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Pentium vs. Core i3 — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 27, 2024
Pentium is an older series of entry-level CPUs by Intel, while Core i3 is a more recent, higher-performing line of Intel’s mainstream processors.
Pentium vs. Core i3 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Pentium and Core i3


Key Differences

Pentium: Introduced by Intel in 1993, representing earlier generations of processors. Core i3: Part of Intel's Core series, introduced in 2010, and continuously updated.
Pentium: Aimed at basic computing needs, offering moderate performance. Core i3: Targets more robust computing requirements with better performance and efficiency.
Pentium: Generally features fewer cores and lower clock speeds. Core i3: Offers higher clock speeds, more cores, and better multitasking capabilities.
Pentium: Lacks some advanced features of newer Intel architectures. Core i3: Includes newer technologies like hyper-threading and integrated graphics.
Pentium: More affordable but with limited capabilities. Core i3: A balance of performance and price, suitable for a range of users.

Comparison Chart




Moderate, basic computing
Higher, efficient multitasking

Cores & Speed

Fewer cores, lower speeds
More cores, higher speeds


Hyper-threading, integrated graphics


More affordable
Moderately priced, better value

Compare with Definitions


An entry-level processor series by Intel.
My first computer had a Pentium processor.

Core i3

A mainstream processor line from Intel.
I upgraded my laptop to a Core i3 for better performance.


Lacks advanced features of newer CPUs.
Pentium processors don't support hyper-threading.

Core i3

Offers efficient multitasking.
The Core i3 handles multiple applications smoothly.


Known for its affordability.
I chose a Pentium for my budget build.

Core i3

Includes integrated graphics.
With a Core i3, I can play some light games without a separate graphics card.


Part of the earlier generation of Intel CPUs.
Pentium was a revolution in its time.

Core i3

Balances performance and cost for moderate users.
The Core i3 is a great choice for students who need both performance and affordability.


Suited for basic computing tasks.
Pentium processors are good for everyday office work.

Core i3

Features hyper-threading technology.
The Core i3's hyper-threading is great for running several processes at once.

Common Curiosities

Are Pentium processors suitable for gaming?

Pentium CPUs can handle light gaming, but they're not ideal for demanding games.

Is the Pentium processor outdated?

While older, Pentium CPUs are still used in budget and basic computing devices.

Can I use a Core i3 processor for professional work?

Core i3 can handle moderate professional tasks, but it may not be suitable for high-end professional applications.

What is a Pentium processor?

Pentium is an entry-level CPU line by Intel, primarily for basic computing tasks.

Does the Core i3 support hyper-threading?

Most Core i3 models support hyper-threading, allowing for more efficient multitasking.

What distinguishes a Core i3 processor?

Core i3 is a part of Intel's Core processor series, offering higher performance for mainstream computing.

Can Pentium handle video editing tasks?

Pentium can handle basic video editing, but it's not optimal for complex or high-resolution projects.

Which processor is more energy-efficient?

Generally, Core i3 processors are more energy-efficient due to newer technology.

Can I upgrade from a Pentium to a Core i3?

Depending on the motherboard and compatibility, an upgrade is often possible.

Are there different generations of Core i3 processors?

Yes, Intel regularly updates the Core i3 line with new generations, offering improved performance and features.

What are the main benefits of a Core i3 processor?

Core i3 offers a good balance of performance and price, suitable for everyday computing and multitasking.

What type of user is the Pentium best suited for?

It's best suited for users with basic computing needs, like web browsing and document editing.

Is Core i3 good for students?

Yes, its balance of performance and cost makes it a good choice for students.

How does the performance of Pentium and Core i3 compare?

Core i3 generally offers better performance, especially in multitasking and more demanding applications.

Which is more affordable, Pentium or Core i3?

Pentium processors are typically more affordable than Core i3 models, reflecting their position as entry-level CPUs.

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