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40mm Apple Watch vs. 44mm Apple Watch — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
The 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches differ mainly in case size, with the 44mm being larger, offering a bigger display and potentially a slightly longer battery life than the 40mm version.
40mm Apple Watch vs. 44mm Apple Watch — What's the Difference?

Difference Between 40mm Apple Watch and 44mm Apple Watch


Key Differences

The 40mm Apple Watch is designed with a smaller wrist in mind, offering a more compact and less obtrusive fit. The 44mm Apple Watch, being larger, is more suitable for users with larger wrists or those who prefer a bigger display.
Both offer the same functionality, including health tracking, notifications, and apps, but the 44mm version's larger screen can display more information and may be easier to interact with. The 40mm version, while having a smaller display, is more discreet and lightweight.
In terms of aesthetics, the 40mm Apple Watch tends to look more proportionate on smaller wrists, while the 44mm offers a bolder statement on the wrist. Both models come in various materials and colors, allowing for personalization.
The battery life between the two models is similar, though the 44mm might have a slightly longer battery life due to a larger case accommodating a bigger battery. However, this difference is typically marginal in daily use.
Price-wise, the 44mm model is generally slightly more expensive than the 40mm version, reflecting the difference in screen size and battery capacity.

Comparison Chart

Case Size

Smaller, 40mm diameter
Larger, 44mm diameter


Better for smaller wrists
Preferred for larger wrists or those wanting a bigger display

Screen Size

Smaller display
Larger display

Battery Life

Slightly shorter
Slightly longer


Generally less expensive
Slightly more expensive

Compare with Definitions

40mm Apple Watch

Ideal for those seeking a lightweight smartwatch.
I love how the 40mm Apple Watch doesn’t feel heavy on my wrist.

44mm Apple Watch

Preferred for ease of interaction with the display.
I find the 44mm Apple Watch easier to use because of its larger touch screen.

40mm Apple Watch

A compact smartwatch version.
The 40mm Apple Watch fits perfectly on my smaller wrist.

44mm Apple Watch

Suitable for those with larger wrists.
The 44mm Apple Watch fits better on my larger wrist.

40mm Apple Watch

Suitable for users who prefer a smaller display.
I chose the 40mm Apple Watch for its discreet screen size.

44mm Apple Watch

A larger version of Apple’s smartwatch.
The 44mm Apple Watch’s bigger screen is great for reading messages.

40mm Apple Watch

Offers the same functionality as larger models in a smaller package.
Despite its size, the 40mm Apple Watch still tracks my workouts accurately.

44mm Apple Watch

Potentially offers slightly longer battery life.
My 44mm Apple Watch lasts a bit longer between charges.

40mm Apple Watch

A more subtle option for Apple Watch wearers.
The 40mm Apple Watch looks elegant and understated.

44mm Apple Watch

A bolder, more prominent wrist presence.
I like the statement that the 44mm Apple Watch makes when I wear it.

Common Curiosities

Can both the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches use the same bands?

No, they require different band sizes due to their different case sizes.

Is there a difference in the resolution between the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches?

Yes, the 44mm has a slightly higher resolution due to its larger screen.

Are the health features the same in both models?

Yes, both models offer the same health tracking features.

Is there a price difference between the 40mm and 44mm models?

Typically, the 44mm model is slightly more expensive.

Is the screen quality the same in both models?

Yes, both models have the same screen quality, although the resolution differs.

Is the 44mm Apple Watch much heavier than the 40mm?

The 44mm is slightly heavier, but the difference is minimal.

Are the processors the same in the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watches?

Yes, they have the same internal processors.

Does the battery life significantly differ between the two?

The difference is minor, with the 44mm model potentially having a slightly longer battery life.

Can I receive calls on both the 40mm and 44mm models?

Yes, if they are connected to an iPhone or have cellular capability.

Are both models water-resistant?

Yes, both the 40mm and 44mm models are water-resistant to the same depth.

Can I use the same charger for both models?

Yes, the charger is the same for both models.

Can children use the 40mm Apple Watch comfortably?

Yes, the 40mm model is often more suitable for children or users with smaller wrists.

Are all apps compatible with both sizes?

Yes, all apps are compatible with both the 40mm and 44mm models.

Do both sizes come in the same colors and materials?

Yes, generally, they are available in the same colors and materials.

Is one size more popular than the other?

Popularity varies based on personal preference and wrist size.

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