Ethos vs. Ethical

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  • Ethos (noun)

    The character or fundamental values of a person, people, culture, or movement.

  • Ethos (noun)

    A form of rhetoric in which the writer or speaker invokes their authority, competence or expertise in an attempt to persuade others that their view is correct.

  • Ethos (noun)

    The traits in a work of art which express the ideal or typic character, as influenced by the ethos (character or fundamental values) of a people, rather than realistic or emotional situations or individual character in a narrow sense; opposed to pathos.

  • Ethical (adjective)

    Of or relating to the study of ethics.

    "The philosopher Kant is particularly known for his ethical writings."

  • Ethical (adjective)

    Of or relating to the accepted principles of right and wrong, especially those of some organization or profession.

    "All employees must familiarize themselves with our ethical guidelines."

  • Ethical (adjective)

    Morally approvable; good.

    "We are trying to decide what the most ethical course of action would be."

  • Ethical (adjective)

    Only dispensed on the prescription of a physician.

    "In most jurisdictions, morphine is classified as an ethical drug."

  • Ethical (noun)

    An ethical drug.

  • Ethos (noun)

    the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations

    "a challenge to the ethos of the 1960s"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these

    "ethical standards"

    "ethical issues in nursing"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    morally good or correct

    "can a profitable business ever be ethical?"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment

    "switching to more ethical products"

    "adopt ethical shopping habits"

    "an expert on ethical investment"

    "ethical holidays"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    (of a medicine) legally available only on a doctor's prescription and usually not advertised to the general public

    "all types of drugs, including ethical drugs and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals"

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Webster Dictionary
  • Ethos (noun)

    (anthropology) the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era;

    "the Greek ethos"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    of or relating to the philosophical study of ethics;

    "ethical codes"

    "ethical theories"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    conforming to accepted standards of social or professional behavior;

    "an ethical lawyer"

    "ethical medical practice"

    "an ethical problem"

    "had no ethical objection to drinking"

    "Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants"

  • Ethical (adjective)

    adhering to ethical and moral principles;

    "it seems ethical and right"

    "followed the only honorable course of action"

    "had the moral courage to stand alone"

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