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Gateau vs. Gateaux — What's the Difference?

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"Gateau" refers to a rich, elaborate cake often layered with cream; "gateaux" is simply the plural form, indicating more than one such cake.
Gateau vs. Gateaux — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Gateau and Gateaux


Key Differences

"Gateau" is a French term used to describe a type of cake that is typically rich, moist, and layered with cream or fruit. Whereas "gateaux" is the plural form of "gateau," used when referring to multiple cakes of this kind.
In English usage, "gateau" might be used on a menu to describe a single, decadent dessert option. On the other hand, "gateaux" would appear in a context where various such cakes are discussed or offered, such as in a bakery or during a baking competition.
The pronunciation remains largely the same between "gateau" and "gateaux," with the final 'x' in "gateaux" often being silent, as it is typical in French-derived terms. This can create confusion for English speakers unfamiliar with French phonetic rules.
When reading culinary literature or recipes, "gateau" typically refers to specific recipes or types of cakes, such as a Black Forest gateau. "Gateaux," however, would imply a variety or selection of these cakes, potentially highlighting different flavors or styles available.
The use of "gateau" versus "gateaux" can also signify the speaker's familiarity with French language or culinary terms, with "gateaux" often used correctly by those with more knowledge of French cuisine.

Comparison Chart


A single rich, layered cake.
Plural form of "gateau," multiple cakes.

Usage Context

Describes one cake in menus or recipes.
Used when referring to more than one cake.


/ɡəˈtoʊ/, silent 'x' at the end.

Example in Cuisine

Often refers to specific recipes like a Black Forest gateau.
Refers to a variety of such cakes.

Linguistic Origin

French, singular form.
French, plural form.

Compare with Definitions


Often includes cream or fruit.
The strawberry gateau featured layers of fresh berries.


Used in discussions of variety.
Our bakery offers several gateaux for special occasions.


Celebratory or fancy dessert.
The wedding featured a magnificent gateau with intricate icing.


Often found in descriptions of menus or contests.
The baking competition featured gateaux from around the world.


Served in formal settings.
The restaurant's menu highlighted a gateau as its specialty.


Sometimes used in more formal or knowledgeable contexts.
At the culinary school, students learn to make a range of gateaux.


A rich and often layered cake.
For dessert, we had a chocolate gateau.


Plural of gateau, indicating multiple cakes.
The display case was filled with an assortment of gateaux.


Can refer to specific types.
A Black Forest gateau is popular in European bakeries.


Can indicate a broader culinary understanding.
She wrote a book featuring recipes for different gateaux.


A cake or pastry, especially a light one filled with custard, fruit, or nuts.


A cake or pastry, especially a light one filled with custard, fruit, or nuts.


A rich, usually iced, cake.


A dish of minced meat made up like a pudding, and boiled in a shape or mould.
A gateau of veal


Any of various rich and elaborate cakes, particularly a light sponge cake having a rich filling or rich icing, such as gateau foret noire (Black Forest Cake).


Any of various rich and elaborate cakes

Common Curiosities

What types of gateaux might one find in a French bakery?

Options might include chocolate, fruit-layered, or cream-filled gateaux.

Can you give an example of a gateau?

A classic example is the Black Forest gateau.

Are gateaux suitable for all occasions?

Yes, they can be tailored for both formal events and casual gatherings.

How do you pronounce "gateaux"?

It is pronounced /ɡəˈtoʊ/, with the 'x' typically silent.

Are gateaux always sweet?

Yes, they are typically sweet desserts.

How does one choose between different gateaux?

It often depends on personal taste or the specific occasion.

Is there a difference between "gateau" and "gateaux"?

Yes, "gateau" is singular, and "gateaux" is plural.

What does "gateau" mean?

It refers to a rich, often layered cake.

Can gateau refer to cakes outside of French cuisine?

While French in origin, the term is used globally in various cuisines.

How important is presentation for gateaux?

Very, as these cakes are often elaborately decorated.

What is the most popular type of gateau?

The Black Forest gateau is particularly popular.

Do gateaux require special ingredients?

Yes, quality ingredients like fine chocolate and fresh fruit are common.

Are there any famous chefs known for their gateaux?

Yes, many renowned pastry chefs specialize in these elaborate cakes.

What skills are needed to make a gateau?

Skills in baking, layering, and decorating are essential.

How should gateaux be stored?

Typically, they need refrigeration due to their cream and fruit content.

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