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Radisson vs. Radisson Blu — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Radisson is a global hotel brand known for comfortable and reliable lodging, while Radisson Blu is its upscale counterpart, offering premium services and stylish designs.
Radisson vs. Radisson Blu — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Radisson and Radisson Blu


Key Differences

Radisson is an international hotel brand providing comfortable, reliable, and service-focused lodging suitable for both business and leisure travelers. Radisson Blu, a part of the Radisson family, is an upscale hotel brand known for its contemporary design, stylish interiors, and premium amenities.
While Radisson offers a wide range of services catering to a broad audience, Radisson Blu focuses more on delivering a luxury experience with enhanced services such as high-end dining, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and meeting spaces.
The design and ambiance of Radisson hotels are typically classic and functional, aimed at providing a comfortable stay. In contrast, Radisson Blu hotels are known for their distinctive, contemporary design and unique aesthetic, targeting a more discerning clientele.
Radisson caters to travelers looking for reliable and comfortable accommodations with a touch of elegance. Radisson Blu, however, is geared more towards those seeking a luxurious experience with attention to detail and personalized services.
Radisson hotels are located globally and cater to a wide range of travel needs, from city centers to resort destinations. Radisson Blu hotels are often situated in prime locations, such as major cities or attractive tourist spots, offering guests premium experiences.

Comparison Chart

Market Positioning

Comfortable and reliable lodging
Upscale, premium services and design

Target Audience

Broad audience, business, and leisure travelers
Discerning travelers seeking luxury

Design and Ambiance

Classic and functional
Contemporary and stylish

Service Focus

Comfortable and elegant experience
Luxury experience with personalized services

Location Types

Global, diverse travel needs
Prime locations, major cities, and tourist spots

Compare with Definitions


Radisson offers a touch of elegance in its comfortable accommodations.
The elegant touch in the Radisson’s rooms made her vacation more enjoyable.

Radisson Blu

The brand offers high-end dining and state-of-the-art facilities.
The gourmet dining at the Radisson Blu was exceptional.


It provides a range of services suitable for business and leisure travel.
Their business trip was convenient thanks to the facilities at the Radisson.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu is an upscale hotel brand known for stylish designs and premium services.
Their stay at the Radisson Blu was memorable for its luxurious design and amenities.


Radisson hotels feature classic designs and functional amenities.
She appreciated the classic elegance of the Radisson during her stay.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu hotels are often located in prime, sought-after locations.
Their Radisson Blu hotel was ideally located in the heart of the city.


Radisson is a global hotel brand offering comfortable and reliable accommodations.
He booked a room at the Radisson for its reputation for comfort and reliability.

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu caters to discerning travelers seeking upscale experiences.
As discerning travelers, they always choose Radisson Blu for its upscale offerings.


The brand is known for catering to a wide audience with diverse needs.
The Radisson hotel in the city center was perfect for both tourists and business travelers.

Radisson Blu

It focuses on providing contemporary and unique aesthetic experiences.
The contemporary design of the Radisson Blu hotel made it stand out.

Common Curiosities

Is Radisson Blu more expensive than Radisson?

Generally, yes, Radisson Blu tends to be more expensive due to its upscale positioning and premium services.

What distinguishes Radisson Blu's services from Radisson?

Radisson Blu offers more upscale services and luxurious amenities compared to the classic and functional offerings of Radisson.

Are Radisson Blu hotels suitable for business conferences?

Yes, many Radisson Blu hotels are equipped with facilities for business conferences and events.

Can I find Radisson hotels in major cities?

Yes, Radisson hotels are located globally, including in major cities.

Do both Radisson and Radisson Blu offer loyalty programs?

Yes, both are part of the Radisson Rewards program, offering benefits and rewards to frequent guests.

How does the dining experience compare between the two brands?

Radisson Blu typically offers more high-end dining experiences, while Radisson provides comfortable and reliable dining options.

Are Radisson Blu hotels more focused on design than Radisson hotels?

Yes, Radisson Blu places a greater emphasis on contemporary and stylish design.

Do both brands cater to leisure travelers?

Yes, both Radisson and Radisson Blu cater to leisure travelers, with Radisson Blu offering a more upscale experience.

Can I earn and redeem points at both Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Yes, points can be earned and redeemed at both brands through the Radisson Rewards program.

Which brand is more prevalent globally?

Radisson has a wider global presence with a larger number of properties compared to Radisson Blu.

Are there environmental sustainability initiatives at Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Both brands participate in various sustainability initiatives as part of Radisson Hotel Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Is Radisson considered a luxury brand?

Radisson is more focused on comfortable and reliable lodging rather than luxury, which is the focus of Radisson Blu.

Is there a significant difference in room quality between the two?

While both offer high-quality accommodations, Radisson Blu rooms are often more luxurious and feature contemporary designs.

Are fitness facilities available at both Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Yes, both brands typically offer fitness facilities, with Radisson Blu often having more advanced options.

Do Radisson Blu hotels offer personalized services?

Yes, Radisson Blu often provides personalized services to cater to the upscale experience.

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