design suitable for hunting and sport shooting. Supernova: The Supernova enhances the Nova's design with ergonomic improvements and a more advanced recoil reduction system, making it suitable for more intense shooting scenarios.
Benelli Nova: The Nova offers a straightforward, user-friendly experience, making it a good choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike. Supernova: The Supernova caters to a more demanding user base, offering customization options and improved ergonomics for frequent users.
Benelli Nova: In terms of cost, the Nova is generally more affordable, offering good value for its features and performance. Supernova: The Supernova, with its advanced features, is positioned as a higher-end model, and thus, is priced accordingly.
Benelli Nova: The Nova is praised for its versatility, being effective in various shooting activities from hunting to home defense. Supernova: The Supernova is favored by those who require advanced features such as better recoil management and adaptability in diverse shooting environments.

Comparison Chart


One-piece receiver and stock, simple design
Advanced features, ergonomic design


Durable, all-weather performance
Comfort tech recoil reduction, modular stock

Target User

Beginners and experienced shooters
More demanding shooters, frequent users


More affordable
Higher-end, more expensive


Suited for various shooting activities
Enhanced adaptability, better for intense use

Compare with Definitions

Benelli Nova

The Nova provides good value for its price point.
For its features, the Benelli Nova is priced reasonably.


The Supernova is an advanced version of the Nova with enhanced features.
He upgraded to the Supernova for its improved recoil reduction system.

Benelli Nova

The Nova is known for its versatility in hunting and sport shooting.
The Benelli Nova proved to be versatile for both bird hunting and clay pigeon shooting.


It includes a comfort tech recoil reduction system for a smoother shooting experience.
The Supernova's recoil reduction technology makes it easier to shoot for extended periods.

Benelli Nova

It offers a user-friendly experience, suitable for various shooters.
As a beginner, she found the Benelli Nova easy to handle and operate.


Designed for more intense shooting scenarios, it caters to experienced shooters.

Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nova is a reliable pump-action shotgun known for its durability.
He chose the Benelli Nova for his hunting trip due to its reputation for reliability.


The Supernova offers a modular stock, allowing for customization.
He customized his Supernova with a new stock to fit his shooting style.

Benelli Nova

It features a polymer one-piece receiver and stock.
The Benelli Nova's polymer design makes it resilient in harsh weather conditions.


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Common Curiosities

Is the Supernova significantly heavier than the Nova?

The Supernova is slightly heavier due to its additional features, but it's designed for ergonomic comfort.

Can the Nova's stock be customized like the Supernova?

The Nova has limited customization options compared to the modular stock of the Supernova.

Are both shotguns suitable for beginners?

Yes, both are user-friendly, though the Nova might be more approachable for absolute beginners.

What is the Benelli Nova best used for?

The Benelli Nova is versatile, ideal for hunting, sport shooting, and home defense.

Can the chokes be changed on both models?

Yes, both the Nova and Supernova have interchangeable chokes for different shooting applications.

Can the Supernova be used for competitive shooting?

Yes, its advanced features make the Supernova suitable for competitive shooting.

Are both models available in different barrel lengths?

Yes, both the Nova and Supernova come in various barrel lengths to suit different shooting needs.

Is the recoil noticeably less in the Supernova?

Yes, the comfort tech recoil reduction system in the Supernova significantly reduces felt recoil.

Which is more durable in harsh weather, the Nova or the Supernova?

Both shotguns are designed for all-weather performance, but the Supernova's advanced materials offer enhanced durability.

Is there a price difference between the Nova and the Supernova?

Yes, the Supernova is generally more expensive due to its enhanced features.

Can the Nova and Supernova shoot different types of ammunition?

Both models are versatile in ammunition compatibility, but always check specific model guidelines.

Is maintenance and cleaning similar for both shotguns?

Yes, both require regular maintenance, with the Supernova needing slightly more attention due to its complex parts.

Is the trigger pull different between the Nova and Supernova?

The trigger mechanism is similar in both, but the Supernova may have a slightly smoother trigger pull due to its advanced design.

Do both shotguns come with a warranty?

Typically, Benelli offers a warranty for both models, but it's advisable to check the specific terms.

Which model is better for hunting waterfowl?

Both can be used for waterfowl, but the Supernova might offer an edge in terms of performance and durability.

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