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Toyota JZX90 vs. Toyota JZX100 — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Toyota JZX90 and JZX100 are models from Toyota's JZX series. The JZX90 is an earlier model with slightly older features, while the JZX100, a successor, comes with updated designs and technology.
Toyota JZX90 vs. Toyota JZX100 — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Toyota JZX90 and Toyota JZX100


Key Differences

The Toyota JZX90, part of the Mark II/Chaser/Cresta line, was produced from 1992 to 1996. It is known for its robust build and classic design. The JZX100, produced from 1996 to 2001, brought in a more modern design and improved performance features.
JZX90 engines include the 1JZ-GE and the turbocharged 1JZ-GTE, offering a balance of performance and reliability. The JZX100 also used these engines but with refinements, like VVT-i technology in later models, enhancing efficiency and power output.
The JZX90's interior and exterior styling reflect the early '90s aesthetic, with a focus on comfort and durability. The JZX100 introduced a more contemporary look, with sleeker lines and updated interiors.
In terms of driving dynamics, the JZX90 is praised for its balance and handling, suited for both daily driving and motorsports. The JZX100 further improved these aspects with better suspension setup and handling characteristics.
Collectors and enthusiasts seek the JZX90 for its classic appeal and solid performance. The JZX100 is popular for its blend of modern styling and enhanced driving experience, making it a favored choice among newer enthusiasts.

Comparison Chart

Production Years


Engine Options

1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE (with VVT-i in later models)

Design Aesthetic

Early '90s style, robust build
Modern design, sleeker lines

Driving Dynamics

Balanced handling, suitable for motorsports
Improved suspension, enhanced handling


Classic appeal, sought by collectors
Favored for modern features, preferred by newer enthusiasts

Compare with Definitions

Toyota JZX90

Features engines like the 1JZ-GE and 1JZ-GTE.
His JZX90's 1JZ-GTE engine delivered impressive power.

Toyota JZX100

A popular choice among a new generation of car lovers.
Younger enthusiasts often prefer the JZX100 for its modern features.

Toyota JZX90

Recognized for its comfort and daily driving suitability.
The JZX90 combines comfort with the fun of a sports sedan.

Toyota JZX100

Incorporated VVT-i in its 1JZ-GTE engines for improved performance.
The VVT-i in his JZX100's engine enhanced its efficiency.

Toyota JZX90

Popular in car enthusiast and tuning communities.
He customized his JZX90 for better performance on the track.

Toyota JZX100

Offers a blend of sportiness and daily usability.
His JZX100 is perfect for both daily commutes and weekend drives.

Toyota JZX90

An early '90s sedan known for its durability and performance.
The Toyota JZX90 remains a favorite for its classic design.

Toyota JZX100

Favored for its improved suspension and handling.
The JZX100's handling makes it a great car for spirited driving.

Toyota JZX90

Valued for its balance and classic '90s styling.
The JZX90's classic look makes it stand out at car meets.

Toyota JZX100

A late '90s model with a sleek design and updated technology.
The Toyota JZX100's sleek design appeals to modern car enthusiasts.

Common Curiosities

What type of car is the Toyota JZX90?

The Toyota JZX90 is a mid-size sedan.

Are JZX90 parts easy to find?

Availability can vary, but parts for the JZX90 are generally accessible, especially in enthusiast circles.

Is the Toyota JZX90 good for customization?

Yes, the JZX90 is popular for customization due to its robust engine and adaptable platform.

Did the JZX100 come with manual transmission?

Yes, the JZX100 was available with both manual and automatic transmissions.

What are the main improvements in the JZX100 over the JZX90?

The JZX100 features modern design, updated engine technology with VVT-i, and improved handling.

Is the Toyota JZX100 a reliable car?

The JZX100 is known for its reliability, especially with proper maintenance.

How does the interior of the JZX90 compare to the JZX100?

The JZX90 has a more classic '90s interior, while the JZX100 offers a more contemporary and refined interior.

Is the fuel economy better in the JZX100?

The JZX100, particularly models with VVT-i technology, tends to have better fuel efficiency.

Is the JZX90 considered a classic car?

As it ages, the JZX90 is increasingly considered a classic, especially by JDM enthusiasts.

Are both models rear-wheel drive?

Yes, both the JZX90 and JZX100 are rear-wheel drive.

How does the size of the JZX90 compare to the JZX100?

Both models are similar in size, with the JZX100 being slightly larger and more refined.

Can the JZX100 be used for motorsports?

Yes, with its improved handling and strong engine, the JZX100 is suitable for motorsport activities.

What is the power output of the JZX100's 1JZ-GTE engine with VVT-i?

The 1JZ-GTE engine with VVT-i in the JZX100 typically produces more power and torque, around 280 hp.

What makes the JZX90 popular among car collectors?

Its classic design, performance potential, and '90s nostalgia contribute to its popularity.

Which model has better aftermarket support?

Both models enjoy good aftermarket support, but the JZX100 might have slightly more due to its newer technology and larger fan base.

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