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Holiday Inn vs. Hampton Inn — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Holiday Inn is a brand of hotels known for full-service offerings, while Hampton Inn is a chain of moderately priced, limited-service hotels.
Holiday Inn vs. Hampton Inn — What's the Difference?

Difference Between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn


Key Differences

Holiday Inn, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, is a well-known hotel brand offering full-service accommodations. These hotels often include amenities like restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, and fitness centers. Hampton Inn, part of the Hilton portfolio, is a chain of limited-service hotels primarily targeting budget-conscious travelers and business professionals. They typically offer fewer amenities but focus on providing quality basics.
The price point and target market for Holiday Inn are generally broader, appealing to both leisure and business travelers looking for comfortable and comprehensive services. Hampton Inn is more focused on affordability, catering to travelers who require fewer on-site amenities but value cleanliness and reliability.
In terms of room offerings, Holiday Inn often provides a range of room types, including suites, and caters to families and business travelers. Hampton Inn rooms are usually more standardized, emphasizing comfort and efficiency over luxury.
Holiday Inn is known for its iconic brand and has a longer history, being established in 1952. Hampton Inn was founded later, in 1984, and has developed a reputation for consistent quality at a lower price point.
Location-wise, Holiday Inn hotels are found in major cities, airports, and tourist destinations, while Hampton Inn locations are often conveniently situated near highways, airports, and business centers, focusing on accessibility.

Comparison Chart

Type of Service

Full-service hotel
Limited-service hotel

Target Market

Broad, including leisure and business travelers
Budget-conscious travelers and business professionals


Restaurants, bars, fitness centers, etc.
Basic amenities focusing on comfort and convenience

Price Point

Mid-range to upscale
Generally more affordable

Room Offerings

Various types, including suites
Standardized, efficient rooms

Compare with Definitions

Holiday Inn

Known for a wide range of amenities.
The Holiday Inn we booked has a pool and a fitness center.

Hampton Inn

Founded in 1984, targeting budget-conscious travelers.
Hampton Inn is my go-to for budget-friendly business travel.

Holiday Inn

Part of the InterContinental Hotels Group.
Holiday Inn, as part of IHG, offers a loyalty program for frequent guests.

Hampton Inn

Locations near highways, airports, and business centers.
We found a Hampton Inn right off the highway on our road trip.

Holiday Inn

Established in 1952, with a global presence.
I’ve seen Holiday Inn hotels in many countries I’ve visited.

Hampton Inn

Focuses on quality basics and affordability.
Hampton Inn provided us with a clean, comfortable room at a great price.

Holiday Inn

A full-service hotel brand.
I stayed at a Holiday Inn with excellent dining and conference facilities.

Hampton Inn

Part of the Hilton portfolio.
Staying at Hampton Inn earns points for the Hilton Honors program.

Holiday Inn

Caters to both leisure and business travelers.
Our company often books Holiday Inn for business trips.

Hampton Inn

A limited-service hotel chain.
We chose Hampton Inn for its affordability and convenient location.

Common Curiosities

What is Holiday Inn best known for?

Holiday Inn is known for full-service accommodations with a broad range of amenities.

What distinguishes Hampton Inn from other hotel chains?

Hampton Inn is known for affordable, limited-service lodging with a focus on essential comforts.

Are Holiday Inn hotels suitable for family vacations?

Yes, Holiday Inn hotels often cater to families with various amenities and room types.

Does Holiday Inn offer dining options?

Most Holiday Inn hotels have on-site restaurants and bars.

Are Hampton Inn rooms equipped with kitchenettes?

Typically, Hampton Inn rooms do not include kitchenettes but offer basic amenities like coffee makers.

Is parking free at Hampton Inn?

Parking policies vary; some Hampton Inn locations offer free parking, while others may charge.

Can I earn loyalty points at Hampton Inn?

Yes, staying at Hampton Inn earns points in the Hilton Honors loyalty program.

Are pets allowed in Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn?

Pet policies vary by location, so it's best to check with the specific hotel.

Is breakfast included at Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn typically includes complimentary breakfast with stays.

Do both hotel chains offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes, both Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn usually offer free Wi-Fi access.

Is there a price difference between Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn?

Holiday Inn tends to be mid-range to upscale, while Hampton Inn is generally more affordable.

Which is more suitable for business travel, Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn?

Both are suitable, but Holiday Inn offers more comprehensive services for business travelers.

Do Holiday Inn hotels have fitness centers?

Many Holiday Inn hotels have on-site fitness centers.

Can I host events or meetings at Holiday Inn?

Yes, many Holiday Inn hotels have facilities for hosting events and meetings.

Do either of these hotels offer airport shuttles?

Some locations of both chains offer airport shuttle services, but it varies.

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