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RedWeek vs. Vrbo — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
RedWeek specializes in timeshare rentals and resales, offering a platform for timeshare owners to rent or sell their weeks, while Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is a broader vacation rental marketplace offering various types of property rentals.
RedWeek vs. Vrbo — What's the Difference?

Difference Between RedWeek and Vrbo


Key Differences

RedWeek is primarily focused on the timeshare market, providing services for timeshare owners to list their available weeks for rent or resale. Vrbo, on the other hand, offers a wide range of vacation rental properties, including houses, apartments, condos, and more.
The listings on RedWeek are specifically for timeshare properties, which are typically resort-style accommodations with specific check-in dates. Vrbo listings are more diverse, encompassing a variety of rental types with flexible dates.
RedWeek serves as a platform for timeshare owners and renters to connect, often offering timeshares at lower prices than traditional booking methods. Vrbo connects property owners with travelers seeking to rent vacation homes, offering full property rentals.
In terms of audience, RedWeek caters to those interested in timeshare rentals and resales, attracting a niche market. Vrbo appeals to a broader audience looking for unique and diverse lodging options.
The user experience on RedWeek is tailored towards navigating the specifics of timeshare rentals, while Vrbo provides a more general vacation rental search experience, with various filters and search options.

Comparison Chart


Timeshare rentals and resales
Various types of vacation rentals

Property Type

Primarily resort-style timeshares
Houses, apartments, condos, etc.


Timeshare owners and renters
Broader vacation rental market

Rental Flexibility

Specific timeshare weeks
Flexible rental dates

User Experience

Tailored for timeshare transactions
General vacation rental search and booking

Compare with Definitions


Provides a niche service for timeshare transactions.
RedWeek is the go-to site for anyone interested in renting a timeshare.


A vacation rental marketplace.
I booked a beach house for our family vacation on Vrbo.


Focuses on specific check-in date listings.
I appreciate RedWeek's clear listing of available dates for timeshare rentals.


Connects property owners with travelers.
As a property owner, I list my apartment for rent on Vrbo.


Offers resort-style accommodations.
RedWeek has a variety of resort timeshares available for different destinations.


Focuses on unique lodging experiences.
We found a unique treehouse to stay in through Vrbo.


Specializes in connecting timeshare owners with renters.
We found our vacation rental through a timeshare owner on RedWeek.


Offers a variety of property types for rent.
Vrbo has a wide range of rental options, from condos to villas.


A platform for timeshare rentals and resales.
I listed my timeshare on RedWeek for rental.


Allows flexible rental dates for travelers.
I like how Vrbo lets me choose my travel dates for rentals.

Common Curiosities

Does Vrbo offer timeshare rentals?

Vrbo's focus is on various types of vacation properties, but it may include some timeshare listings.

Are RedWeek rentals available worldwide?

Yes, RedWeek lists timeshare rentals from various destinations around the world.

Can I rent out my regular vacation home on RedWeek?

No, RedWeek is specifically for timeshare properties.

Can I book long-term rentals on Vrbo?

Yes, Vrbo offers a range of rental durations, including long-term stays.

Does Vrbo offer any protection for renters?

Yes, Vrbo provides a Book with Confidence Guarantee for renters.

Is RedWeek a good option for last-minute vacation rentals?

It can be, especially if timeshare owners are looking to rent out their weeks on short notice.

How does payment work on Vrbo?

Payments on Vrbo are processed through the platform for security and convenience.

Can I find pet-friendly rentals on Vrbo?

Yes, Vrbo allows you to filter for pet-friendly accommodations.

Is RedWeek exclusively for timeshare owners?

Primarily, yes, it's for timeshare owners to list and for renters interested in timeshares.

Are prices on RedWeek typically lower than regular resort bookings?

Often yes, as they are listed by timeshare owners looking to rent out their allotted time.

Are there any additional fees for using RedWeek?

RedWeek may have listing fees or membership fees for certain services.

How do cancellation policies compare between RedWeek and Vrbo?

Cancellation policies vary by listing and are set by the individual property owner or timeshare owner.

Is customer support available for both RedWeek and Vrbo?

Yes, both platforms offer customer support for users.

Does RedWeek offer a membership or subscription service?

Yes, RedWeek offers membership options for additional benefits and services.

Are reviews and ratings available for properties on both platforms?

Yes, both RedWeek and Vrbo provide user reviews and ratings for properties.

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