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4 Size vs. 4t Size — What's the Difference?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Published on January 20, 2024
Size 4 is typically for children aged around 4 years, focusing on a child's height and weight. Size 4t, often used for toddlers, is similar in size but designed to accommodate diaper room and ease of movement.
4 Size vs. 4t Size — What's the Difference?

Difference Between 4 Size and 4t Size


Key Differences

Size 4 clothing is designed for children who are approximately four years old. The sizing is based on a child’s height and weight and typically fits children who are transitioning out of toddler sizes. Size 4t, where 't' stands for toddler, is specifically designed for toddlers, usually providing a better fit for children who are still wearing diapers.
In size 4, the clothing is cut to fit a child’s body more proportionately, suitable for those who have started to lose their toddler chubbiness. Size 4t garments are cut more generously around the buttocks to accommodate diapers and often have features that make dressing easier for both parents and children.
The length and fit of size 4 clothing are typically longer and leaner, as it's intended for older preschoolers. Size 4t clothing, conversely, tends to have a roomier fit and shorter length, ideal for the squat proportions of a toddler.
Size 4 clothing often lacks the detailed adjustments for diaper space and may have more sophisticated designs, reflecting a move towards styles suitable for older children. Size 4t clothes still account for the needs of a toddler, including ease of movement and comfort for active play.
While both sizes are close, the choice between size 4 and 4t depends on the child’s development stage. Size 4 is more suitable for children growing out of their toddler phase, whereas size 4t is tailored for those still in the midst of it.

Comparison Chart

Age Group

Around 4 years old
Toddlers (with consideration for diapers)


Proportionate to a child’s body
Generous in buttocks for diaper accommodation

Length and Cut

Longer and leaner
Shorter and roomier


More sophisticated styles
Designed for ease of movement and comfort


Children transitioning out of toddler sizes
Toddlers, particularly those wearing diapers

Compare with Definitions

4 Size

Longer and leaner in fit for older preschoolers.
Size 4 shirts fit him well as he's taller now.

4t Size

Easier dressing features for active toddlers.
The 4t shirts were easier for him to put on by himself.

4 Size

Cut to fit children who are growing out of toddler proportions.
The size 4 pants were perfect for her less chubby figure.

4t Size

Offers a roomier fit and shorter length for toddlers.
She chose 4t shorts for their comfortable, squat fit.

4 Size

Clothing for children around 4 years old, based on height and weight.
She bought a size 4 dress for her four-year-old daughter.

4t Size

Designed for toddlers, accommodating room for diapers.
The 4t size pants had extra room for his diaper.

4 Size

Lacks adjustments for diaper space.
Now that he's potty-trained, he's moved to size 4 clothing.

4t Size

Focuses on comfort and movement for playful toddlers.
4t size outfits were perfect for her active playtimes.

4 Size

Reflects a move towards styles for older children.
The size 4 clothing had more sophisticated designs suitable for her age.

4t Size

Ideal for toddlers in the midst of their toddler phase.
As a toddler, her wardrobe mainly consisted of 4t sizes.

Common Curiosities

Are size 4 clothes more stylish than 4t?

Size 4 clothes often have more varied and sophisticated designs.

Is size 4t designed for children wearing diapers?

Yes, size 4t accommodates the extra room needed for diapers.

Will a child outgrow size 4t faster than size 4?

Possibly, as size 4t is shorter and designed for younger toddlers.

Is size 4t roomier than size 4?

Yes, particularly around the buttocks area.

Is size 4 suitable for potty-trained children?

Yes, as it doesn’t specifically accommodate diaper space.

Are size 4 pants leaner than 4t?

Yes, they’re designed for children who have a less chubby toddler build.

Can size 4t and 4 be used interchangeably?

It depends on the child's build and whether they still wear diapers.

At what age is size 4 typically suitable?

Size 4 is generally suitable for children around 4 years old.

Are size 4 and 4t sizes the same length?

No, size 4t is usually shorter to suit a toddler's proportions.

Does size 4t fit children who are tall for their age?

It might be too short; size 4 could be a better fit for taller toddlers.

Do size 4 clothes have features for ease of dressing?

Not typically, as these features are more common in 4t sizes.

Are size 4t clothes easier for children to put on?

Generally, yes, as they often include features for easy dressing.

Should I choose size 4 for a slim child?

Size 4 might be a good choice if the child is also taller or older.

Is there a significant price difference between size 4 and 4t?

The price difference is usually minimal, depending more on the brand and style.

Can I find size 4t in various styles?

Yes, there are many styles available, though they focus on comfort and movement.

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