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Embassy Suites vs. Marriott — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Embassy Suites is a chain of all-suite hotels known for spacious accommodations, while Marriott is a larger, diverse hotel brand offering various types of lodging from luxury to budget-friendly.
Embassy Suites vs. Marriott — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Embassy Suites and Marriott


Key Differences

Embassy Suites, a member of the Hilton portfolio, specializes in all-suite hotels offering separate living and sleeping areas. Marriott, part of Marriott International, provides a wider range of hotel types, including full-service, luxury, and budget options.
The hallmark of Embassy Suites is the two-room suite format, catering to those seeking more space and amenities like free breakfast. In contrast, Marriott offers a variety of room types, tailored to different traveler needs, from business to leisure.
Embassy Suites hotels typically feature an atrium-style layout, creating a distinctive, spacious environment. Marriott hotels vary greatly in design, from contemporary urban structures to classic and resort-style layouts.
A key offering of Embassy Suites is the complimentary evening reception and made-to-order breakfast. Marriott hotels, depending on the brand within the Marriott umbrella, offer diverse dining options but not typically included for free.
Embassy Suites is mainly found in the United States, catering primarily to domestic travelers. Marriott, with a global presence, caters to a wide international audience with properties worldwide.

Comparison Chart

Hotel Type

All-suite hotels
Various types, from luxury to budget

Accommodation Style

Two-room suites
Diverse room options

Layout and Design

Atrium-style layout
Varies from urban to resort-style

Complimentary Offerings

Free breakfast and evening reception
Varies by brand, not typically included


Mostly in the United States
Global presence

Compare with Definitions

Embassy Suites

Part of the Hilton portfolio.
Embassy Suites, being a part of Hilton, ensured a quality stay.


Features diverse designs, from urban to classic.
The urban design of this Marriott hotel was impressive.

Embassy Suites

A hotel chain offering all-suite accommodations.
I stayed at Embassy Suites and enjoyed the separate living area in my suite.


Known for quality service and accommodations.
Our stay at the Marriott was remarkable due to their excellent service.

Embassy Suites

Offers complimentary breakfast and evening reception.
We loved the complimentary breakfast at Embassy Suites.


Includes a range from luxury to budget-friendly options.
Marriott offers accommodations to suit all budgets.

Embassy Suites

Known for spacious two-room suites.
The two-room suite at Embassy Suites was perfect for my family.


A diverse brand offering various types of hotels.
I chose a Marriott hotel for its luxurious amenities.

Embassy Suites

Features an atrium-style layout in hotels.
The atrium at the Embassy Suites was beautifully decorated.


Has a global presence in many countries.
I found a Marriott hotel in almost every country I visited.

Common Curiosities

What is Embassy Suites known for?

Embassy Suites is known for its all-suite accommodations and spacious two-room suites.

Do Embassy Suites only offer suites?

Yes, Embassy Suites specializes in two-room suites.

Does Marriott offer luxury accommodations?

Yes, Marriott includes luxury brands offering premium accommodations.

Is Marriott present internationally?

Yes, Marriott has a strong international presence with hotels in numerous countries.

Are Embassy Suites part of a larger hotel group?

Yes, Embassy Suites is part of the Hilton portfolio.

Can I earn loyalty points with Embassy Suites?

Yes, staying at Embassy Suites earns points in the Hilton Honors program.

What types of hotels does Marriott offer?

Marriott offers a wide range of hotels, from luxury and full-service to budget-friendly options.

What makes Marriott hotels unique?

Marriott's diversity in hotel types and commitment to quality service make it unique.

Do Marriott hotels cater to business travelers?

Yes, many Marriott hotels are equipped to cater to business travelers.

Are Embassy Suites’ breakfast and evening receptions free?

Yes, Embassy Suites offers complimentary made-to-order breakfast and evening receptions.

Is Embassy Suites a good option for family travel?

Yes, the spacious suites at Embassy Suites are ideal for families.

Do Marriott hotels offer diverse dining options?

Yes, Marriott hotels offer a range of dining options, varying by the brand and location.

Does Marriott have a loyalty program?

Yes, Marriott offers the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program.

Are Embassy Suites more expensive than regular hotels?

Embassy Suites might be slightly more expensive due to their suite-style rooms.

Is Wi-Fi free at Embassy Suites?

Wi-Fi is typically free for guests at Embassy Suites, especially for Hilton Honors members.

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