Animate vs. Inanimate

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  • Animate (adjective)

    That which lives.

  • Animate (adjective)

    Possessing the quality or ability of motion.

  • Animate (adjective)

    Dynamic, energetic.

    "She is an engaging and animate speaker."

  • Animate (adjective)

    Having a referent that includes a human, animal, plant or other entity which is considered alive.

    "Nouns can be singular or plural, and one of two genders, animate or inanimate."

  • Animate (adjective)

    Inflected to agree with an animate noun or pronoun.

  • Animate (verb)

    To impart motion or the appearance of motion to.

    "If we animate the model, we can see the complexity of the action."

  • Animate (verb)

    To give spirit or vigour to; to stimulate or enliven; to inspirit.

  • Inanimate (adjective)

    Lacking the quality or ability of motion; as an inanimate object.

  • Inanimate (adjective)

    Not being, and never having been alive, especially not like humans and animals.

  • Inanimate (adjective)

    Not animate.

  • Inanimate (noun)

    Something that is not alive.

  • Inanimate (verb)

    To animate.

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