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Fast Bowlers vs. Fast Medium Bowlers — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
Fast bowlers specialize in high-speed deliveries, often exceeding speeds of 140 km/h (87 mph). Fast medium bowlers deliver at slightly lower speeds, typically ranging from 120-140 km/h (75-87 mph).
Fast Bowlers vs. Fast Medium Bowlers — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Fast Bowlers and Fast Medium Bowlers


Key Differences

Fast Bowlers: Fast bowlers, also known as pace bowlers, prioritize speed in their deliveries, often exceeding 140 km/h. They rely on speed to outpace the batsman. Fast Medium Bowlers: Fast medium bowlers blend pace with tactical variations. Their speeds range from 120-140 km/h, focusing on swing and seam movement.
Fast Bowlers: These bowlers are known for their ability to generate bounce and pace, making it challenging for batsmen to time their shots. Fast Medium Bowlers: Fast medium bowlers use a combination of speed and movement off the pitch, often exploiting the seam of the ball for lateral movement.
Fast Bowlers: They are often used in short, aggressive spells in a cricket match to maximize their speed and impact. Fast Medium Bowlers: Fast medium bowlers can bowl longer spells, as their slightly lower speeds are less physically demanding.
Fast Bowlers: The primary weapon of fast bowlers is their raw pace, which can intimidate batsmen and lead to quick wickets. Fast Medium Bowlers: These bowlers often use subtle variations in speed, swing, and seam movement to deceive the batsman.
Fast Bowlers: Fast bowlers require a high level of fitness and strength to maintain their speed throughout a game. Fast Medium Bowlers: Fast medium bowlers, while still needing good fitness, rely more on skill and accuracy than sheer pace.

Comparison Chart

Bowling Speed

Typically above 140 km/h (87 mph)
Ranges from 120-140 km/h (75-87 mph)

Bowling Style

Prioritize speed and bounce
Blend of pace with swing and seam movement

Tactical Use

Short, aggressive spells in matches
Longer spells with varied tactics

Key Strength

Raw pace and intimidation
Skill in swing, seam movement, and accuracy

Physical Demand

High level of fitness and strength
Good fitness with a focus on skill and endurance

Compare with Definitions

Fast Bowlers

They focus on generating bounce and pace on the pitch.
The fast bowler's delivery bounced awkwardly, making it difficult for the batsman.

Fast Medium Bowlers

Fast medium bowlers can bowl longer spells due to less strain from extreme pace.
The fast medium bowler maintained a consistent line and length over a longer spell.

Fast Bowlers

Fast bowlers deliver the cricket ball at high speeds, often exceeding 140 km/h.
The team's fast bowler consistently bowled at speeds over 145 km/h.

Fast Medium Bowlers

They use a combination of speed and movement to outwit batsmen.
The fast medium bowler's delivery swung late, deceiving the batsman.

Fast Bowlers

Fast bowlers require high physical fitness to maintain speed.
The fast bowler's fitness regime is intense to sustain his bowling speed.

Fast Medium Bowlers

These bowlers often focus on seam and swing techniques.
His skill as a fast medium bowler lies in exploiting the seam movement.

Fast Bowlers

Fast bowlers are used for short, high-impact spells in a match.
The captain brought in the fast bowler for a quick spell before lunch.

Fast Medium Bowlers

Fast medium bowlers balance between speed and tactical variations.
The fast medium bowler varied his pace and angle to create uncertainty for the batsman.

Fast Bowlers

Their primary weapon is speed, which can intimidate batsmen.
The sheer pace of the fast bowler rattled the opposing batsmen.

Fast Medium Bowlers

Fast medium bowlers bowl at speeds ranging from 120-140 km/h.
As a fast medium bowler, he consistently delivered balls around 135 km/h.

Common Curiosities

Is accuracy more important for fast medium bowlers?

Yes, accuracy, along with tactical variations, is crucial for fast medium bowlers.

Can fast medium bowlers swing the ball more than fast bowlers?

Fast medium bowlers often have better control over swing due to their slightly lower speeds.

How do fast bowlers intimidate batsmen?

Fast bowlers use their speed and aggressive bowling style to intimidate batsmen.

What is the key strength of fast medium bowlers?

The key strength of fast medium bowlers lies in their ability to swing and seam the ball with accuracy.

What distinguishes a fast bowler from a fast medium bowler?

The primary distinction is their bowling speed, with fast bowlers generally bowling faster than fast medium bowlers.

Which type of bowler is better for dry, hard pitches?

Fast bowlers can be more effective on dry, hard pitches due to the extra bounce they can generate.

Do fast bowlers always bowl short spells?

Typically, yes, to maximize their impact and manage physical exertion.

Can fast medium bowlers be effective in all formats of cricket?

Yes, fast medium bowlers can be effective in all formats, especially in tests and ODIs where their endurance and variations are valuable.

Are fast bowlers more likely to get injuries?

Yes, due to the high physical demand and stress on the body, fast bowlers are more prone to injuries.

Do fast bowlers need special training for their fitness?

Yes, fast bowlers require specialized training to enhance their strength and endurance.

What skills should fast medium bowlers develop?

Fast medium bowlers should develop skills like swing, seam movement, and accuracy.

How does weather affect fast medium bowlers?

Overcast conditions can assist fast medium bowlers in swinging the ball more effectively.

Can a fast bowler become a fast medium bowler with age?

Yes, as fast bowlers age and their pace decreases, they often transition to fast medium bowling, relying more on skill than speed.

Is it common for teams to have a mix of fast and fast medium bowlers?

Yes, most cricket teams have a mix of fast and fast medium bowlers to provide variety and tactical flexibility.

Are fast bowlers more effective in limited-overs cricket?

Fast bowlers can be very effective in limited-overs cricket, especially in T20s, where their pace can be difficult for batsmen to handle.

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