Asymptomatic vs. Symptomatic

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Main Difference

The main difference between Asymptomatic and Symptomatic is that the Asymptomatic is a condition or state of disease and Symptomatic is a departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed by a patient, reflecting the presence of an unusual state, or of a disease; subjective, observed by the patient, cannot be measured directly.

  • Asymptomatic (adjective)

    Not exhibiting any symptoms of disease.

  • Asymptomatic (noun)

    A patient who exhibits no symptoms of disease.

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    Showing symptoms.

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    Relating to, based on, or constituting a symptom.

    "The city's problems are symptomatic of the crisis that is spreading throughout the country."

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    Relating to symptomatics

  • Asymptomatic

    showing no symptoms of disease.

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    Of or pertaining to symptoms; happening in concurrence with something; being a symptom; indicating the existence of something else.

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    According to symptoms; as, a symptomatical classification of diseases.

Webster Dictionary
  • Asymptomatic (adjective)

    having no symptoms of illness or disease

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    characteristic or indicative of e.g. a disease;

    "a diagnostic sign of yellow fever"

    "diagnostic information"

    "a rash symptomatic of scarlet fever"

    "symptomatic of insanity"

    "a rise in crime symptomatic of social breakdown"

  • Symptomatic (adjective)

    relating to or according to or affecting a symptom or symptoms;

    "symptomatic relief"

    "symptomatic treatment"

    "a symptomatic classification of diseases"

Princeton's WordNet

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