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Toyota Noah vs. Toyota Voxy — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy are minivans with similar specifications; Noah has a more conservative design, while Voxy features a sportier, aggressive look.
Toyota Noah vs. Toyota Voxy — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy


Key Differences

The Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy are both mid-sized MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles) produced by Toyota, primarily designed for large families or group transport. While they share similar mechanical specifications and dimensions, they are distinguished mainly by their external styling and interior design elements.
The Toyota Noah typically sports a more conservative, family-friendly design. It is characterized by its more traditional minivan appearance, making it appealing to customers looking for practicality and simplicity. The Toyota Voxy, on the other hand, has a more aggressive and sporty aesthetic, with sharper lines and a more dynamic front grille, catering to consumers seeking a stylish, modern look.
Inside, the Noah tends to have a more classic and understated interior, focusing on comfort and functionality. The Voxy usually features a more contemporary interior with potentially sportier design cues, aligning with its external styling to offer a cohesive modern feel.
Both vehicles are often equipped with similar engine options and technological features, including advanced safety systems, comfortable seating arrangements for up to eight passengers, and adaptable cargo space. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference in style rather than significant differences in performance or capability.
In certain markets, the Noah and Voxy may have different trim levels and optional features, which can further distinguish the two models. However, both remain popular choices for those needing spacious and reliable family transportation with the trusted Toyota brand.

Comparison Chart

Exterior Design

Conservative, traditional minivan look
Sporty, aggressive styling

Target Audience

Families prioritizing practicality and simplicity
Consumers seeking style and modern aesthetics

Interior Design

Classic and understated
Contemporary with sportier cues


Similar engine options and features
Similar engine options and features

Market Positioning

Focus on comfort and functionality
Emphasis on a dynamic and modern feel

Compare with Definitions

Toyota Noah

Noah is known for its practicality and simplicity.
The Toyota Noah's spacious interior made it ideal for their camping gear.

Toyota Voxy

Voxy is popular among those wanting a combination of style and space.
Their Toyota Voxy was the perfect blend of style and spaciousness for city driving.

Toyota Noah

The vehicle focuses on comfort and functionality.
The comfortable seats in the Toyota Noah made long drives enjoyable.

Toyota Voxy

The interior of the Voxy is contemporary with sportier design elements.
The sporty interior of the Toyota Voxy matched its dynamic exterior.

Toyota Noah

Toyota Noah is a mid-sized, family-friendly MPV.
The Toyota Noah comfortably accommodated her large family on road trips.

Toyota Voxy

Toyota Voxy is a sporty, mid-sized MPV.
The sleek design of the Toyota Voxy turned heads wherever they went.

Toyota Noah

It features a conservative exterior design.
He appreciated the traditional look of the Toyota Noah.

Toyota Voxy

Voxy targets consumers seeking a stylish vehicle.
He chose the Toyota Voxy for its modern aesthetics.

Toyota Noah

Noah appeals to customers looking for a reliable family vehicle.
As a reliable family car, the Toyota Noah was their first choice.

Toyota Voxy

It has an aggressive and modern exterior.
The dynamic front grille of the Toyota Voxy gave it a distinctive look.

Common Curiosities

Is the Toyota Voxy suitable for large families?

Yes, it provides ample space for large families, similar to the Noah.

What is the primary market for the Toyota Noah?

It's targeted at families needing practical and spacious transportation.

Which model has a more traditional minivan appearance?

The Toyota Noah has a more traditional minivan look.

How does the design of the Voxy differ from the Noah?

The Voxy has a sportier, more aggressive design compared to the conservative Noah.

Are the engine options the same for both models?

Yes, they typically share similar engine options and performance features.

Can both vehicles accommodate up to eight passengers?

Yes, both the Noah and Voxy have seating arrangements for up to eight passengers.

Is the Voxy more expensive than the Noah?

The pricing can vary, but the Voxy may be slightly more expensive due to its styling.

Which is better for a style-conscious consumer?

The Toyota Voxy, with its modern and sporty aesthetics.

Are there different trim levels available for each model?

Yes, both models come with various trim levels in different markets.

Is the Toyota Noah a good long-term investment?

Yes, its focus on reliability and functionality makes it a good long-term choice.

Can the seating in both models be reconfigured for cargo?

Yes, they offer adaptable cargo space with reconfigurable seating.

What type of interior does the Noah offer?

The Noah offers a classic and understated interior focused on comfort.

Do both models offer advanced safety features?

Yes, both are equipped with advanced safety systems.

Which model is more suitable for city driving?

Both are suitable, but the Voxy may appeal more due to its stylish design.

Are both models equally popular in the market?

Popularity varies by market, but both models maintain a strong presence in the MPV segment.

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